DirtnaP: Good evening – pls let me paste all the things I want to say/ask and than we talk.
Mesanna: good evening
DirtnaP: We all love nice HUE color items like my skirt and tabard.
DirtnaP: we can cut tabards and make skirts and nice hat but a lot of the items
DirtnaP: crafted dont retain the color of material
DirtnaP: past 2 weeks I sent 3 emails to mesanna and posted twice on UOForum
DirtnaP: no answer ofc, so I came here now to ask if you can explain why the
DirtnaP: transmog potion DO Work on some EM Items and not on others.
DirtnaP: The shield on my hand is the same EM set as the head piece I am wearing
DirtnaP: potion only worked on the shield,
Mesanna: First no reason to be rude
Mesanna: second I did answer you
Mesanna: stating the age of the EM item has alot to do with it
DirtnaP: not been rude
DirtnaP: i sent 3 emails, no answer
DirtnaP: my shield
DirtnaP: is same
Mesanna: I answered once
DirtnaP: age as head piece
DirtnaP: same
DirtnaP: and i cant use on head
DirtnaP: i used on the shield
Mesanna: didn’t feel I needed to say the same thing again
DirtnaP: another head piece
DirtnaP: we like the ue
DirtnaP: tabard hue
DirtnaP: we cant make this item
DirtnaP: and keep color by cutting tabard
DirtnaP: just wonder bc work on so many em itemns
DirtnaP: and not on others
DirtnaP: shield and head
DirtnaP: same em ITEM
DirtnaP: ops
DirtnaP: sorry
DirtnaP: so trying to understand logic
Kyronix: The ultimate intent is that EM items are not eligible for transmogrification
DirtnaP: we like hue colors
Kyronix: There are too many wildcards in how things are named
Kyronix: And how things are hued, that we exclude those items specifically
Kyronix: However
DirtnaP: would be nice if u all made a dyes with same tabard colors
Kyronix: As Mesanna has stated, there are some very old EM items that we cannot differentiate from regular items
DirtnaP: oh well
DirtnaP: ty
Kyronix: We would ideally like to have greater consistency among them
Kyronix: But this is unfortunately the nature of that class of items
Kyronix: 🙂
DirtnaP: dyes
DirtnaP: would be nice
DirtnaP: tabard color
DirtnaP: see my skirt
DirtnaP: i want to match
DirtnaP: head armor
DirtnaP: shield
DirtnaP: i cut tabard
DirtnaP: to make
DirtnaP: would be nice to have dyes
Mesanna: thanks for the suggestion
DirtnaP: same color
DirtnaP: ok
Mesanna: good evening
Delfinn: Good evening!
Kyronix: Hello!
Delfinn: Two part question, largely related to the same concept. That of greater wearable and item customization
Delfinn: First, is there anything in the pipeline for a belt transmog store item or a belt transmog option for the Tangle?
Kyronix: Well
Kyronix: It just so happens
Kyronix: There is a new belt option coming
Kyronix: Let’s just say it’s….
Mesanna: so you never know
Kyronix: A touch ebil
Delfinn: Oh dear, how devious!
Kyronix: Devious indeed!
Mesanna: but of course
Delfinn: Second part, when the shield transmog came in a lot of us pestered you on TC about a new class of shield slot item that we could
Delfinn: transmog shields to that were more RP appropriate. Dangling crystals, lanterns, etc
Delfinn: Has there been any movement on that now that the item is in the store?
Mesanna: We do have a few new tidbits along those lines coming up
Kyronix: *wiggles eyebrows*
Mesanna: make sure you stick around for the next publish
Delfinn: Great, thank you!
Mesanna: good evening
Kat Coral: evenning
Kat Coral: Thanks for the current event in Fire, you brought total strangers together and formed new friendship
Kyronix: Awww
Kyronix: *tears*
Kat Coral: Since this will be over the 1st can we get a date for the next event?
Kat Coral: Checking to see when I need to get mine ship ready for action?
Mesanna: September
Kat Coral: thank you
Mesanna: Anniversary collectables
Mesanna: then Halloween
Kat Coral: yes!!
Kat Coral: alright
Mesanna: Then Thanksgiving
Kat Coral: thanks
Mesanna: and of course xmas!
Mesanna: lots coming
Kat Coral: ok again thank you
Mesanna: welcome
Kat Coral: *waves*
Mesanna: Good evening
Mesanna: hi
Garreth: My apologies. I hit the stone on accident well on purpose but not intended to ask a qeustion
Garreth: *giggle*
Mesanna: lol its ok
Kyronix: Well it’s nice to see you
Garreth: love yall mean it!
Kyronix: Awww
: [Crystal] Kyronix says: Awww
Garreth: you also 🙂
Kyronix: *hugs*
Mesanna: thanks havea great evening
Garreth: *hugs*
Garreth: ta ta for now
Mesanna: bye
Girl Scout: weee
Mesanna: good evening
Girl Scout: hail from great lakes
Girl Scout: I have a few questions
Girl Scout: ill rattle them quick
Girl Scout: one can you make the davies locker to where you can arrange by maps
Girl Scout: or types
Girl Scout: two
Girl Scout: can you add a search option like vs to the jewelry box
Girl Scout: three
Girl Scout: same question but for the house
Girl Scout: ?
Girl Scout: and four
Girl Scout: is there a way you could add a potion to the store to remove curse for one item?
Girl Scout: thanks for all you do 🙂
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: to the last one
Girl Scout: ok
Mesanna: Bleak will answer the others
Girl Scout: sweet
Bleak: We have no plans to alter the functionality to those two items at this time
Girl Scout: lol that it?
Mesanna: Btw he did look into house search
Mesanna: it was a nightmare to do
Bleak: No on the house at this time as well
Girl Scout: seems something similar to vendor search
Girl Scout: but okay
Girl Scout: good luck
Mesanna: good evening
Evelyn: Hello first off let me say I love the fire event you guys put on. Must fun I have had and many death robes to gather.
Evelyn: . I am wondering if there will there be a Halloween dungeon.
Mesanna: Yes there is
Evelyn: I am just following up on an email you responded to. I purchased the wedding package and a transmog potion
Evelyn: for helms and found out you cant transmog onto the top hat or wedding veil. I would ove to buy more of these but I want all
Evelyn: my toons to have the wedding set and I am wondering how/if we can remove the bless from those items to use the transmog
Mesanna: no sorry
Mesanna: we are not going to get into that
Mesanna: I am sorry
Evelyn: Okay can there be a refund on those items since it cant be used that way?
Evelyn: and i am sorry i thought you wanted me to bring it up at the meet in greet
Mesanna: Thought it was pretty clear on the items you can and can not use these on
Mesanna: Also you should check TC if you are ever unsure
Evelyn: oh i didnt see a warning about blessed items
Evelyn: ahh okay
Evelyn: you can test purched items on test center?
Mesanna: yes you can
Evelyn: just asking because i never been to test before
Mesanna: ahh
Mesanna: you can transfer it there
Mesanna: and not use it on your shard
Mesanna: to test it
Evelyn: so i can test it before i can buy it?
Mesanna: no
Evelyn: oh ok so i have to spend the money to find it doesnt work?
Evelyn: sorry not trying to be a pain
Evelyn: just trying to not waste more money
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: you were trying to use what two items
Mesanna: we are also checking the notes but they are pretty sure they are added
Evelyn: oh the transmog potion
Evelyn: and top hat from the wedding set
Evelyn: i just assumed items we pay cash for would be treated the same. i didnt care if it was blessed just like the graphic a ton
Evelyn: and would love it on all my toons
Mesanna: we will look into this and give you the decision
Evelyn: and thank you all for your time and thanks for responding
Evelyn: thank you so much it really means a lot
Evelyn: will you email me?
Mesanna: no it will be in a newsletter or a post on uo.com
Evelyn: thanks again i want you to take my money 🙂
Mesanna: Thank you
Mesanna: good evening
Bytor: Good Evening.
Bytor: My question is Kyronix this evening
Kyronix: Ooo
Kyronix: I’m a question now
Kyronix: *wiggles eyebrows*
Mesanna: I can answer!
Elder EM Obsidian: *chuckles*
Kyronix: 42!
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: sorry
Bytor: I know that I have asked you to check the drop rate of the moonstone crystal on the Myrmidex Warriors
Bytor: and you did answer
Bytor: I believe it was 1 in 25
Kyronix: Sounds about right
Bytor: It still seems a little off since the last few years of patches and things added
Bytor: I run the Pit 4 times a month sometimes 5
Bytor: I used to be able to sell 2 power cores a month which is 5 crystals each
Bytor: now it takes 3 to 4 months to maybe get 5 to make just 1
Kyronix: Hrm
Bytor: Thats all I had. Ty for looking into it.
Mesanna: anything else
Bytor: no tonight. ty for your time
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: btw He is looking into it again
JC: is glacier blue clothing legal or not to wear and to own?
JC: the reason i ask
Mesanna: Nope it is not legaL
JC: i have paged a gm 4 times on some
JC: some one
JC: and nothing has been done about it
JC: he still wears it around
JC: on atl
Mesanna: is it a spellbook or clothing?
JC: clothing
Mesanna: I will talk to the GM’s
Mesanna: on this server?
JC: atl
Mesanna: ok
Mesanna: I will look into it tomorrow
JC: thanks all i needed
Mesanna: do a harrassment page
Mesanna: good evening
Mystical Dee: well good evening
Mystical Dee: 1st Mesanna may I have your Talisman?
Mesanna: lol
Mystical Dee: that being said lol
Mesanna: you are cute
Mystical Dee: Is there anyways u can let WF and Yukio go longer?
Mesanna: no we can’t
Mesanna: we have new events planned and staged
Mesanna: I am sorry but we are all happy you guys are enjoying them
Mystical Dee: yes i know it is just i die so much i do not get alot lol
Mystical Dee: well then 1 more thing
Mesanna: *hugs*
Mystical Dee: ty I needed that
Mystical Dee: OMG u hugged me and I forgot lol
Mesanna: rofl
Elder EM Obsidian: *chuckles*
Mesanna: ohh new weapon!
Mystical Dee: no a bag for like instruments and talismans
Mystical Dee: that is my last question/suggestion
Mesanna: nice suggestion
Mesanna: good evening
Aiam: hi
Aiam: i was wondering about the book of lore
Kyronix: It wonders about you too
Kyronix: *grins*
Aiam: once filled it looks like the normal empty one
Aiam: does not change at all not even a title change
Kyronix: In Pub 111 we added a tooltip to the mouseover
Kyronix: So you can see the title, author, and how many pages are in it
Aiam: oh cool
Kyronix: You’ll also be able to make them
Kyronix: With inscription
Aiam: is there a way to change the color of it
Kyronix: Not at this time
Aiam: k thank you
Kyronix: Most welcome
Mesanna: have a good evening
Mesanna: good evening
Kyronix: Love you in my stir fry btw
Mesanna: yt
Bok Choy: hi
Bok Choy: sorry my crazy gf was banging at my door
Bok Choy: shes trippin
Bok Choy: misk can relate
Kyronix: *blinks*
Bok Choy: anyways
Mesanna: We will have a potion for dragons next week
Bok Choy: hey
Mesanna: Do you have a question?
Bok Choy: uo for linux?
Bleak: No plans currently for an additional client
Bok Choy: ok
Bok Choy: virtualization it is
Bok Choy: ty guys
Bok Choy: u are cuties
Mesanna: welcome
Bok Choy: keep up the good work
Kyronix: *blushes*
Mesanna: good evening
Daremo: hello hello
Daremo: unlike Midori i’ll not trip on the teleport tile
Daremo: this is her question
Mesanna: oh no
Daremo: She would love to know if there is anything in the works…
Daremo: regarding a way to store fish?
Daremo: something along the lines of a seed table
Kyronix: Like a bushel?
Daremo: something to store and organize?
Mesanna: wait for 111
Daremo: ooooh
Daremo: can i have a follow up?
Mesanna: sure
Daremo: completely unrelated.,
Daremo: will we eventually be able to transmog
Daremo: neck slot items?
Daremo: so my girls can wear pretty necklaces?
Daremo: instead of turtlenecks all the time?
Daremo: lol
Kyronix: Like gorgets to necklaces?
Mesanna: I doubt we will ever do that
Daremo: yes
Daremo: exactly
Mesanna: but we do have some nice necklaces
Kyronix: It’s tough because necklaces aren’t true armor
Kyronix: except for the gargies
Kyronix: So it’s gets messy
Daremo: aw
Daremo: i understand
Daremo: thank you for your time
Mesanna: I feel for the little girls
Daremo: yes!
Daremo: of which i am one but i’m wearing my husbands clothes
Daremo: and they’re scratchy
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: Good evening
Anne Nomilly: *waves hi*
Anne Nomilly: Sooooo
Mesanna: hi
Kyronix: Greetings!
Anne Nomilly: since we cannot’ have pet carriers *grins and sticks her tongue out at Kyronix* what about leashes for the pets we do have?
Kyronix: A pet carrier?
Anne Nomilly: Pets follow command is iffy, they are pretty adhd
Kyronix: Like a pet tote?
Anne Nomilly: (asked about having a way to carry a small selection of pets like warriors, mages, etc)
Kyronix: That’s preposterous! You’d never fit a dragon inside that!
Anne Nomilly: your answer was “pets are not weapons”
Anne Nomilly: have you seen skrees? they would totally fit
Anne Nomilly: pocket dragons
Kyronix: *chuckles*
Anne Nomilly: *smirks*
Anne Nomilly: anyway, leash? pretty please?
Kyronix: What would the leash do?
Anne Nomilly: Help you control the pet walking thru the dungeon, instead of ADHD chasing everything it sees
Anne Nomilly: similar to tram despise
Anne Nomilly: linking it to a controller
Anne Nomilly: you have to continually spam all follow
Anne Nomilly: and it’s iffy, pet loses loyalty
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: we are talking
Anne Nomilly: *smiles and nods thank you*
Kyronix: Is the pet guarding you while you travel?
Anne Nomilly: No sir
Anne Nomilly: I know guard makes it wander, just saying follow, no guard
Kyronix: We agree pets are too ADHD with the command following
Anne Nomilly: *smiles*
Kyronix: But we have to figure out the best way to do it within the confines of pet behavior
Anne Nomilly: *nods* understood but if you could look at it, a lot of tamers would appreciate, and would probably buy a leash too!
Mesanna: just a command
Mesanna: no purchase
Anne Nomilly: even better
Kyronix: all grab them by the ear and follow me
Anne Nomilly: *laughs* there we go
Anne Nomilly: the tamers appreciate your consideration
Anne Nomilly: *bows*
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: anything else?
Anne Nomilly: OH, and as to Dragons fitting in bags
Anne Nomilly: Mary Poppins
Anne Nomilly: just stayin
Anne Nomilly: *grns and waves*
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: bye
Mesanna: good evening
Mesanna: yt?
Kyronix: Howdy
Mesanna: good evening
Deraj: Hail
Deraj: I wanted to ask about New Legacy
Deraj: Two questions, the first – is there yet any ballpark-ish-y estimate for its release?
Mesanna: sadly we have to stop working on NLS to get out these publishes
Mesanna: so every one has things to do
Mesanna: plus the holidays which takes up alot of time
Mesanna: then vet rewards
Mesanna: inbetween working on NLS
Deraj: That’s understandable
Mesanna: so it will not be this year
Mesanna: we want to do this right
Mesanna: we will try to keep you guys updated as new things coming along
Deraj: I was guessing it would be 2 years at the minimum
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: I am hoping more like the middle of next year
Deraj: Well, take your time.
Mesanna: we are a crafty bunch =)
Deraj: My second question..
Kyronix: *crafts*
Deraj: Will New Legacy feature functional, bug-free health bars?
Bleak: We are still aware of this issue and hopefully be able to resolve it,
Deraj: That’s good to hear.
Deraj: I’m really only harping on it because it’s fairly essential, and does get in the way a lot.
Mesanna: we understand
Deraj: In any case, I am very interested to see what you guys produce
Deraj: So please stay true to your vision
Deraj: Looking forward to it!
Mesanna: thank you, have a good evening
Deraj: That’s all I have. Have a good evening.
Mesanna: good evening
Mesanna: yt?
Mesanna: good evening
Logan: Greetings My Queen!… Minions
Logan: I arrived late, not sure if these were asked.
Logan: When will the Toymaker’s Skins for our Cu Sides arrive?
Mesanna: one sec
Mesanna: Next month
Mesanna: we can add one with the publish
Logan: Sweet
Logan: Will they work on all color Cu Sidhes?
Mesanna: yes they will
Logan: MGreat They will be fun and popular
Logan: There is 1 week left. Will we get the Luck potions for Wildfire in the store before it ends?
Kyronix: The potion will be back for the next Treasures event
Kyronix: come Halloweenie
Logan: Thank You all for your Time
Mesanna: good evening
Nyre Lars: Hello Everyone
Nyre Lars: I am here to ask Arctics Question
Nyre Lars: He had a work call
Mesanna: ahh
Nyre Lars: He is a male stripper after all
Mesanna: he is stylish
Mesanna: has to be hard
Mesanna: on call all the time
Nyre Lars: Anyway Im kidding
Mesanna: me too
Mesanna: what are the questions
Nyre Lars: He wants to know if therbe a budget for advertisement of the game to bring in more people such as his friends
Mesanna: We do an amount of advertisments
Nyre Lars: Oky maybe he misses it
Mesanna: maybe
Nyre Lars: Thank You for your time
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: That was the last person
Mesanna: Thank you Cats for having us this evening
Bleak: Thanks for coming out!
Elder EM Obsidian: *smiles*
Mesanna: good night
Kyronix: *waves*
Elder EM Obsidian: Have a good night everyone!