Titan release-fest

EVE Online is going through some changes that are ‘out-of-this-world’ so to speak. As opposed to the bi-yearly releases in the form of a summer and a winter expansion, CCP are progressing with a new release form – smaller incrimental changes that happen more frequently. Scrapping the well known release …

Site Probing

Site probing in this case refers specifically to the art of locating a cosmic signature generated by the system, containing content as per below list. Similar mechanics can be deployed towards other objects and for now we’ll stick with “just” site probing.   There are the following types: Ladar (Gas …

Combat Content in EVE Online

    EVE Online has it all, whether it be pressing buttons to make stuff blow up, pressing buttons to create stuff, pressing buttons to find stuff or pressing buttons to harvest salty tears of other people. Its a harsh world! So, in order to help you I’ve built this …

Streamed Tournament!


Alliance Tournament 12
Alliance Tournament XII


This is the season for fabulous explosions, the famous “Jita Cam” and all of it accesible from your favorite couch! The e-sport tournament “Alliance Tournament” hosted by EVE Onlines CCP games are in the 12th installment and is doing better than ever.

If you always dreamt of flying an internet spaceship (like most little boys do), then you’d be amazed at how welll some of these pilots do stuff.

Pop in to watch the stream!

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Eve Online industry, research and manufacturing expansion to be released in just 2 days!

In just 2 days, CCP Games will release the next Summer Expansion on Tranquility Server, which adress the Industry aspect of EVE Online (effectively reducing the ‘spreadsheets-in-space’). The changes will effect Industry, Research, Manufacturing and a slew of other tweaks and fixes, like opt-out of fleet warp, station sounds for …