Armor Set Comparison

I decided to put this as its own page such that I could just update one place as opposed to all over my blog.

So far, I have Wardens, Captains, Champions, and Minstrels.

The sets included are:

  • Moria 6-piece Radiance set
  • DN 6-piece Radiance set
  • BG 6-piece Radiance set
  • 2 3-piece Radiance Sets
  • Annuminas 6-piece Radiance set
  • Helegrod 6-piece Radiance set
  • Lorien Crafted Set
  • The 2 good Mirkwood Crafted Sets

For all these sets, I have comparisons of the entire sets (including set bonuses) and individual piece comparisons.  I also have a “Item Rater” sheet that allows you to plug in your own values for the stats and see which pieces are the best for you.  The excel one is color coded, while sadly the Google one just has the equations.

Google Docs Version

Excel Version

For images, I have them currently in a few difference posts:

Heavy Annuminas Set (with Helm)

Champion Pictures

Minstrel Pictures and the new Minstrel F2P Sets

Captain Sets

Warden Sets

Helegrod and Annuminas Captain and Warden Sets

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  1. 3

    The Excel version seems to be incorrect. It shows the new Annuminas heavy set without the helm. It appears correct in the Google docs version.

    • 4

      That’s strange, I see it on the excel file on my end. I tried it 2 machines – is it possible you have an old version lying around somewhere?

  2. 5

    Great info, but the spread sheet data (at least on the Captain and Warden Set links) is cut off by the panel to the right.

  3. 8
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