Mesanna: good evening everyone
Kyronix: Hello!
Mesanna: shall we begin
Mesanna: Good evening
Dezerai: good evening Mlady I see the new minion in your ranks
Mesanna: Yes, we have a new member of the team
Dezerai: I like to see some head gear for the Zoo reward suits, leather and studded leather have no head
Dezerai: gear, a circet, wizard hat, No football helmet please.
Mesanna: We will review them and see about adding something like that
Dezerai: Try to get the whole suit here but not enough points at the zoo here
Dezerai: thank you
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: Greetings
Al son of Al: oh hi
Kyronix: Ahoy
Mesanna: lol
Al son of Al: so i got a question for the head lady
Mesanna: guess thats me then
Al son of Al: and its about wbb on EU
Al son of Al: when u gonna fix it or finish it
Mesanna: I would rather delete it
Al son of Al: i would agree with that
Al son of Al: would be wise
Mesanna: I am not doing any other additions to the banks
Mesanna: that is my vote
Mesanna: *shrugs*
Al son of Al: that was my question i think, i can only ask one, right?
Mesanna: you may ask another
Al son of Al: noice
Al son of Al: do u have any plans to add a new dungeon or something to retail
Al son of Al: or is it all about legacy
Mesanna: Please understand this
Mesanna: we have never said and never will say we are not going to continue with production
Mesanna: it is not all about NLS
Mesanna: I hope that answers your question
Al son of Al: well, reason why I ask 🙂
Al son of Al: most ppl might not know that 🙂
Al son of Al: but thank u for hte awnser
Mesanna: your welcome
Al son of Al: now let me fly like superman!
Mesanna: night
Mesanna: Good evening
Running Wild: Good evening
Kyronix: Hello!
Running Wild: I am here to talk about Community Collevtions
Running Wild: There has been an effort on several shards to reintroduce theres forgotten areas to the game
Running Wild: through role play and Governor run events
Kyronix: That sounds fun
Running Wild: We have fill the Zoos and are working on the Museums
Running Wild: What we were wondering is would there be any chance of adding some different turn in items to the lists>
Running Wild: ?
Running Wild: For example some of the new animals to the zoo
Kyronix: We have talked about adding new content to these collections, especially the Zoo
Running Wild: More insturments and other items at the library and Museum
Kyronix: Since we have many new species that would make wonderful additions to the collection
Kyronix: Requires a bit of work to expand the area
Running Wild: Yes Sir it would, and we have been running some excellent events people really enjoy
Kyronix: And you know how that goes, planning and permitting, especially in Moonglow…very particular neighbors there
Running Wild: Just to turn in new species for now would be great
Running Wild: and after that, it would be really nice if a few different rewards could be added
Kyronix: Easier to add new rewards to the collection, and we have some ideas in our backlog
Running Wild: we have some basic ideas we could email nothing too fancy
Kyronix: Would love to hear your feedback, please send it in
Running Wild: it would really make that area great for getting new and returning players interested
Running Wild: And give us great content area for our player run events
Kyronix: Indeed!
Running Wild: If you would please take it under consideration it would be appreciated
Mesanna: We will
Running Wild: That is all, We are just having so much fun, but those additions would just add a new level to it for vetran players who have 120 taming
Running Wild: thank you for your time
Kyronix: Thanks for your questions!
Mesanna: most welcome
Mesanna: thank you
Running Wild: The museum really could use additions to its turn in list
Mesanna: Greetings
Jack: Hail.
Jack: *tips jingasa*
Jack: Why did the reapers stop casting spells on us?
Bleak: Which spells?
Misk: i don’t know, why did the reaper stop casting spells on us?
Mesanna: First I have heard of it
Mesanna: since when?
Jack: Now they only damage you if you walk into it.
Kyronix: Perhaps they felt it was time to leave? Was their bark too big for their bite?
Mesanna: we will look into it
Jack: *nods*
Kyronix: Surely we will investigate the root cause
Jack: Thanks.
Jack: Have a good evening.
Mesanna: you also
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: hello
Mesanna: sorry about that
Mesanna: Greetings
Parallax: Greetings!
Tim: greetings
Tim: two questions
Kyronix: Greetings Lord Tim!
Tim: Greetings
Tim: Is it possible to get a red soul stone in the store? A different shade would be ok
Mesanna: sure but we have one in the vet rewards
Mesanna: so you want a darker one?
Tim: A darker one will be fine
Mesanna: sure we can do that
Tim: 2nd question
Tim: Is is possible to gain access to the two land masses west of the ter mer royal city?
Mesanna: Looking
Mesanna: sure we can use it
Mesanna: what exactly are you wanting to do there?
Tim: hunting, tmaps, etc
Mesanna: ahh ok
Tim: em events would also be nice
Mesanna: as long as you were not expecting housing
Mesanna: sounds like a good idea
Tim: no need for housing. Just to have fun
Tim: thank you
Mesanna: most welcome
Tim: Thank you for 20 years of fun
Kyronix: Thank you for playing!
Mesanna: Good night
Tim: good nigght
Nyre Lars: Hello All
Mesanna: good evening
Nyre Lars: 3 things
Nyre Lars: 1st Happy Valentines Day
Mesanna: You also!
Nyre Lars: 2nd Catskills would love to Welcome to Parallox to the team
Parallax: Thank you
Mesanna: he is shy
Mesanna: lol
Nyre Lars: 3rd was brought up before but is there an eta on when They would be adding Auto open COrpse to the EC as due to my disability i cant play the classic client
Bleak: This feature request is still in the system
Nyre Lars: right but is there an ETA?
Mesanna: Since he is our only Eng he is being pulled between Production and NLS
Bleak: In terms of when we can add it to the EC. We are locked in on NL so sometime after that
Mesanna: so I do not expect that to be touched this year
Nyre Lars: Okay thank you
Mesanna: your welcome
Mesanna: but please know
Mesanna: it is on our radar to look into
Nyre Lars: again Wlecome Parallox
Nyre Lars: Have a good night
Mesanna: you also
Mesanna: Good evening
Kyronix: Ahoy!
Pitr: good evening and happy valentines
Mesanna: you also
Pitr: ahoy sir
Pitr: and welcome mr/ms parallax
Pitr: my question
Pitr: some players have been creating small/big townships
Pitr: any plans for that program to come back?
Mesanna: that was something the EM’s were responsible for approving
Mesanna: if this is something that you would like to see talk to your EM’s
Pitr: *nods*
Pitr: i’ll bug him/her
Mesanna: You will have to earn it this time
Mesanna: good deal
Mesanna: thank you
Pitr: thank you!
Mesanna: good evening
Dyna: Hello everyone!
Dyna: First off, just want to thank you all for the event quest books
Dyna: Absolutely love the memory tracking those provide
Mesanna: glad you are enjoying them
Dyna: Second, just a suggestion, I know it’s a long shot
Dyna: I know many of us would pay for custom castles on production
Dyna: not sure if that would alleviate some of the concerns about having them ‘everywhere’ or not
Mesanna: you mean to customize your castle on production?
Dyna: Yes, as an account upgrade similiar to house storage
Mesanna: No we won’t be doing that any time soon
Dyna: *nods*
Mesanna: sorry
Dyna: That’s all I wanted to suggest, thank you 🙂
Mesanna: good evening
Brightstar: hello!
Brightstar: First, as someone who took a long break from UO, I’m having more fun than ever
Mesanna: Wonderful
Brightstar: My question
Brightstar: is regarding
Brightstar: thieves
Brightstar: I’m wondering whether it would be possible for a guild to choose
Brightstar: whether thieving was allowed or not
Brightstar: We’re having issus with tram thieves
Brightstar: who join a guild and then at event turn-in, say,
Brightstar: use that opportunity to steal and then quit the guild
Brightstar: so my suggestion is that perhaps it could be a setting for a guild leader
Brightstar: or that when you claim something
Brightstar: at a Treasures event
Brightstar: that item might drop insured, if the player had the gold for insurance
Brightstar: in Tram
Mesanna: maybe a toggle to prevent guild stealing?
Brightstar: *nods*
Mesanna: we will have to really look into it more to give a definate answer
Brightstar: Thank you so much for considering it
Mesanna: good suggestion
Brightstar: Thank you!
Mesanna: good evening
Anne Nomilly: Good evening *smiles*
Anne Nomilly: hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines Day
Mesanna: we are sharing it with you guys
Anne Nomilly: *laughs*
Anne Nomilly: that could go either way
Mesanna: *grins* yes that is true
Anne Nomilly: but we are happy to have you!
Anne Nomilly: I have two questions if I may
Mesanna: sure
Anne Nomilly: First, totally selfish question…will you be adding additional items to stuff I can throw away for turn in points?
Mesanna: sure got any suggestions
Mesanna: will be happy to add them
Anne Nomilly: Mostly holiday items, token trading for sets and collections are a great hobby but
Anne Nomilly: you can go through alot of cauldrons, for example
Anne Nomilly: to get the set you want
Mesanna: lol
Anne Nomilly: (250+)
Mesanna: that is doable
Anne Nomilly: *smiles*
Mesanna: we have not added to the list in a while
Anne Nomilly: thank you!
Anne Nomilly: Second question…have you seen the report of the Reflect Physical Damage “loop” with monsters since the publish?
Mesanna: yes
Mesanna: we are working on it
Mesanna: making sure we have all our bases covered
Anne Nomilly: *smiles* perfect, thank you!Just wanted to ask if you knew of it
Anne Nomilly: That’s all I got then, thank you so much and have a wonderful evening
Anne Nomilly: OH!
Mesanna: Yes thank goodness
Mesanna: ?
Mesanna: Oh
Anne Nomilly: Parallax, Catskills would love to welcome you to one Dieday *grins*
Mesanna: don’t do it
Mesanna: trust me
Mesanna: you can not have him
Anne Nomilly: *laughs and waves*
Mesanna: night
Mare Jade Sky: hello
Kyronix: Greetings!
Mesanna: Greetings
Mare Jade Sky: my que is most on a house add on
Mare Jade Sky: we all get the trash berral
Mare Jade Sky: but it only one
Mare Jade Sky: so i want to know if we couold have maybe two
Mare Jade Sky: or tree
Mare Jade Sky: three*
Mare Jade Sky: for people that like to craft
Mesanna: the venus fly trap is a trash barrel
Mare Jade Sky: but is so big
Mesanna: but loves the sun and bugs
Mesanna: the sacificial alter
Mesanna: that is smaller
Mare Jade Sky: aye
Mare Jade Sky: it is but hard to find
Mesanna: there are other options
Mare Jade Sky: for new players
Mesanna: ahh
Mare Jade Sky: it is just something to think on
Mesanna: maybe we can shrink the plant
Mesanna: but yes we will think about your suggestion
Mare Jade Sky: thank you
Mare Jade Sky: that is all
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: good evening
Mandrake: Evening Sir and Madame
Mandrake: Thanks for holding up this historic game 🙂
Mandrake: One thing
Mandrake: even as a vet player, I dont know how all the store items are
Mandrake: is it possible to add to try them on test before committing to buy it?
Mesanna: we do when we first introduce them
Mandrake: I cant find any info on that.
Mesanna: not going to put every item we sell on TC for display
Mandrake: Well, its items you want to buy like set or colors
Mandrake: so you could spend your buy on test
Mandrake: without it withdraw
Mandrake: to try it
Mandrake: before buy it on prodo
Mesanna: oh wait
Mandrake: nor is it detailed pics of it
Mesanna: are you asking to be able to use your coins on TC without actually using them?
Mandrake: and my eyes not getting better… *grins*
Mandrake: Yes mam
Mesanna: so you can check it out here then go onto production and get it
Mesanna: I get it now
Mandrake: Right
Mesanna: Interesting
Mandrake: so that I can test a buy
Mandrake: and maybe spend more cuz I like it
Mesanna: I got you
Mesanna: hrm interesting idea
Mandrake: I want few stuff
Mandrake: but need to find one in game
Mandrake: to look at it
Mandrake: first
Mandrake: is hard
Mandrake: Hope you could consider that 🙂
Mesanna: we will consider it
Mandrake: Have a fantastic evening.
Mesanna: we have to talk it out
Mesanna: good evening
Harmony: Happy hallmark holiday
Harmony: So.. while vendor search has been annoying, it has been working wonderfully in the most unexpected ways
Harmony: If you search for something, get no result, then search for something else, you’ll get the result of the prior search
: [Crystal] Harmony says: If you search for something, get no result, then search for something else, you’ll get the result of the prior search
Harmony: Now if you switch between vendor and safe search
Harmony: You’ll get the prices of the items on the safes
Harmony: Makes me wonder why isn’t that just a thing to begin with
Harmony: Knowing the safe price
Harmony: Maybe Bleak can make that permenant?
Harmony: In addition to a couple of new search queries?
Mesanna: Bleak is reading
Mesanna: are you saying you can get auction prices to show
Mesanna: in vendor search
Harmony: Yes
Harmony: by switching your search back and forth when its lagging
Harmony: so I do a search for an item in vendors
Harmony: get the message too many results for this search error
Harmony: then try searching for same item on safe
Bleak: Auctions are ever changing
Harmony: get the same result too many search results
Bleak: Yesterdays price may not be todays price
Harmony: Well it is giving a price, so even that is helpful even if it is an old price
Bleak: and the system is not updated to keep up with it
Harmony: Still gives a helpful point of reference even if the result is old
Harmony: Anyhow could you also add these two search parameters
Harmony: Hue ID #
Harmony: Item ID #
Harmony: for searching something
Harmony: also in the time being add Item ID # to the interior decorator?
Mesanna: one sec
Bleak: I’m not making any promises that it will get added but I will consider it
Harmony: Finally, I love all the new deco wearables you have added lately, especially the mana shield. Still holding out hope I’ll be able to hold a musical instrument one soon. Thank you for all your help and reading.
Harmony: mana shield aka Orb Shield
Mesanna: thank you
Harmony: Have a lovely evening
Hammersmith: hello
Mesanna: good evening
Hammersmith: i have two items please
Hammersmith: first, Lady Brightstar made note of guild thieves
Hammersmith: I would like to toss out another option as my guild has had issue with this
Hammersmith: could we have a check box on the insurance menu to auto insure drops?
Hammersmith: as a possibility
Mesanna: no
Hammersmith: ok
Hammersmith: 😉
Mesanna: we are going to leave that one alone
Hammersmith: ok
Hammersmith: secondly we have issues with getting Luck onto sampire and fighter suits
Hammersmith: and having enough stats
Hammersmith: i was wondering if we could use the forged metal on armor
Hammersmith: if it was not mage armor if it could double the values
Hammersmith: for like spined and gold ingots
Kyronix: Life is a series of give and takes
Kyronix: Gotta make the tough decisions my crafting friend
Kyronix: Alas, this shall be your path to victory!
Hammersmith: ok
Hammersmith: thank you
Hammersmith: have nice evening
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: that was the last one
Mesanna: Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the Valentines day!
Mesanna: Thank you for joining us
Kyronix: Thanks everyone for attending, we love you!
Bleak: Thanks everyone for coming out. Happy Valentines!