During the monthly Governors meeting, it was brought to our attention that something of value was stolen from the King.  Detective Saul requested our presence to investigate these disturbances.


Gathering up at the entrance to Blackthorns Castle, we made our way into the courtyard where Detective Saul was waiting.



“It seems that someone, or something, has it out for our great King!” he exclaimed.  “I have been tasked with recovering Lord Blackthorns Royal Chest.  It has gone missing.  However, I have been unable to find any clues to it’s whereabouts.”


“I have searched the east and west wings.  I was hoping we could venture into his throne room to look for clues.”


Following Detective Saul into the Throne Room, we discovered it was infested with rats!  We quickly dispatched them and tried to figure out where they would have come from.  The Royal Exterminators have never had an infestation before!


They might have come from the sewers….there are plenty of rats there!  But as we made our way out of the castle, another option was brought up…possibly they had traveled from Ilshenar.  Things were going missing from the castle, and rats aren’t the smartest of creatures…but those that live with the Ratmen might be, so we decided to travel to Ilshenar to have a look around.

We arrived at a very peculiar area…it looked as though a stone wall barrier was being erected for some reason….upon entering the area we came under attack!


Once we eradicated the attacking Ratmen, we explored the area and discovered a small treasure trove in the middle of the area.

“It is not like the Ratmen to either attack unprovoked or to gather treasure like this! What is going on here?”  Saul exclaimed.  “I also noticed that with each attacking ratman there was an elemental right by it’s side…as if they were controlling them somehow!”  Saul looked around and noticed a cave just to the West and decided to explore….but just then a scared, shivering Ratmen walked out of the entrance.

*Please stop..we mean you no harm* He squeaked, shivering.



It seemed that the poor Ratmen were forced into slavery by the elementals. They made the ratmen construct walls and steal from the King! They had taken the Kings Royal Chest, but offered to give it back to us if we stopped attacking them. We reassured the poor thing that we were just there to recover the chest and meant them no harm. Nodding, he shuffled back into the cave and returned with the chest. We thanked him and headed back to the castle.

“Something still doesn’t seem right” Saul said as we all gathered around him. “But for now, the King will be pleased! I shall return this to him at once and let him know of your bravery.”