For Meet and Greets

Mesanna: shall we begin
Mesanna: good evening
Kenzie Mori: Greetings once more Mistress of Darkness and Death, of Light and Glory
Kenzie Mori: Are thy Minions being good and well behaved?
Mesanna: they are well fed so yes they are good
Kenzie Mori: *smiles*
Kenzie Mori: With the repairs of the Shrines, will the shrine wars end, will we still be able to
Kenzie Mori: earn all eight tabards and what of the well of souls, if we are still able to fight
Kenzie Mori: at the shrine, can we have a easier access to the well without the mediallion, I still have a LOT of
Kyronix : Yes
Kenzie Mori: as much as I would liked to?
Kyronix : Despite the repaired nature of the shrines the armies of darkness are still a threat!
Kyronix : Lest we let our guard down now we alas shall fin dourselfs in peril!
Kenzie Mori: *nods*
Kyronix : Battles must be fought and won still!
Kenzie Mori: Thank you, may your Holidays be a blessed one for all of you!
Mesanna: hope you have a great thanksgiving
Mesanna: Good evening
Goldie: hi
Goldie: that was fast
Kyronix : Greetings
Mesanna: fast?
Goldie: i have a question
Mesanna: sure
Goldie: Hi I would really much appreciate the art work for the unicorn to be updated to a more natuarl
Mesanna: that is not going to happen
Goldie: lookinglike the mare or fire steed
Goldie: why
Mesanna: making a new mount would be easier than updating existing art like that
Goldie: make it a new nount sounds good 🙂
Goldie: i like that better 🙂
Mesanna: new mount is not out of the question but updating existing art is
Mesanna: at this point
Goldie: looks like a child designed it, sorry 🙂
Goldie: ty 🙂
Mesanna: well we inherited that
Goldie: that is all
Mesanna: and I would not want to talk rude of past artist
Goldie: inhereited?
Mesanna: or teams
Goldie: oh ya right
Mesanna: yes it was done by teams before us
Goldie: ok
Goldie: but new unicorn be nice 🙂
Goldie: or armore for it 🙂
Mesanna: *nods* anything else?
Goldie: no thats it 🙂
Goldie: ty:)
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: over here
Mxyzsptlk: Hello!
Kyronix : Greetings!
Mesanna: greetings
Mxyzsptlk: The Book of Lore art from this past event is incredible
Mxyzsptlk: If there were a way for in-game writers and librarians to create books that utilized those assets, that would be incredible
Kyronix : Indeed!
Mxyzsptlk: Is that something you all would consider?
Mesanna: We have talked about this for a future addition
Mesanna: so stay tuned
Mxyzsptlk: Great!
Mxyzsptlk: One last thing
Mxyzsptlk: There still seems to be something up between books viewed within the CC and the EC
Mxyzsptlk: Text getting cut off in the EC versions
Mxyzsptlk: Maybe something to peek at in the next update?
Mesanna: do you have a book handy?
Mxyzsptlk: Gosh, I don’t
Mxyzsptlk: I’ve noticed this, though, on my home shard and with the in-game book library I run
Mxyzsptlk: I can send an email
Mesanna: please do
Mxyzsptlk: Great
Mxyzsptlk: That is all, thank you!
Mesanna: I would love to have an example
Mesanna: or be able to see one
Mesanna: email me
Mxyzsptlk: I’ll send one
Mesanna: a location and we will look into it
Mesanna: thank you
Mxyzsptlk: *nods*
Mesanna: Greetings
Myesha: oh greetings
Myesha: We will be having Krampus again this year?
of the Rings: greetings
Myesha: hmm
Mesanna: oops
Mesanna: stay
Kyronix : Seems you blended in with the carpet
of the Rings: i’ll go back
Myesha: *laughs*
Kyronix : Yes, we will be having Krampus
Myesha: Are the rewards finalized?
Myesha: *makes order for new clothes that dont blend in with carpet*
Mesanna: the rewards are in place and we will not be changing them this year
Myesha: It would be nice if the armor pieces from last year were expanded
Myesha: so we could have sets
Myesha: just an idea.
Mesanna: thanks for the suggestion
Mesanna: maybe next year
Myesha: Other question, regards to the unicorn, would it be possible to use the same method of creating 2d models from 3d assets
Myesha: to import the 3d unicorn into 2d, just a though…
Myesha: sorry macros
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: we can’t do that
Myesha: and have a good one.
of the Rings: lol
Mesanna: good evening
of the Rings: my question was, are you able to re locate my historical society marker, while you are on Siege
of the Rings: it takes quite a while to get in touch with you through email
Mesanna: I can delete it send me your location
of the Rings: I will circle a location in the screenshot for you
Mesanna: yes moving those are not the highest on my list
Mesanna: I do them when I get free time
of the Rings: I understand
of the Rings: that’s all
Mesanna: have a good evening
Unknown: Can my improperly placed home be corrected?
Mesanna: No sorry

(This last question was not recorded due to the user losing connection. This was the final question of the evening.)