For Meet and Greets

Mesanna says: Good evening

Mesanna says: how is everyone this evening

[Kyronix]: Greetings!

Parallax says: Hello!

Bleak says: Hello

[Mesanna]: shall we get started

[Mesanna]: hello

[Kyronix]: Greetings!

[Mesanna]: Stoner are you there?

[stoner]: sorry sec

[stoner]: okay i emailed my question first beCause of the Complexity

[stoner]: Currently on EC it’s possible for a mage to be near invincible by setting a potion/apple/trapped box etc to target self/last, as

[stoner]: doing this prevents you from losing a held spell (EG Gheal). Is this a bug you’re going to fix?

Bleak says: With the steps to repro we can look at it and get it resolved

[stoner]: they are listed on the bug report on uoforum

[stoner]: full repro

Bleak says: We will take a look. Thanks for the report

[stoner]: link was in the email

[stoner]: okay thank you

[Skett]: hiya

[Mesanna]: good evening

Bleak says: Hello

[Kyronix]: Greetings!

[Skett]: chicken lizards eggs not advancing or bounding

[Kyronix]: Which shard?

[Skett]: pac

[Skett]: eggs stay moist wont grow

[Mesanna]: We will look at it tomorrow to make sure the shard is advancing

Skett: kk tyvm

Mesanna: Greetings

Kyronix: Salutations!

Bleak says: Hello

Amber Witch: Hello! And good even!

Amber Witch: You know how concerned we’ve all been with the lack of communication

Amber Witch: Can we please get monthly news letters again or some kind of commitment in regards to communication?

Amber Witch: I know you all have your hands full but we really need to hear from the Dev team on a regular basis..

Amber Witch: we miss you all

Mesanna: we will see what we can do

Amber Witch: Is the silence the answer to my question? *grins*

Amber Witch: thank you. it would sincerly be appreciate.

Mesanna: good evening

Flapper: Hello Everyone!

Bleak says: Hello

Parallax says: Hello

Kyronix: Good day to you!

Flapper: Looking good tonight

Flapper: Bleak, I love your style.

Bleak says: 🙂

Flapper: There has been a growing problem on the Sonoma shard late at night

Flapper: Young players and large large groups of people

Mesanna: what kind of problem

Flapper: 30+ in the dungeon

Flapper: And I dont think they are all there

Flapper: abusing the young player and multiboxing

Mesanna: send me the dungeon and facet

Flapper: Will do

Flapper: Fandancer

Mesanna: thank you

Flapper: farming splinters

Bereg Strongbow: Hey y’all.

Mesanna: good evening

Parallax says: Hello!

Bereg Strongbow: Just a quick feature request.

Kyronix: Ahoy!

Bereg Strongbow: Could you extend the red leaf functionality to include cartography created maps for RP purposes?

Bereg Strongbow: That way we could seal the map so it is uneditable, pass it around for stories between us with noone accidently overwriting it?

[Mesanna]: we can probably do that

Bereg Strongbow: It’d make a bunch of folks really happy

Bereg Strongbow]: Thanks, looking forward to Alpha starting!

Rav: Good evening!

Mesanna: greetings

Kyronix: Goodmorrow!

Parallax says: Hello!

Rav: I reported a bug in the forums a while ago about Cache treasure maps in a davies locker.

Rav: At GM Cartography, if the coords show as Unknown on a Cache treasure map, when I drop it to my pack it comes out as supply.

Rav] This only happens with Cache treasure maps and I can reproduce it every time.

Rav: Is this something that made your radar?

Bleak says: We will take a look into this

Rav: Thank you!

Rav: That was all I had 😀 Appreciate all your doing

Mesanna: night

Mesanna: greetings

UO Simp: Hi , I’d just like to suggest a few small additions , will do a quick bulletpoint!

UO Simp: A necklace version of Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune, and SC luck wands (currently impossible)

UO Simp: to make or craft

UO Simp: Please add 1166 hue dye for arties/weapons (cloth and hair dye already exist)

UO Simp: Returning player and faction enthusiast, I fully understand that factions have come and gone

UO Simp: but was hoping for a little rememberance, if I could suggest the following.

UO Simp: Faction banners to match their old symbols/primary colors, bat, cross, spellbook, crow. Similiar

UO Simp: Order/Chaos banner vet

UO Simp: “Legacy” dyes and cloth to match primary and secondary faction colors. 1645, 1325, 1254, 1109

UO Simp: 2211, 2125 (SL and Minax secondary are already an obtainable hue)

UO Simp: Lastly, lease make faction horses transferable or vanity and sold in online store ^^

UO Simp: benefit to pvpers to equal playing field

UO Simp: ty for keeping uo alive <3

UO Simp: all I had

Mesanna: greetings

Elizaer: Well that scared me

Elizaer: Hello!

Kyronix: Hullo!

Elizaer: I was curious if the season type system for NL was influenced by the recent uptick in battle pass type games

Elizaer: and, as general as it may be, with new stuff coming out like NL. Where do you see UO going in 5 years

Mesanna: no we are not basing it off battle pass type games

Kyronix: The primary goal with the seasonal play was to provide a fresh start so we can do some exciting and new things to encourage

Kyronix: engagement

Mesanna: UO has lasted for 26 years

Mesanna: I am not worried about UO

Elizaer: Ty all 😀

Elizaer: That was it for me

Mesanna: walk to the teleporter please

Vanecrox Seacreu: Hello, would it be possible to include a button to disable screen shake which comes from EQ spells and some EM event monsters, without disabling all spell effects? It can be headache inducing during events and champ spawns.

Mesanna: ‘what client are you using

Vanecrox Seacreu: EC

Mesanna: we will look at it

Bleak says: I will see what I can do to target just EQ

Mesanna: anything else?

Vanecrox Seacreu: Would it also be possible

Vanecrox Seacreu: to increase the UI scaling to a higher value

Mesanna: I am going to say no at this time

Vanecrox Seacreu: Ok thanks, even at max UI scale it looks small if you use higher resolution

Vanecrox Seacreu: Thanks

Mesanna: most welcome

Mesanna: Greetings

Orenda: Salutations from Origin Shard. Want to thank Mesanna again for her help with our souvenir shop at the Summer Solstice.

Mesanna: lol

Mesanna: it was awesome

Orenda: Would like to ask for a few new guild signs at this years trade missions




Jo says: Will any of the NL content spill over into what we have now so we can look forward to new content as well

Mesanna says: some will but not all

Jo says: okeydoke. Thank you!

Mesanna says: some art is going to stay from there

Mesanna says: good evening

Cookie says: good evening 🙂

Kyronix says: Ahoy!

Cookie says: i am the real cookie

Cookie says: yep, so player 97, i completely agree with him

Cookie says: i have 1 questions

Cookie says: 2

Cookie says: do you have any positive pvp balancing adjustments for pure mages ?

Cookie says: and

Kyronix says: I would refer you to our comments regarding PvP changes earlier

Mesanna says: we just spoke on this topic

Cookie says: can we have better updated pvp reward incentives for harry and VvV ?

Mesanna says: we asked to talk on the forums and come up with action items

Cookie says: ok, you spoke, you said read forums

Cookie says: i asked for a reward –

Cookie says: a spellbook with certain properties on

Cookie says: would you entertain what i asked?

Cookie says: *see if you read the forums you directed me to 🙂

Mesanna says: not at this time no

Mesanna says: we are not looking to add to VvV at this time

Cookie says: ok, understood re vvv

Cookie says: re pure mages, and a spellbook with certain attacking properties

Cookie says: could that be considered?

Kyronix says: Post your wishlist and we can look at it

Cookie says: ok, ill go in sec, any chance of a Harry loot table upgrade ? 🙂

Mesanna says: unless we make sure it would not be a I win button we are not going to commit

Mesanna says: anything else?

Cookie says: nerve strike – is an I win button, yet you allow this ?

Mesanna says: ok thank you

Cookie says: ok guys, and girls, thank you 🙂

Mesanna says: Have a nice evening

Kyronix says: Thanks for you questions!

Mesanna says: greetings

Kukili says: Hail

Kyronix says: Salutations!

Parallax says: hello

Kukili says: I am very

Kukili says: proud beeing here

Kukili says: 2 questions please

Mesanna says: ok

Kukili says: would it be possible to add some filter options on jewelry box

Mesanna says: That has been suggested many times and it is on our task list

Kukili says: ok

Kukili says: and some more hunters challenge rewards would also be nice

Kyronix says: You will be pleased come November!

Mesanna says: Kyronix has some added this year

Kukili says: ok that’s all . Thank you for yur time

Mesanna says: thank you

Kukili says: stay safe

Mesanna says: you also

Mesanna says: Greetings

I play Siege says: plz remove vvv from siege

I play Siege says: and replace it with the faction sigil system

I play Siege says: and put a battleground que system like wow

Kyronix says: Unfortunately that is not possible

I play Siege says: vvv is pointless on siege

I play Siege says: noone evere does it

I play Siege says: it is the dumest idea ever

I play Siege says: you are incapable of fixing it ons?

I play Siege says: no battlegrounds for quickplay pvp either?

Kyronix says: Thanks for your feedback

I play Siege says: feedback

I play Siege says: i didnt give any feedback

I play Siege says: you didnt say anything

Mesanna says: I will give you some

Mesanna says: we can not do that

Mesanna says: so sorry not going to happen

I play Siege says: dang the game was way better before you showed up

Kyronix says: Basked in the love of the audience

Mesanna says: Really I have worked on UO for 24 years

Mesanna says: good evening’

Kyronix says: Hello!

Mesanna says: Hello?

Mesanna says: greetings

Kyronix says: Hello!

Stonedhorn says: i wanted to say the timers are too slow for me

Stonedhorn says: i know the other guy said they were too fast

Stonedhorn says: i disagree

Stonedhorn says: in illshanr sometimes ti can take up to 2 minutes

Mesanna says: we will have to do our own testing on these

Stonedhorn says: for a dead mob to come back. i spend more time waiting then i do fighting in most places on the game

Mesanna says: and make a good decision from that

Stonedhorn says: i also think VVV is not good just sayingh

Mesanna says: thank you for your opinion

Mesanna says: Greetings

Crow says: good evening

Crow says: i got just one question

Mesanna says: ok

Crow says: why is it not possible to prevent and ban bots at the champ spawns in Deceit & Destard. Why can’t the GM’s do anything when they

Mesanna says: Ok listen up everyone

Crow says: Everyone knows it, even the players behind it are mostly known. They make fun of the players who play with honest means. Why are

Mesanna says: The GM’s go and see if they are there if the player ;talks to them they are not macroing

Crow says: Everyone knows it, even the players behind it are mostly known. They make fun of the players who play with honest means. Why are

Mesanna says: if they do not then they are actioned

Mesanna says: simple as that

Crow says: yes…and there a player running full automated rails

Crow says: on same time

Crow says: on different shards

Crow says: legends

Crow says: euro

Crow says: lake austin

Crow says: drach

Mesanna says: page GM’s they will get them

Crow says: no

Crow says: we did

Crow says: alot

Crow says: nothing happen

Mesanna says: that is the purpose of a GM

Mesanna says: page them

Crow says: i think

Crow says: gms

Crow says: are currupt

Mesanna says: thank you have a good evening

Crow says: everybody knows

Mesanna says: they are not currupt

Crow says: you know it

Mesanna says: thats all

Crow says: 😉

Mesanna says: good evening

Vic says: good evening

Vic says: !

Vic says: two pretty simple requestss

Mesanna says: ok?

Vic says: can you please have a look at the drop rate on fishing powerscrolls form fishing quests

Vic says: super super low even for lower point scrolls

Kyronix says: We can evaluate it

Vic says: and last. any consideration for shortening the timer between underwarer boss and corgul

Vic says: thats all

Vic says: thank you

Mesanna says: thank you

uniswap says: Hi everyone ! I got 2 questions the second is personnal to Mesanna

Mesanna says: good evening

uniswap says: There will be a new client come the New Legacy shard ? We mostly everyone have a modern computer. We need modern client.

Mesanna says: no new client

uniswap says: I had purchased a bag containing numerous Britannian ships at a significant price. However,

uniswap says: you removed it from me without clear evidence of them being obtained through an exploit.

uniswap says: There are sellers with thousands in stock, continuing to sell without consequences. Is this unjust?

Mesanna says: If I took it there was a reason, if I do not find people cheating then I can’t do anything

Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: anything else

uniswap says: I bought that bag, Didn’t cheated

uniswap says: So there was no evidence

Mesanna says: have a good evening

Mesanna says: not going over this

Mesanna says: good evening

Spring says: hello

Parallax says: hello

Spring says: i know you guys are busy so thanks for coming here to talk with us

Spring says: do you think there might be a way to let us have more lockdowns? not storage

Mesanna says: I doubt it

Spring says: come on please

Spring says: pretty please

Mesanna says: Talk to Bleak

Mesanna says: convince him

Spring says: please Bleak i have no lockdowns but i do have storage

Spring says: let us just use all our storage for lockdowns

Spring says: everyone is way faster with computers and internet now

Spring says: noone has dialup

Mesanna says: lol

Spring says: he isnt going to answer

Mesanna says: nope

Spring says: well thanks for the wallpaper

Mesanna says: he isn’t

Mesanna says: lol

Spring says: and for all of UO

Mesanna says: thank you

Spring says: and for teh new 100×100 custom plots

Spring says: enjoy

Mesanna says: good evening

Jasmine says: Greetings!

Kyronix says: Hello!

Parallax says: hello

Jasmine says: I’d just like to suggest stronger versions of ki-rins and unis with the upcoming events as a reward

Jasmine says: Even with the taming system they fall a bit behind

Jasmine says: all I have! Thanks for all you do ^^

Mesanna says: thanks

Mesanna says: good evening

Nyre Lars says: Hello and good evening

Kyronix says: Good evening!

Parallax says: hello

Nyre Lars says: I love the EC

Nyre Lars says: however there is one feature that it doesnt have

Nyre Lars says: that the cc has

Nyre Lars says: auto open corpses

Nyre Lars says: is it possible to get this added

Mesanna says: oh we thought you were going to say auto follow

Bleak says: We can look into that

Nyre Lars says: nah

Nyre Lars says: auThank You Bleak

Mesanna says: Anything else?

Nyre Lars says: nope thats all

Mesanna says: have a great evening

Mesanna says: good evening

Test says: Hi hi The new house placement timer change is a burden to honest players.

Test says: anyway to make the timer visable

Mesanna says: we would rather not

Test says: ok also who is the new fella?

Test says: Parallax

Mesanna says: He is the newest Developer

Test says: welcome

Kyronix says: He just wandered in one day

Kyronix says: And we didn’t have the heart to shoo him away

Mesanna says: He has been with us a year

Parallax says: I wandered in and they let me stay

Test says: cool

Test says: welcome

Parallax says: thank you

Mesanna says: and when the hamsters get tired he jumps on the wheel

Mesanna says: good evening

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: Hail thank you for giving time to an old slow blind smith

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: forgive eyesight sucks

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: my intent was to just listen

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: but had something old had to let ourt

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: as said old smith

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: i still harbor angor

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: when stole my most valuable posession

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: back in the day

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: armor had different marks

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: you could tell old smiths from new

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: then nerfed marks

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: my very prised first set of gm valorite armor becqame worthless

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: is there someway we can get something for older marksw

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: second

Kyronix says: Unfortunately there’s no way to tell how old they are

Mesanna says: Sorry there isn’t

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: I miss the old brit forge

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: want to play a crafter again

Kyronix says: Well then you should check out New Legacy when the time comes

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: where rep mattereed

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: i have sign up

Kyronix says: You’ll find a bit of that old school spark reignited

Mesanna says: I will be going thru the pole tomorrow

Mesanna says: and send invites

Mesanna says: and nda’s

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: is there a way to have a temp camp for like battlefield repairs and crafting

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: whe nevents come

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: I like to assist others

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: i thought a difficult to make tinkers wagon

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: or temp forge

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: i prefer to think if i make you stronger I make myself stronger

Kyronix says: Thank you for the feedback

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: and want to help where my eyesight would not allow

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: even thisw gatering a bit much for my eyes

Mesanna says: Is there anything else we can help you with?

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: thank you I am longwinded

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: nay

Kyronix says: I enjoyed the story

Mesanna says: lol thank you

Lord Mordin Rockbiter says: i will carry the pain of loss of my armor til end of uo

Mesanna says: greetings

A PVP GOD says: hi all

Kyronix says: Hello!

A PVP GOD says: i love classic client, any of you prefer classic client?

Mesanna says: I do

A PVP GOD says: yey

Kyronix says: It’s my preferred client from an aesthetic perspective

A PVP GOD says: so i have only mesanna on my team

A PVP GOD says: well

A PVP GOD says: many people like the classic client and graphics

A PVP GOD says: and to play the game in fel

A PVP GOD says: many people feel they have to download orion because of the bugs in your classic client

A PVP GOD says: it’s possible for you to fix some bugs enough so people don’t have to use orion in fel?

Mesanna says: stop

Mesanna says: If you have something specific to say and suggest

A PVP GOD says: yes mainly

Mesanna says: then email us we are not getting into this again

A PVP GOD says: debuff for nerve strike

A PVP GOD says: don’t show in classic client

Mesanna says: talked about it already

A PVP GOD says: its most used debuff lol

A PVP GOD says: oh?

Mesanna says: yes sir

Mesanna says: we have

A PVP GOD says: no i think you no understand

A PVP GOD says: he was saying the nervestrike was overpowered

A PVP GOD says: but the debuff don’t show on your client

A PVP GOD says: its bug

A PVP GOD says: you know buff/debuff?

A PVP GOD says: the icon

A PVP GOD says: its why people can’t play

A PVP GOD says: in fel

Mesanna says: thank you for your opinion

A PVP GOD says: its hard to talk with people who don’t play in fel maybe, there is communication barrier

Mesanna says: watch for a future publish we have nerve strike adjusted

A PVP GOD says: it will display debuff?

Mesanna says: yes

A PVP GOD says: it is broken now

A PVP GOD says: okay good

A PVP GOD says: so we don’t have to use orion then yay

Mesanna says: nope

Mesanna says: thank you

A PVP GOD says: thank you

fffff says: hi

Mesanna says: good evening

Kyronix says: Greetings!

fffff says: people like the colors of turn in event lich wildfire arcglich ect why we cannot unraveal cloth to get cloths same hue

fffff says: it s purely cosmetic

Mesanna says: because we want to keep it special

fffff says: yeah it s only happenning one time

fffff says: will still be special

Mesanna says: we do not want to let it be unraveled

fffff says: ok

Mesanna says: greetings

Corathan says: good evening

Corathan says: just a quick question really

Kyronix says: Hello!

Corathan says: with the return of yet another, treasures of such and such event

Corathan says: are there any plans to do more than just those events and krampus

Corathan says: they kind of grow old after the first round

Mesanna says: We are working hard on getting NLS out to you guys

Corathan says: i understand that, well..i mean i tried to

Mesanna says: so no we are not taking time out of that to do any new holiday events this year

Corathan says: the lack of communication was saddening

Mesanna says: maybe next

Corathan says: ok thank you

Mesanna says: thank you for your feedback

Mesanna says: good evening

Mesanna says: hello?

Mesanna says: You there?

Kyronix says: Hello?

Kyronix says: Perhaps they went to get a sandwhich

Kyronix says: I know I would

Mesanna says: Thank you all for coming out and talking to us

Kyronix says: Thanks everyone for the questions!

Mesanna says: If you signed up for testing watch your email boxes

Bleak says: Thanks everyone for coming!

Kyronix says: Have a great night!

Mesanna says: Good night all

Parallax says: Thanks everyone!