By Al-Maroc

With the following adds:

  • COSMOS Constellations: A new large scale gameplay element where pilots will have agent encounters in space, new environments to explore, and new technologies to discover.
  • Dreadnoughts: The fearsome Dreadnought enters the battlefield equipped with jumpdrives and will have enough firepower to take down player owned structures.
  • Outposts: A compact and effective alternative to the current player built stations.
  • Freighters: Massive haulers with immense capacity to help players conquer deep space.
  • Leadership Overhaul: Enhanced fleet warfare, new skills, and modules will improve players’ ability to defend and attack in fleet combat.
  • Pirate Factions: Better… Stronger… and likely to reveal their secrets and high value loot.
  • Industrial Revolution: Starbases get a major boost and more valuable minerals will be available in low security Empire space.
  • Combat Changes: Many changes that will further improve combat in EVE, making combat even more tactical.
  • Unicode Chat Input: Chat in any language, for example Asian fonts will be rendered by the EVE font system, along with Cyrillic and Greek.
  • New Tech Level 2 technology: Includes missiles launchers, drones and various defensive modules.

Check out the official site for more information.