For Meet and Greets



Mesanna says: good evening everyone
Kyronix says: Good evening!
Parallax says: hello!
Mesanna says: ok everyone is here shall we start
Mesanna says: Greetings
Justin Bennett says: wow 1st up
Justin Bennett says: thank you
Justin Bennett says: i wanted to express my thanks tonight
Justin Bennett says: 1st to messana for helping me recently
Mesanna says: most welcome
Justin Bennett says: and to em’s petrichor and Rawiya
Mesanna says: I will pass that along
Mesanna says: to them for you
Justin Bennett says: we greatly appreciate the effort petrichor has put in, and continues to put in om LS
Mesanna says: He is a good guy
Mesanna says: thank you
Mesanna says: I will pass this along
Justin Bennett says: and Rawiya, well, she just great all around in what she does
Justin Bennett says: 2 on your staff to be proud of
Justin Bennett says: thats all i have
Justin Bennett says: *bows*
Mesanna says: Thank you
Mesanna says: we appreciate your kindness
Justin Bennett says: start off on a good note
Mesanna says: good evening
Kramer of Kern says: Hello everyone πŸ™‚
Kyronix says: Ahoy!
Kramer of Kern says: First of all,
Kramer of Kern says: Thank you guys so much for such an amazing game. I really love it.
Kramer of Kern says: I have 3 questions about the game.
Mesanna says: Wonderful
Kramer of Kern says: Are there any plans to add the missing slot to gargoyles? When they were first introduced, that missing slot was not a problem.
Kramer of Kern says: On the other hand, more and more useful items are added to that slot for humans/elves (luck, skills, stats).
Kramer of Kern says: So any plans to add that slot to gargoyles?
Mesanna says: currently we do not have any plans to alter that
Kramer of Kern says: Ok πŸ™
Kramer of Kern says: So my next question
Kramer of Kern says: Are there any plans to add runic reforging for thinkers? The fact that we cannot roll for a base ring makes me quite sad as a crafter main.
Kyronix says: We’ve talked about it in the past, we don’t have any concrete timeline or plans to introduce those types of runics
Kyronix says: But it is something floating in the ether, so you never know!
Kramer of Kern says: Ok, thanks for the answer….
Kramer of Kern says: So the last question is
Kramer of Kern says: Any plans to buff up the imbuing? Right now it feels very weak compared to what drops from mobs most of the time.
Kramer of Kern says: Thanks for taking the time to answer btw. I appreciate it.
Mesanna says: No sir
Kyronix says: Not at this time
Kramer of Kern says: Lol, ok
Mesanna says: we are not bumping that
Kramer of Kern says: 3 / 3 πŸ™‚
Kramer of Kern says: Thanks for your time
Kramer of Kern says: I appreciate it
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Kramer of Kern says: you too
Mesanna says: psst
Mesanna says: here
Mesanna says: good evening
Saul Goodman says: yeah baby
Saul Goodman says: hi
Kyronix says: Hello
Saul Goodman says: happy belated valentines
Mesanna says: thank you
Saul Goodman says: why did nobody get a gift this valentines?
Mesanna says: The EM’s gave out gifts
Saul Goodman says: No clicky? so had to be there?
Mesanna says: yes sir
Saul Goodman says: hard for ppl in a diff time zone
Mesanna says: This year our hands were tied with trying to move forward with NLS
Mesanna says: And I know the EM’s give alot of love during these seasons
Saul Goodman says: Have you read GM rivers expose on reddit? its pretty interesting
Mesanna says: I do not care to
Saul Goodman says: Well you should
Mesanna says: there is the truth and his version
Mesanna says: no I should not
Kyronix says: A lot of misinformation to say the least
Saul Goodman says: you come off very well
Saul Goodman says: So new legacy, its kinda old legacy now
Mesanna says: Saul
Mesanna says: do you have a question
Saul Goodman says: are you still taking beta testers
Mesanna says: No
Mesanna says: not at this time
Saul Goodman says: Well when do you expect it to be released?
Mesanna says: did you sign up on the post
Mesanna says: we have alot of people
[Crystal] Saul Goodman says: i was drunk that day
[Crystal] Mesanna says: we will add this to the newsletter
Saul Goodman says: oh theres a newsletter? is it monthly?
Mesanna says: good night Saul
Saul Goodman says: hey i havent finished
Mesanna says: yes you have
Mesanna says: Greetings Amber
Amber Witch says: Hello
Mesanna says: we have a long list please keep questions to 1
Kyronix says: Greetings!
Amber Witch says: I’ll be gentler
Amber Witch says: Long ago during the days of factions if I remember correctly, the factions could place NPC vendors
Kyronix says: He’s just trolling, we’re used to it by now
Kyronix says: But not fair to the rest of you to waste your time
Amber Witch says: In cities to sell basic goods like arrows, bolts, reagents, lumber, ingots, possibly more.
Mesanna says: yep
Amber Witch says: [arn’t we all?]
Amber Witch says: This would be a very cool idea to allow Governors to do this for their cities
Amber Witch says: Would this be possible? If not could you please explain why not? Thank you for your time.
Amber Witch says: that is my question
Kyronix says: So really just re-introducing the faction vendors that can be ordered up by the city governor?
Amber Witch says: aye
Amber Witch says: as a service
Kyronix says: We are amenable to the idea
Kyronix says: but it’d need a balance pass
Amber Witch says: kidding
Amber Witch says: lol
Amber Witch says: how so?
Kyronix says: The faction vendors got pretty borked by the end in terms of economy balance
Amber Witch says: hm. If I bring this up on the UO. forum could you eleaborate there?
Amber Witch says: I don’t want to take your time here
Kyronix says: Sure, by all means
Amber Witch says: Thank you! Make a note!
Mervovingian says: hail
Mesanna says: Good evening
Mervovingian says: in publish 100, there was listed a fix to classic client
Mervovingian says: when pathfinding is enabled, holding right click will autonavigate around objects
Mervovingian says: this does not work look
Mervovingian says: can you look at fixing it please?
Mesanna says: As soon as we can reproduce it we will fix it
Mervovingian says: reproduce it?
Mervovingian says: just walk into any object
Mervovingian says: like this one
Mervovingian says: it dont navigate around
Mesanna says: Anything else Mervyn
Mervovingian says: nobody mentioned it before maybe because its working fine in orion client and enhanced client
Mesanna says: Mervyn we understand
Mervovingian says: thank you
Mesanna says: thank you
Mervovingian says: and i would like to congratulate
Mervovingian says: Taylor Swift on her 4th album of the year
Mesanna says: good night
Mervovingian says: that is all thanks
Mesanna says: good evening
Nyre Lars says: Good evening
Parallax says: Greetings
Nyre Lars says: and Thank You
Nyre Lars says: I have just 1 question
Nyre Lars says: With the New event coming up in March sometime
Nyre Lars says: Will Old SOS and Tmaps work or do they need to be newly acquired
Nyre Lars says: for the drop
Kyronix says: No, you can use the old ones
Kyronix says: So long as they are not too rotten
Kyronix says: And you can’t read the coordinates
Mesanna says: *grins*
Nyre Lars says: Excellent Thank You
Nyre Lars says: have a good night
Mesanna says: Have a good evening
Kyronix says: Enjoy!
Andrasta says: Can we please have a Transmogrification Potion for a BACK slot added to the store?
Andrasta says: *smiles*
Crystal] Mesanna says: we can discuss it for a later time
Andrasta says: something different than the ugly cape we have been wearing for 26.5 years?
Andrasta says: perhaps?
Mesanna says: we can talk about it
Andrasta says: I will send you an email
Mesanna says: Not a yes but not a no
Mesanna says: ok
Andrasta says: thank you
Mesanna says: sounds good
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Andrasta says: you as well
Mesanna says: good evening
Lady Delia says: hello
Lady Delia says: Have two-part question regarding bladeweaving
Lady Delia says: offensive/defensive modes
Lady Delia says: Do bladeweaving pets have offensive/defensive modes?
Lady Delia says: And, will toggling a bladeweaving weapon held by pet’s
Lady Delia says: controller also affect pet bladeweaving mode?
Lady Delia says: thank you.
Bleak says: Yes, it is set on creation for the pet
Bleak says: currently it is random which mode they get
Bleak says: but we can look into allowing the owner to set the mode
Lady Delia says: that would be great
Lady Delia says: ty
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Mesanna says: Greetings
Mongooce says: hello everyone!
Parallax says: Hello
Mongooce says: i would like tyo know if possable
Mongooce says: the up coming spring event are the rewards set?
Kyronix says: If you have a suggestion you can provide it on the forums
Kyronix says: There’s a couple threads about it
Mongooce says: i would like to see some light armor with more melee or range stats on them
Mongooce says: for use steathers!
Mesanna says: thank you for your suggestion
Mesanna says: good evening
horsie says: hello
horsie says: one question
horsie says: do you all use orion EC or classic client
Mesanna says: we do not use the Orion client
horsie says: also how did you get your skin that dark
Mesanna says: I dyed it this dark
horsie says: i like
Mesanna says: thanks have a good evening
horsie says: goodnight
Mesanna says: good evening
Rae says: hi
Kyronix says: Good eve
Rae says: will you be adding new weapons to throwing
Mesanna says: always a possibility
Mesanna says: if you have a specific suggestions email us
Rae says: will we see a new necro ridable pet
Mesanna says: no plans right now
Rae says: thanks
Mesanna says: Have a good evening
Sally Rose says: hello
Mesanna says: Greetings
Sally Rose says: 2 questions
Sally Rose says: tinkers
Sally Rose says: how come some things they make are really high in uses
Sally Rose says: then otheres are very low?
Sally Rose says: gm tinker
Parallax says: Crafting tools from tinkering are created with random amounts of charges
Sally Rose says: ok
Sally Rose says: high talisman
Sally Rose says: 30
Sally Rose says: still low uses
Mesanna says: its just random
Sally Rose says: question 2
Mesanna says: last one
Sally Rose says: we do scalis
Sally Rose says: we havent gotten a soulforge in months
Sally Rose says: was anything changed with that?
Mesanna says: not on purpose
Mesanna says: we can verify it is still in the list
Sally Rose says: ok
Sally Rose says: thank you
Mesanna says: but we have not changed the loot
Sally Rose says: ok
Mesanna says: welcome
Sally Rose says: just luck
Sally Rose says: πŸ™‚
Mesanna says: yes-(
Sally Rose says: ok
Sally Rose says: night
Mesanna says: thank you Sally
Mesanna says: good evening
Cappadocious says: hello!
Mesanna says: do you have a question
Cappadocious says: first of all id like to announce that i was born a female in the body of a man
Cappadocious says: i spent multiple plats getting beard cream
Mesanna says: ok
Sneaky Sneaky says: ithello
Mesanna says: Good evening
Sneaky Sneaky says: I would like is it possible to have the events fixed where you don’t lag out and can’t move?
Kyronix says: Please be more specific
Mesanna says: which events are you speaking of?
Mesanna says: the EM events
Mesanna says: ?
Sneaky Sneaky says: Catskills, europa
Sneaky Sneaky says: origin
Sneaky Sneaky says: every one last sunday
Sneaky Sneaky says: i mean saturday
Sneaky Sneaky says: I did every event
Mesanna says: are you talking about the Em events
Mesanna says: they do what they can and divide the crowd
Mesanna says: pets spells effects all add to the lag
Sneaky Sneaky says: I have a highly expensive internet connection and a wild computer with gaming capabilities
Mesanna says: there is not much else we can do
Mesanna says: you can turn the effects down on your computer that could help
Mesanna says: something to try
Sneaky Sneaky says: we are not getting a good value for our money in this game
Sneaky Sneaky says: i dont mean to sound disrespectfull
Sneaky Sneaky says: because it is not workign
Mesanna says: we can stop all EM events
Mesanna says: or
Mesanna says: wait there is no other choice
Mesanna says: we are doing what we can
Mesanna says: these are all EM events
Sneaky Sneaky says: yes
Mesanna says: we can not control how many people go to these
Sneaky Sneaky says: some are better when em’s dont use tons of graphic
Mesanna says: and I am not allowing 6 boss monsters
Mesanna says: ok thank you
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Sneaky Sneaky says: things such as the titan graphics
Sneaky Sneaky says: shuts me down everytime
Mesanna says: thank you
Sneaky Sneaky says: how can we fix it no one is listening
Mesanna says: good evening
Mary Jane says: Heya Devarinos
Kyronix says: Hello
Mary Jane says: So Quality of life question here
Mary Jane says: I play the classic client
Mary Jane says: thanks for making large container gumps
Mary Jane says: but there are some containers
Mary Jane says: such as the china cabinet
Mary Jane says: the pie safe
Mary Jane says: the heart boxes
Mary Jane says: and the wedding chest
Mary Jane says: they got bigger
Mary Jane says: but I cant use the full amount of space inside
Mary Jane says: and I have a ton of plates and pies to deal with
Mary Jane says: any way you could look into this so I can display things properly?
Mesanna says: we can look into those
Mesanna says: for a future publish
Mary Jane says: yeah just simple quality of life
Mesanna says: we got it
Mary Jane says: and before I leave I must say
Mary Jane says: Moongoats
Mary Jane says: ty
Mary Jane says: πŸ™‚
Mesanna says: lol
Dokken says: Good evening M’Ladies and Gentlemen, I have only one question pertaining to the NLS
Mesanna says: good evening
Kyronix says: Good eve
Dokken says: I returned to UO a few years ago and have heard alot about the NLS
Mesanna says: what is your question
Dokken says: Mesanna, is there a projected time frame where we will start seeing NLS?
Mesanna says: yes this year
Mesanna says: Did you happen to read the last newsletter?
Mesanna says: we have published a date we want to open NLS
Dokken says: I don’t think i got the last newsletter
Mesanna says: on our Anniversary
Mesanna says: you should sign up for it
Dokken says: i will do that.
Mesanna says: great
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Dokken says: Thank you so much for yout time
Mesanna says: welcome
Kyronix says: Thanks for stopping by!
Mesanna says: greetings
HAPPI says: As we all know the SOT pink scroll scripting is out of control
HAPPI says: Do you guys have any plans to fixing this problem
HAPPI says: And if not. Why not?
Mesanna says: do you know how they are doing it
HAPPI says: lol really? you dont know
Mesanna says: If you do send me an email
Mesanna says: and we will fix it
HAPPI says: slims?
HAPPI says: trade runs
HAPPI says: mesanna
] HAPPI says: really i have sent you plenty of emails
HAPPI says: no reply
Mesanna says: We are aware of this but do not have a specific date
Mesanna says: to publish it out
HAPPI says: ok thanks
HAPPI says: also
HAPPI says: To finish cappadocious question he wants to know if the beard cream will be added to uo store
Mesanna says: no
HAPPI says: ok thanks
Mesanna says: welcome
HAPPI says: have a good one
Mesanna says: good night
Mesanna says: good evening
Lookey Lou says: evening all
Lookey Lou says: first, hintsmaster challenge thing in skara brae
Lookey Lou says: we have to click to get each hunting permit
Lookey Lou says: can that be changed to a vendor like deal where you can grab a number of them?
Kyronix says: we can probably refactor it at the next update
Lookey Lou says: right now, you click, say get permit
Lookey Lou says: hopefully an easy QOL thing
Mesanna says: exactly
Mesanna says: good night
Mesanna says: good evening
Lord Cathal says: hello
Parallax says: Hello
Kyronix says: Ahoy!
Lord Cathal says: so i had a question for pac
Lord Cathal says: why is it that the guild hofd get to run all of the towns
Lord Cathal says: they pull folks in to vote for them from other shards
Lord Cathal says: the guild preety much runs the shard
Lord Cathal says: what can be done if anything
Kyronix says: We’ve heard this concern before, and it’s something we want to address
Kyronix says: We have an issue in our backlog to address it in whichever is the cleanest way possible
Lord Cathal says: i have tried for gov at glow last time
Lord Cathal says: i was x out my fam has quit becaue the harrassment
Lord Cathal says: and the por treatmeny i was recived
Mesanna says: We are sorry this has happened but we also can not tell players how to play their toons
Mesanna says: we can step in if they are being rude or breaking the rules
Lord Cathal says: true
Mesanna says: and this is where our hands are tied for the most part with this situtation
Lord Cathal says: rude is the deal i was ok with not winning
Lord Cathal says: but when there pulling folks from all shards\
Mesanna says: alot seem to do it
Lord Cathal says: camping passing out ingots at town
Mesanna says: maybe we can put in a stay timer
Mesanna says: you have to be here for 30 days but
Lord Cathal says: snot lets anyone have a chance
Mesanna says: honestly that would not stop it either
Mesanna says: If you come up with any solutions please email me
Lord Cathal says: and harrassment?
Mesanna says: and we would love to hear them
Mesanna says: call a GM
Mesanna says: for that
Mesanna says: Have a good evening
Lord Cathal says: yup4
Mesanna says: good evening
Cogniac says: Whoah. That was jarring.
Cogniac says: Hello again.
Mesanna says: hello
Cogniac says: So, first, a quick bug report: Atlantic, Felucca, Moonglow. The teleporter in the center of town that takes you to the south
Cogniac says: if the island is broken.
Cogniac says: Of the island, rather.
Cogniac says: So two actual questions….
Mesanna says: we will look at the teleporters
Cogniac says: 1.) I’ve noticed that you guys have disallowed the selling of things such as apples and cooked birds to NPCs.
Cogniac says: This…might be a problem.
Mesanna says: no you are incorrect
Cogniac says: For example: The provisioner in Luna is now selling apples for 330gp each. Cooked birds are 404gp.
Mesanna says: we have not done that
Kyronix says: Yes?
Cogniac says: Well, then this has suddenly turned into another bug report, then, I suppose.
Mesanna says: golden apples?
Cogniac says: No. Normal apples.
Mesanna says: I was kidding
Kyronix says: Those are fancy birds
Mesanna says: thank you we will look into that also
Cogniac says: Then last part.
Cogniac says: Have you guys ever considered slowly refactoring and migrating UO to a cloud-based microservices architecture?
Mesanna says: no we have not
Cogniac says: Might help with some of the lag issues, which are secretly scaling issues.
Cogniac says: Well, something to think about.
Cogniac says: Thanks.
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Mesanna says: good evening
[Crystal] Beverly Knox says: I’m stuck!
Beverly Knox says: lol
Beverly Knox says: Thank you
Mesanna says: welcome
Beverly Knox says: First good to see Misk here
Beverly Knox says: I collect your black swans
Mesanna says: lol
Beverly Knox says: The EM’s
Beverly Knox says: I play 5 or 6 shards at times
Beverly Knox says: and since JB put in for 2
Beverly Knox says: I wanted to mention EM Echo of Baja
Beverly Knox says: and new EM Kalima of Legends
Beverly Knox says: Echo is great responding to the players and chars
Beverly Knox says: Kalima is working hard
Mesanna says: I will be happy to pass along your compliments to all
Beverly Knox says: and thank you for doing this
Beverly Knox says: Now, Publish 117
Mesanna says: most welcome
Beverly Knox says: Is there a guessimate?
Beverly Knox says: Before or after Easter?
Beverly Knox says: when it will be in production?
Mesanna says: after easter
Beverly Knox says: Thank you very much
Beverly Knox says: Oh…and Rainstormer
Mesanna says: welcome have a good evening
Beverly Knox says: He’s funny
Mesanna says: yes he is
Mesanna says: great guy
Beverly Knox says: Go Moongoats!
Mesanna says: good evening
Luna says: hello!
Luna says: are there any plans to revamp tmaps, sos and fishing?
Mesanna says: not at this time
Luna says: they are hard skills to work up and the reward is minimal
Luna says: πŸ™
Luna says: can you make rune stones stalkable
Kyronix says: We did a major treasure map and SOS update not long ago
Luna says: the loot is not good πŸ™
Mesanna says: we can add it to the wish list
Luna says: one more
Luna says: ok great
Luna says: can you make the pet sells
Luna says: in magincia
Luna says: commission based?
Luna says: its so spendy
Luna says: they are expensive pets
Luna says: and cost tons to sell them
Kyronix says: Probably not going to add the comsision option to the Mag vendors
Kyronix says: There’s limited supply of them so they need to have turnover
Luna says: ok
Luna says: πŸ™
Luna says: ok well thank you
Luna says: πŸ™‚
Luna says: have a good nite
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Kyronix says: Thanks for the questions!
Mesanna says: good evening
Ilyana says: yo
Ilyana says: I am the explosion Potion Master
Ilyana says: why are u making these changes in pub 117
Mesanna says: one moment
Mesanna says: the change was made due to players exploiting the skill
Mesanna says: that is why we are putting it in
Ilyana says: how was it a exploit?
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Ilyana says: what?
Ilyana says: bro
[Crystal] Ilyana says: i waited
Mesanna says: not your bro
Mesanna says: first off
Ilyana says: thoe exposion potions cannot be scripted
Mesanna says: second I answered why we did the change
Ilyana says: sooo peoploe cry that poeple use them with skill
Mesanna says: but they can be exploited
Ilyana says: evaded
Ilyana says: is not exploited
Mesanna says: and if you think I am going to tell you how you are mistaken
Mesanna says: thank you
Ilyana says: also
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Ilyana says: i dont use evade before i use it after
Ilyana says: soo the timer sucks
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Ilyana says: thx, budd have a good one
[Ilyana says: waki is awesome
Ilyana says: dont fix it lets new players be competitive
Mesanna says: good evening
Kyronix says: Hello
Miss Chiff says: Sorry
Mesanna says: do you have a question?
Miss Chiff says: Hello, nice to meet you all. I am a returning player and have a couple of things to address if that is okay? I would love to ask a bunch of questions but I will narrow it down to three semi easy ones. I must admit the burning need to fin
Miss Chiff says: find out what a moongoat is but I have more important things for you! The Town Crier, I really loved this new change! However, when coming back we saw all kinds of great stuff to do and it was all significantly outdated. I wasted a lot
Miss Chiff says: of time and was really frustrated. So my question is this, if it’s not feasible to keep updated can you please remove it?
Kyronix says: If you email us which specific entry you are talking about, we can look at making sure it’s still valid
Kyronix says: But the permanent stuff in the Town Cryer should still be valid
Miss Chiff says: I can do that, but I’m not sure how to email you.
Kyronix says: [email protected]
Mesanna says: [email protected]
Miss Chiff says: Heh, easy enough. Thanks!!
Mesanna says: I will make sure it is written up
Miss Chiff says: Second, I know this is a big ask, but, most of the rewards for things are seriously outdated and a lot of items are really not usable. Would it be possible to update this to make some of the older quests and challenges worthwhile again?
Mesanna says: ok understand if we keep going backwards we can not go forward
Mesanna says: this game is over 20 years old
Mesanna says: and some of this is outdated
Mesanna says: we make the updates we we have time
Mesanna says: suggestions are always read
Mesanna says: email us
Miss Chiff says: Perfectly understandable and I know there is a limited amount of you compared to us. I will email you some thoughts.
Mesanna says: thank you
Miss Chiff says: Lastly, it’s been hard to know where to find information and I heard tonight about posting to the forum, which forum would this be? Are you all still using Stratics? To note, It’s unclear where factions went or what happened but can
Kyronix says: We have an official forum
Mesanna says: no
says: We do not use Stratics
Mesanna says: we do not use stratics
Mesanna says:
Kyronix says: Unfortunately that forum has become very lax with their decorum
Kyronix says: And it has become an echo chamber of endless negativity without an real desire for discussion
Mesanna says: bringing factions back?
Mesanna says: probably not
Mesanna says: it was a busted system
Mesanna says: thank you
Miss Chiff says: Thank you for your time and patience, I know that some of us are more challenging than others. We do appreciate you all taking the time to do this.
Mesanna says: Have a good evening
Kyronix says: Thanks for the great questions!
Mesanna says: you are most welcome
Mesanna says: Good evening
Britt says: Hello!
Britt says: Two questions.
Britt says: One, will there be an event of some sort where you will bring back the Bane Dragons?
Kyronix says: Wildfire Ostard is about as close as we were getting to that
Mesanna says: We have not plans to
Britt says: Ok, second question.
Britt says: Is there any way to have it where guilds can block from tram staling between guild mates?
Britt says: stealing*
Mesanna says: staling?
Mesanna says: ok
[Britt says: Sorry πŸ™‚
Mesanna says: no worries
Mesanna says: we can look at putting in a restriction
Kyronix says: Have you a thief amidst your guild?
Kyronix says: Sounds like some swift justice is called for
Britt says: We have had trouble with it in the past before, not at the moment though.
Britt says: So, to prevent, while getting to know someone, it might be helpful πŸ™‚
Britt says: Just a thought.
Britt says: Thank you for your time, all of you.
Mesanna says: we can look at how difficult that would be and let you guys know
Kyronix says: THanks for playing!
Mesanna says: Have a good evening
Britt says: Good evening!
Kyronix says: Yes?
Mesanna says: good evening
me says: hello
me says: I was wondering is there going to be anything in place of selective banning
Mesanna says: excuse me
Mesanna says: we do not have selective bannings
Mesanna says: have a good evening
Mesanna says: Good evening
Stabitha says: Good evening, will there be a new UO expansion, like TOL or High Seas, SE, ML? (not meaning a scheme like new legacy season)
Mesanna says: no we are not doing expansions
Mesanna says: or anything else at ths time
Mesanna says: this
Stabitha says: Ok, thank you
Mesanna says: good evening
Hammersmith says: hello!
Kyronix says: Hello
Lord Hammersmith says: thank you for doing this today
Mesanna says: of course
Kyronix says: Thanks for coming out and asking questions
Hammersmith says: My first question is will you be continuing the artisan festival
Kyronix says: Yes
Lord Hammersmith says: asking cause i do BODs all year for it
Lord Hammersmith says: awesome!
Lord Hammersmith says: also
Kyronix says: It’s one of our most popular seasonal events
Kyronix says: And we need some fresh rewards for the next batch
Lord Hammersmith says: is there a way possible
Kyronix says: I think we’ve run through the existing set
Lord Hammersmith says: to set up some way to exchange vet rewards?
Mesanna says: no
Lord Hammersmith says: i have some old vet rewards i would like to trade
Lord Hammersmith says: ok
Lord Hammersmith says: thats all i got
Mesanna says: we have talked about it and since players sell them
Lord Hammersmith says: thank you again πŸ™‚
Mesanna says: it is not something we want to get into
Lord Hammersmith says: ok
Mesanna says: thank you though
Mesanna says: night
Mesanna says: That is everyone
Kyronix says: Thanks everyone for attending!
Kyronix says: Have a great night!
Mesanna says: thanks everyone for coming out
Parallax says: Thanks everyone!
Bleak says: Thanks everyone for coming out!
Mesanna says: sign up for the newsletter if you have not