Mesanna: few more moments and we will begin
Kyronix : Hello!
Mesanna: good morning
Ancient One: greetings
Ancient One: Dara (the UO explorer)from Sonoma asked if we can get an option to
Ancient One: empty the contents of a keg without manually draining it through empty bottles
Ancient One: She says making new kegs is a pain and rather just empty one
Ancient One: then make new one while training her Alchemy (like pour it out).
Mesanna: we can put in in a delete contents option on kegs
Ancient One: thank you
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: good morning
Tamer: hi
Tamer: Can i ask you a question ?
Mesanna: yes that is why we are here
Mesanna: =)
Mesanna: what is your question?
Tamer: Can u arirang shard server in korea ?
Tamer: arirang and balhae ..
Tamer: and
Mesanna: no we are not moving the server locations
Mesanna: sorry
Tamer: It’s too inconvenient to report to GM
Mesanna: explain please
Tamer: It is inconvenient to report without GM korea
Mesanna: not sure moving it would help
Mesanna: with the GM issue
Tamer: ah .. ok haha
Tamer: ..
Mesanna: I will look and make sure the current gm’s have access but that is the best I can do
Mesanna: good morning
EM Hanarin: He’s asking is there any client update such as ore bug fix on classic client in future
Mesanna: which ore bug are you talking about
EM Hanarin: more*
EM Hanarin: sorry typo
EM Hanarin: he’s just asking more client update more bug fixes in future
EM Hanarin: but didn’t told specific bug though
Mesanna: umm unless we know specifics we can’t fix this
Mesanna: if you get the details please contact me and i will get it in the system
EM Hanarin: He’s saying for example, monster’s health bar didn’t udpate properly
EM Hanarin: and party member health bar is sometime malfunction
Mesanna: ok so if he has a list then email us the items and we will review them
Mesanna: we are aware of the health bar issue
EM Hanarin: like can’t be organized properly
Mesanna: again we seem to be all over the place
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: good morning
EM Hanarin: Question about talisman which can form into Cu Sidhe can be buy from Ultima Store
EM Hanarin: that one I have right now
EM Hanarin: when I transform into Cu Sidhe if there’s any bandage in inventory, I can self healing
Mesanna: ok
EM Hanarin: When I have anatomy and healing, and self healing there’s no differnece
EM Hanarin: there’s no healing increase, is this intended
EM Hanarin: or just a bug
Mesanna: seems the talisman is over riding the skill value
Mesanna: we can look at it and give you a better answer
Mesanna: after we figure out what is going on
EM Hanarin: his second question is first aid belt
EM Hanarin: it’s not self-healing even if it has bandage inside
EM Hanarin: he wonders why it doesn’t work
EM Hanarin: it only recognize bandage inside of backpack
EM Hanarin: not first aid belt
EM Hanarin: that was his second question
Kyronix : It’s a known issue we are working to resolve
EM Hanarin: his third question is that he knows there’s difference in apply bandage depending on dexterity
EM Hanarin: if he transform into Cu Sidhe, will dex affect self healing apply speed?
Mesanna: again we will look into it with the other question
Mesanna: and give you a specific answer
Mesanna: check the newsletter for your answers
Ronin: Thx 🙂
EM Hanarin: He wonders when he can figure out what’s the purpose of the pirate map
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: good morning
Arien Tasartir: Hello
Arien Tasartir: The soulstone vessel is too small to use it
Arien Tasartir: Cant you make it large container gumps?
Arien Tasartir: can
Mesanna: already have it in progress
Mesanna: will be in a future publish
Arien Tasartir: oh thx
Arien Tasartir: nex
Arien Tasartir: when does the April event start?
Arien Tasartir: wildfire ostard event
Mesanna: summer time
Arien Tasartir: ah
Kyronix : *sips lemonade*
Mesanna: this week will kick off the first one
Arien Tasartir: hehe
Mesanna: we have planned
Arien Tasartir: ic
Arien Tasartir: thx
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: good morning
Tmac Time: I love mesanna,
Mesanna: aww
Mesanna: you are sweet
Tmac Time: Cushide, which has color, turns into a paragon.+
Tmac Time: I often see white black cusidhe turning into a paragon.
Tmac Time: Can the blaze come out and then turn into a paragon?
Mesanna: I would assume its totally random
Tmac Time: Don’t let the blaze cuside turn into a paragon. plz
Mesanna: we do not pick exact colors and which ones will be paragon
Mesanna: lol again we do not have control
Mesanna: totally random
Tmac Time: And
Tmac Time: Sometimes Cushide Respawns at immovable spot
Tmac Time: Generally, it can tammable 1 tile.
Tmac Time: But, two spots are simply impossible to tame. Because it is two tiles.
Mesanna: take a screenshot so we can get the location and will check it out
Mesanna: we don’t want them spawning out of reach
Tmac Time: thank you
Mesanna: thank you
Tmac Time: love you~
Mesanna: *hugs*
Mesanna: Good morning
EM Hanarin: morning
Mesanna: ok Arirang thank you for having us
Mesanna: check the newsletter for any answers we were unsure of
Mesanna: and Have a great day!!
Bleak: Thanks everyone for coming out!
Mesanna: Good bye guys
Kyronix : Thank you Arirang!