Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Right now, Gargoyles are missing 125 luck because of the missing earring/horn ring slot.

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: We also cannot enhance our earrings, neclaces, and amulets due to a bug.

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: When we try to enhance, it wastes a point from the Forged Metal of Artifacts but item does not get the bonus

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Would it be possible to fix this before the coming event?

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: So we can atleast get extra 120 lcuk from the enhancement?

Mesanna says: We will look into the enhancing issue

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Awesome! It would be great. Thank you.

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: So my other question

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: can you guys please add +20 scrolls to carpentry, tinkering, and fletching?


Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: As well as +60 items for them as well? Is this possible?

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Failing to repair items, and 60% non-exception rate when filling bods is too much IMHO.

Mesanna says: We will not be doing that

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: What do you guys think?

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Hmmm, do you mind if I ask why?

Mesanna says: we can look into a hammer that gives you the skills to repair

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: That would be amazing! I really appreciate it.

Mesanna says: We all misunderstood what you were asking at first

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Ohhh, my bad.

Mesanna says: no worries

Mesanna says: anything else?

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: I just want to be able to repair without many misses. and craft exceptional with more than 40% chance

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Thanks for this amazing game

[Crystal] Mesanna says: understand

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: We love you

Lord Xen’Rin of Kern says: Take care

Mesanna says: we will thank you

Mesanna says: Good evening

Mervovingian says: hi

Mervovingian says: we have a problem with the new weapon storm lord’s steel

Mesanna says: would you like to be a little more specific

Mervovingian says: it is massively overpowered because

Mervovingian says: it is bugged

Mervovingian says: in publish 96 is states that

Mesanna says: we are aware of the sparks

Bleak says: The Spark property is being adjusted in Pub117

Mervovingian says: sparks will not activate

Mervovingian says: but it currently does activate with frenzied whirlwind

Mervovingian says: its a mistake

Mesanna says: Thank you anything else?

Mervovingian says: actually i have a little problem with spellweaving mastery

Mervovingian says: mana drain

Mervovingian says: sorry

Mervovingian says: mana shield

Mervovingian says: if you have more spellweaving skill

Mervovingian says: its supposed to be better than less spellweaving skill

Mervovingian says: but the mana shield is consuming 50% mana

Mervovingian says: and you can’t mitigate it at all with lower mana cost

Mervovingian says: so if you have high spellweaving skill

Mervovingian says: you end up draining more of your mana

Mervovingian says: and it makes it worse

Mervovingian says: should be less mana consumed with higher skill, not more mana consumed

Mervovingian says: so at 90 skill for 1000 damage received at 10% shield, it consumes 100 mana

Mervovingian says: at 105 skill, for 1000 damage consumed, it consumes double the mana 200

Mervovingian says: no amount of mana regen can sustain this

Mervovingian says: so you have to drop your spellweaving to 90

Mervovingian says: to use mana shielf

Mesanna says: One moment

Bleak says: The skill modifies the chances for it to proc

Mervovingian says: yeah but it doesn’t modify the mana it consumes

Mervovingian says: so at high skill it just drains all your mana

Mervovingian says: so then you literally can’t even have enough mana to heal

Mervovingian says: or do anything

Bleak says: We have no intention to change it at this time

Mervovingian says: okay

Mesanna says: Thank you,

Mervovingian says: thank you

Mesanna says: Have a good evening

Mesanna says: Good evening

Kyronix says: Greetings!

Okami says: Hello! Is there any progress made on the tools for content creation for players since the PEC is gone? Making it easier for players to set up and run events/stories?

Mesanna says: Hello?

Mesanna says: No there is not

Mesanna says: we are not looking into that at this time

Okami says: And the PEC program is pretty much dead?

Mesanna says: Yes it is

Mesanna says: they were not being used to fill their time

Mesanna says: anything else

Okami says: welp. thats great to hear, lol

Mesanna says: sorry

Mesanna says: Greetings

Offred says: Hail and well met!

Offred says: My question is kindof pertaining to the future of Ultima Online in whole

Mesanna says: ok

Offred says: with the (hopefully) soon release of NL

Mesanna says: correct

Offred says: will there be any advertisement or discs in stores, or maye a release on steam

Offred says: in order to bring in new players?

Mesanna says: no we do not produce discs

Mesanna says: and UO is not on Steam

Offred says: I realize that UO ISNT on steam, but it could reach a massive audience that way

Mesanna says: We have a Community Manager that is producing videos to post

Mesanna says: Yes there are alot of fingers in the pie

Offred says: right now i feel like unless you KNOW about Ultima Online, there is no new blood so to say lol

Mesanna says: We are 27 years old I think we might be doing something right

Offred says: Even a snippet in Game Informer or something to put our name out there

Mesanna says: I am sure it will be picked up by a few gaming magazines

Offred says: 27 years old with a dedicated player base… But we are lacking new players… Just old players making new accounts 🙂

Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: Anything else

Offred says: that was all.. thank you

Mesanna says: we understand

Mimi says: hello all

Mesanna says: Good Evening

Mimi says: I’m wondering if there are any plans to create a large ship’s hold for CC

Mimi says: *wiggles eyebrows*

Mesanna says: lol

Mimi says: lol

Mesanna says: we could do that

Mesanna says: but we might be held up by art

Mimi says: oh that would give me such joy

Mesanna says: we will see =)

Mimi says: can i have a follow up?

Mesanna says: sure

Mimi says: Would you, could pleeeeze put granite as a resource on ships that we pirate?

Mimi says: seems odd we get all the other resources but not granite

Kyronix says: Would probably make the ship sink like a stone

Kyronix says: Would put the captain between a rock and a hard place

Mimi says: ah ha! but it wont!

Mesanna says: omg

Mimi says: I even looked into the history of shipping stone

Mimi says: like back in the day

Kyronix says: I’m sure those history books were quite dense!

Mimi says: not my day, mind you

Mimi says: hahaha

Mimi says: you funny

Mimi says: last one

Mimi says: anything new for rogues?

Mimi says: up and coming?

Kyronix says: We have some exciting rogue concepts we’ll be looking at in New Legacy

Mimi says: that would be almost as nice as granite on merchant ships

Mimi says: awesome

Kyronix says: Just keep your fingers out of my pockets!

Mimi says: thanks for all your time

Mimi says: much apprecieated

Mimi says: g’night

Mesanna says: lol Night

Saul Goodman says: hi

Mesanna says: Good evening

Saul Goodman says: Can ej accounts take part in the new Orc event?

Kyronix says: The Orc event?

Saul Goodman says: Thew new event

Mesanna says: The Pirate event?

Kyronix says: Pirates?

Saul Goodman says: yes

Mesanna says: No we are not going to include EJ accounts

Saul Goodman says: oh ok so its pay to win

Mesanna says: hrm

Mesanna says: anything else

Saul Goodman says: also, Can you get the moderators of the forum to loosen up?

Mesanna says: Good evening

Mesanna says: Circus?

Circus Peanut says: my bad

Circus Peanut says: sorry

Circus Peanut says: i double dipped and already had my questions answered

Circus Peanut says: i will leave in shame

Mesanna says: What can we help you with this evening

Mesanna says: aww

Mesanna says: good evening

Donavon says: greetigs =^-^=

Donavon says: I would first like to thank all of you for the new systems over the last 5-7 years

Mesanna says: most welcome

Donavon says: the new taming changes were a real homerun that brought endless joy and research

Donavon says: My question is about an old spawn that was removed about 10 years ago because

Donavon says: players wre using it to solo the slasher

Donavon says: I speak of the bane dragons

Donavon says: might it be possible

Donavon says: to find the spawn a new home

Donavon says: so that other might enjoy this amazing pet

Mesanna says: Not likely but we can talk about something different

Donavon says: I understand

Donavon says: I saw you were making pvp changes

Donavon says: might you be able to lower the amount of pet damage reduced by players

Donavon says: from pets from 50 to 40%

Donavon says: =D

Mesanna says: we can discuss this

Donavon says: thank you, I know the pvp tamers and those that just do spawns

Donavon says: would enjoy it greatly =^-^=

Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: Have a great evening

Donavon says: ty kindly for having these meet and greets and for all the hard work each of you do

Donavon says: u 2 =^-^= <- kitty face for all

Mesanna says: Good evening

Bytor says: Good evening

Bytor says: I know that Kyronix said in the forums that you had no plans to

Bytor says: raise the respawn rate of npc ships

Bytor says: for the new event

Bytor says: I was curious do you plan on using the 3 High Sea Bosses in this event ?

Kyronix says: We plan on using multiple delivery mechanisms for the event, so not just ship combat

Bytor says: aye

Kyronix says: Players will be able to participate in a multitude of contents clusters to partake

Bytor says: 🙂

Bytor says: thank you

Kyronix says: You’re welcome

Mesanna says: good evening

Lord Cathal says: hello

Lord Cathal says: so last week or so i had a issue on the water

Kyronix says: That’s always a sinking feeling…

Lord Cathal says: i scuttled a ship in mako a blue merch ship

Lord Cathal says: after i did another player came by and was able to board it a loot my ship i scuttled

Lord Cathal says: is there a way to fix this like a kill timer

Lord Cathal says: loot timer

Lord Cathal says: this was om pac

Lord Cathal says: this will be a issue when event starts

Lord Cathal says: big time

Mesanna says: we can look into changing this but it will not be in the next publish

Lord Cathal says: ok

Lord Cathal says: that about it thank u

Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: have a good evening

Mesanna says: Good evening

Jassi Cowin says: Greeings!

Jassi Cowin says: It is my opinion that the hues from the leather dye tub is the BEST set of hues that the game has to offer..

Mesanna says: thank you

Jassi Cowin says: Any chance of having cloth or metal versions of the leather dye tub colors in the future?

Mesanna says: we will never say never

Mesanna says: its possible just not in the next few

Jassi Cowin says: Thanks, I believe that was all I wanted to ask..

Mesanna says: anything else

Mesanna says: have a good evening

Mesanna says: Good evneing

Mesanna says: Evening

Sulla says: Good Evening

Sulla says: !

Sulla says: I would like to apply for a Historical Banner for my home

Mesanna says: write me

Sulla says: it is 14 years old

Mesanna says: email me and I will get to it

Mesanna says: ok

Kyronix says: Thanks for being such a longtime resident of Britannia!

Sulla says: Will it be a long time? I wish to have a Grand Opening

Sulla says: i have lived here 26.5 years

Sulla says: thank you

Mesanna says: Email me the details and the xyz and it will not be long

Sulla says: thank you so much

Mesanna says: so it depends on you really

Sulla says: I will get it in right away

Mesanna says: ok

Sulla says: *bows*

Sulla says: thank you

Mesanna says: good evening

Mesanna says: most welcome

Sulla says: you all as well

Walt says: hello all

Mesanna says: greetings

Walt says: So my question is around the EM program

Mesanna says: ok

Walt says: with NL, do you see the EM events continuing on regular shards

Mesanna says: Yes I do

Mesanna says: we will not have a EM on that shard

Walt says: or do you see a shift toward EM activity within NL?

Mesanna says: nope

Walt says: ahh ok

Walt says: that was really the only question I had

Mesanna says: ahh ok

Walt says: so thanks and thanks dfor eberything

Mesanna says: thank you and have a good evening

Brobdingnagian says: wow that was fast! lol

Brobdingnagian says: hiya

Mesanna says: good evening

Brobdingnagian says: i was wondering if there was a timeline on any new custom castles/keeps contests?

Mesanna says: no we have not opened that in a while, maybe during the holidays

Mesanna says: we can get a few additions

Brobdingnagian says: and if so, would there be a way to flash this shard so a few of us could try our hand at it?

Mesanna says: you mean wipe the shard?

Mesanna says: of course

Brobdingnagian says: yes please

Mesanna says: no problem

Brobdingnagian says: awesome

Brobdingnagian says: im assuming there will be a news post when its decided?

Mesanna says: of course

Brobdingnagian says: fantastic 🙂 that was all i had

Brobdingnagian says: have a good night

Mesanna says: have a good evening

Mesanna says: good evening

Thomas Kincaid says: hi

Thomas Kincaid says: do you have anything new coming for em events?

Mesanna says: You should speak to your EM

Thomas Kincaid says: i do

Mesanna says: Each shard uses their own creativity

Thomas Kincaid says: but i mean like new art n stuff

Mesanna says: I do not tell them what or how to do their events

Mesanna says: There are a few new pieces

Mesanna says: and we add new ones along when they come up with a need

Thomas Kincaid says: okay thx

Mesanna says: welcome

Mesanna says: Thank you all for coming

Kyronix says: Thank you everyone!

Bleak says: Thanks everyone for coming out!

Parallax says: Thanks for coming out!

Mesanna says: Check the newsletter for the next scheduled Meet and Greet with the Devs!

Mesanna says: Later all