EVE Online is going through some changes that are ‘out-of-this-world’ so to speak.

As opposed to the bi-yearly releases in the form of a summer and a winter expansion, CCP are progressing with a new release form – smaller incrimental changes that happen more frequently.

Scrapping the well known release model for something that had a larger impact on a long term basis as well as offered a more scalable and adjustable patch schedule, so new fixes could be pushed out more often just makes more sense.

Lets recap some of the major changes that was implemented and is on the loading dock:


  • Force Projection
    The ideal situation for any defender of large areas, is to have an unlimited supply of rocks to immediately hurl at infinite distances to scare off attackers. Now think of Titans as the launching platform for fleets and you get the idea. Due to Titan proliferation and Titan’s ability to “project force” (ie. bridge fleets) across vast distances, bypassing the dangers of gate travel to “inject” them directly into a fight (also allowing fights such as the recent “Bloodbath of B-R5RB” involving several thousand pilots) is no longer a great conflict driver. The expectation is that smaller alliances will be able to get into Null-sec sovereighnty more easily, produce more good-fights and have less people hot-drop them with capital fleets. While we might see more fights, there will likely be less off the type of fights like the “Bloodbath of B-R5RB
  • Multiple item sales
    Sell your entire inventory with a few clicks, rather than selling item-per-item. This is a feature that has been requested since beta and will be wildly anticipated as it affects every combat pilot out there doing any kind of salvaging for an extra ISK.
  • Opt-in keyboard ship controls
    EVE has never been a twitch based ship simulator, but now its a step closer.
  • More ships!
    New Tactical Destroyers class (T3) and more haulers to ferry ships around in. So now, we can fly ships while we fly ships!
  • Wormhole changes
    More wormhole changes are coming. Recently adressed was a rebalance of the wormhole effects, C4’s receiving an extra static and more different types of connections (frigate sized holes that are impractical to close) – and a slew of other type of changes.
  • Burner missions
    A special type of Level 4 PVE mission where the pilot(s) get pitched against a specially difficult pirate faction NPC, for a small chance of a faction drop – and generally a chance of pace for most Level 4 grinders.
  • Extras
    Unlimited skill queue, polished UI, notification system, more options, more industry and invention that is easier to understand, balancing different ship classes, balancing more exploration sites, sensor overlay, easy fitting import/export, module rebalance, cloaking effect, incursion changes and finally something about CREST.

Yet remaining of this titanic release-fest is the remainder:

Tethys, Iapetus, Themis, Mnemosyne, Coeus, Theia and the next in line – which is Rhea.

We are nearly halfway through the release schedule. Who/what will come after these?


Fly sillilyy! o7