Transcript of the Developer Meet and Greet held on the Catskills shard on 6/1/20 at 7PM EST. UO developers attending were Mesanna, Kyronix, Bleak, and Misk.

Mesanna says: umm hi
EM Roenick says: hi
Kyronix says: Hello!
EM Roenick says: question for you
Shenzin says: Greetings friends
EM Roenick says: I started doing VVV
EM Roenick says: and have been stealing the sigils
EM Roenick says: I noticed in 3 of the cities
EM Roenick says: the sigil will appear and dissapear withing seconds
EM Roenick says: as this might be a glitch
Kyronix says: Would have to provide us those locations
Kyronix says: So we can investigate
EM Roenick says: I can do that, I will send an email
EM Roenick says: and lastly can you kill me =)
EM Roenick says: yes CC
EM Roenick says: thanks for your time
Mesanna says: lol
Mesanna says: jeeze
Mesanna says: go away
Mesanna says: lol

Stephania says: Good evening.
Stephania says: At the 20th anniversary party, you mentioned player event tools. Are these still under consideration?
Mesanna says: no we started with better tools for the EM’s
Mesanna says: so they might be more creative and inventive as to the types of events
Mesanna says: they preform
Stephania says: I see. That is disappointing. Thank you for your time.

Mesanna says: good evening
Anne Nomilly says: *smiles* first, welcome back to Catskills
Anne Nomilly says: *bows*
Mesanna says: thank you
Anne Nomilly says: I have two items and I’ll try to be quick
Mesanna says: ok
Anne Nomilly says: first, the chests near Brit Bank that you can use to get the grass and snow tiles to stack
Anne Nomilly says: they appear to now be locked, if you try to drop anything on them you get a locked message
Kyronix says: That is curious
Anne Nomilly says: *nods*
Mesanna says: we can look into that
Anne Nomilly says: the pouches for the hidden areas are the same, at least one or two I tried
Anne Nomilly says: thank you
Anne Nomilly says: next thing
Anne Nomilly says: First, thank you for turning back on the invasions. *smiles* It’s been fun to play with that again.
Anne Nomilly says: and gather a gazillion death robes
Anne Nomilly says: I’m not asking for anything to be changed with that.
Anne Nomilly says: I know resources are directed elsewhere right now.
Mesanna says: lol with alot of people stuck at home we thought it might be a nice change
Anne Nomilly says: lol oh my yes
Anne Nomilly says: However, there remains the problem from the original invasions
Anne Nomilly says: with people doing the first part of the invasion just to get the spell books, as they are the most sought after drop,
Anne Nomilly says: and then leaving a small group to try to clean up the rest of the town.
Anne Nomilly says: It has been referred to as the “no teamwork 10” (first 10 minutes or so while the mages are up)
Anne Nomilly says: The books only drop on the mages which only spawn once at the beginning
Anne Nomilly says: and then not again.
Anne Nomilly says: I was just wondering if the thought of being able to get spell books in another manner
Anne Nomilly says: other than the invasion was still on the table for some future point.
Kyronix says: In a perfect world the entire drop scheme would have been refactored for this
Anne Nomilly says: aye, but I know you are all busy, I would not ask for that time
Anne Nomilly says: this HAS been fun
Kyronix says: But this was old content that we reactivated which doesn’t adhere to our modern drop schemes
Mesanna says: sorry talking about the spawning of the mages
Anne Nomilly says: *nods*
Kyronix says: So if we were to setup anotehr invasion in the future
Kyronix says: It would follow a “Treasures of…” style event
Kyronix says: Where you accumulate points and then redeem them for phat lootz
Kyronix says: But since this was older content we couldn’t update it
Anne Nomilly says: *nods* ocmpletely understand
Anne Nomilly says: Like I said, just wanted to ask if you could consider the spell books another way at some future point
Anne Nomilly says: and somethign to kill the dern britain dragons wiht *shudders*
Kyronix says: We know the spellbooks are quite desireable, so they are prime suspects for rewarsd for future events
Anne Nomilly says: *smiles* thankyou
Anne Nomilly says: I hope you are all staying safe
Anne Nomilly says: *bows* have a good evening
Mesanna says: we are thank you
Mesanna says: you also

Mesanna says: good evening
Mesanna says: Hello?
Mesanna says: Nails?
Mesanna says: never seen him shy before =P
Nails Warstein says: sorry
Mesanna says: are you back
Nails Warstein says: Kids yelling at me
Mesanna says: me too
Nails Warstein says: I didn’t realize I would be called up soon.
Nails Warstein says: I applaud Mesanna and her stellar team for all the improvements and content you add to the world of Ultima Online.
Nails Warstein says: Thank you very, very much!
Mesanna says: Thank you we appreciate that
Nails Warstein says: You absolutely do listen to the player base, and I know you do your best to address all our needs.
Nails Warstein says: I remember players asking for things 15 years ago, and eventually over time, their requests become a reality.
Nails Warstein says: Often time requests that seem impossible, but are in time made possible
Nails Warstein says: I know the code you write in is a complicated tangle to weave through
Nails Warstein says: I look forward to all the upcoming changes and additions and fixes
Nails Warstein says: I only have one matter I’d like addressed today.
Mesanna says: ok
Nails Warstein says: A common complaint among many people I speak to, and one I experience myself
Nails Warstein says: We often at times feel ourselves unable to fix immediate problems and issues that are beyond the GMs capabilities
Nails Warstein says: Our only recourse is to contact you personally Mesanna.
Nails Warstein says: I think you do your very best to address everyone’s problems who do this and in timely manner that you are able consider EVERYTHING you have going on
Mesanna says: I do not mind if it is necessary
Mesanna says: I just don’t want to be called because someone got a jelly donut instead of a cream one
Nails Warstein says: Indeed, your time is very valuable
Nails Warstein says: We need you to be on the front lines of improving the game instead of handling all the minor cuts and bruises
Nails Warstein says: However there are times you are “our only hope”
Mesanna says: If I can not help I make sure someone that can gets the email
Mesanna says: that is what we do
Mesanna says: we help each other out
Mesanna says: as you can see we all wear many hats
Nails Warstein says: I know you do, we appreciate you and your time.
Mesanna says: we are used to it
Nails Warstein says: However there is a consensus among some that you don’t respond, and you don’t care, but I know you do.
Mesanna says: I don’t if I send it on
Nails Warstein says: I just want you to be aware of it, and wonder if there is something you can do to make sure everyone feels as though they matter.
Mesanna says: ok Nails
Mesanna says: anything else?
Mesanna says: Do you have any other questions?
Nails Warstein says: No, I just wanted people to know you do your best, and we appreciate you, and hope that something more can be done to make players feel they matter.
Nails Warstein says: Thank you again and again.
Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: Greetings
Mesanna says: Hello???
Mesanna says: back
Biggest and Bold says: sorry My Queen
Mesanna says: good evening
Biggest and Bold says: I hope you and the Minions are well
Mesanna says: we are
Biggest and Bold says: please keep them safe
Biggest and Bold says: and locked tightly in a basement
Biggest and Bold says: so they can continue to work
Mesanna says: we are all in the basement
Biggest and Bold says: I was wondering
Biggest and Bold says: are we going to have a Halloween dungeon this year with turn in armor
Kyronix says: If you’ve read the recent newsletters you’ve heard us talk about updated toolsets
Kyronix says: So far we’ve talked about how it’s going to expand the capabilities of EM events
Kyronix says: But one of the other benefits of these tools is it will make it easier to setup persistent events like the Treasures of…
Kyronix says: Dungeons
Biggest and Bold says: i care not how the magic is created I just want a dungeon with goodies
Biggest and Bold says: Thank you
Kyronix says: So we will be using those tools to implement our Halloween dungeon this year
Biggest and Bold says: Also I hope your minion is going to make some more pets for us
Mesanna says: we might in the future
Biggest and Bold says: That is all, Happy for Dungeon and hope for pets
Biggest and Bold says: Thany You my Queen
Mesanna says: stay safe

Mesanna says: good evening
Kat Coral says: Greetings
Kat Coral says: Thanks for the wine racks, I like them.
Mesanna says: lol
Kat Coral says: Now my question is about the shrine wars. and the Fellowship Medallion
Kat Coral says: The quest to get the Fellowship Medallion needs to be turned back on.
Kat Coral says: Reason being they need the Medallion to get in the Well of Soul while trying
Kat Coral says: to get the tabard, we have returning players across several shards that cannot
Kat Coral says: take part of this unless they in a guild that has medallions they can borrow.
Kat Coral says: thank you
Kyronix says: There’s no shortage of medallions
Kyronix says: And they can be used by any player
Kat Coral says: I play across several shards
Kyronix says: I’ve seen many posts about folks who are willing to help new and returning players get access
Kat Coral says: I can only do the well on Sonoma
Kat Coral says: as that is where I have the medallian
Kyronix says: The community is very helpuf in that regard, it’s really wonderful to see
Kat Coral says: and I am not in Guild s there
Kat Coral says: so there is no help for me
Kat Coral says: thank you
Mesanna says: aye being a single player is harder
Mesanna says: thank you

Mesanna says: good evening
gift says: good evening
gift says: just a few questions
Mesanna says: ok
gift says: was wondering if the invasion end date was ever stated or do we still have ample time to do it?
Mesanna says: We were talking mid june
gift says: uhh
Mesanna says: turning this on off but we will advertise it
Mesanna says: and let everyone know
gift says: that’s pretty soon :O
gift says: okay next question
gift says: is oceania and sonoma without a EM now?
gift says: I think xanthus said something about needing a medical break
Mesanna says: No sir
Mesanna says: true
Mesanna says: but he is not out yet
gift says: oh that’s good to hear
Mesanna says: or if he is he has not told mne
Mesanna says: me
gift says: ut oh
gift says: well I guess we’ll find out one way or another
Mesanna says: yes sir
gift says: last question!
gift says: any plans to do surprise visits to play dice with us folk like you did with pacific some year ago? 😀
Mesanna says: I do not have any plans to start that again but you never know
gift says: aww that’s a shame
gift says: have a great evening
Mesanna says: you also

Mesanna says: good evening
Pitr says: qagood evening
Pitr says: thank you for your time
Pitr says: i have two questions and wolfy there has another..
Mesanna says: ok
Pitr says: we have been training new players since… for a while now..
Pitr says: and we have many retirning players
Pitr says: returning
Pitr says: each time they try to get their accounts
Pitr says: it is a long process
Pitr says: any suggestions how to make it simple?
Mesanna says: when you write give all the info that is needed
Mesanna says: remember your secret word
Mesanna says: don’t give others access to your account =)
Mesanna says: email those to suppose
Mesanna says: support
Pitr says: that message will be sent
Mesanna says: and the back and forths are cut down
Pitr says: thank you
Mesanna says: also you have to remember
Mesanna says: things such as items you buy on the Origin store
Mesanna says: there is not alot we can do about it
Mesanna says: we as Broadsword can not get you back your money on a dispute
Mesanna says: you have to go to EA
Mesanna says: unless you want to deal with me
Pitr says: nah i’m retired of disputes…
Mesanna says: and I can give you something of equal value
Mesanna says: and delete your code
Mesanna says: does that make sense?
Pitr says: I will let them know
Pitr says: aye
Mesanna says: like if you buy an expansion
Pitr says: keep it simple, add all info and keep your nose clean…
Mesanna says: and its the wrong one
Mesanna says: we can trade it for you
Mesanna says: and not have to deal with EA
Pitr says: understood
Mesanna says: good
Pitr says: that is a lot of your time..
Pitr says: thank you
Pitr says: second question… from wolfy
Pitr says: pet reset potion
Pitr says: we broke the system…
Pitr says: if players can buy it
Pitr says: you can sell it at 10$
Mesanna says: sorry lost connection
Pitr says: we have at least 3k pets
Mesanna says: We have no plans on doing that at this time
Pitr says: that need resetting
Mesanna says: I won’t say no just not right now
Pitr says: plenty of years
Pitr says: and last
Pitr says: thank you thank you for the new ems
Pitr says: i have been having a lot of fun
Mesanna says: good
Mesanna says: night
Pitr says: thank you for your time
Mesanna says: stay safe

Mesanna says: good evening
Jaden Rain says: First might i say
Jaden Rain says: That is an awesome outfit
Jaden Rain says: Miss Messana
Jaden Rain says: Jealous
Mesanna says: why thank you missy
Mesanna says: lol
Jaden Rain says: Ok
Jaden Rain says: So I was wondering
Jaden Rain says: if
Jaden Rain says: You might consider
Jaden Rain says: once in a great while
Jaden Rain says: coming to Catskills and spend a RP evening with us
Mesanna says: I will consider it sure
Kyronix says: How do you know we haven’t? We could be incognito as a barstool
Jaden Rain says: It would be such an honor
Kyronix says: You would never know
Jaden Rain says: hope you have
Jaden Rain says: and thats all
Mesanna says: I do check in on events
Jaden Rain says: aww
Mesanna says: thank you
Jaden Rain says: we got great EMs
Mesanna says: please stay safe
Jaden Rain says: and Thank you
Mesanna says: yes

Lord Apollo says: First of all thanks for the opportunity to speak with you.
Mesanna says: good evening
Lord Apollo says: my question is a simple one honestly
Lord Apollo says: in the uo store they are an option to placing a code
Lord Apollo says: will they ever be a time we will be able to add time codes?
Mesanna says: codes are added to the account center
Mesanna says: to the account you want it applied to
Lord Apollo says: so it will not take a time code?
Lord Apollo says: correct?
Mesanna says: those are applied thru the account center also
Mesanna says: for the same reason
Lord Apollo says: ok thanks
Mesanna says: your welcome

Mesanna says: good evening
Deraj says: Hello there
Deraj says: I don’t know if you recall this, Kyronix
Kyronix says: Hello!
Deraj says: In March I had made a thread about my concerns about PvM that you responded to
Deraj says: You suggested there was something in the works at the time
Deraj says: I was wondering if you were referring to the upcoming dynamic quest system revamp?
Kyronix says: I would need some context
Kyronix says: To say one way or the other
Deraj says: Well, I’ll try not to ramble too much, but…
Deraj says: I feel very strongly that PvM, perhaps the most fundamental system in this entire game
Deraj says: Is completely broken and unbalanced, leaving 95% of the world and the game’s content without purpose/value.
Kyronix says: I found the thread, part of that is the dynamic stuff we’ve been talking showcasing in the newsletter
Kyronix says: Being able to better tailor content so that isn’t a one size fits all
Deraj says: Ah, okay then
Kyronix says: Since different shards are on different spectra
Kyronix says: We are generally in complete agreement
Kyronix says: But you have to realize the world is also MASSIVE
Kyronix says: So there isn’t a magic wand fix to address those concerns
Kyronix says: But it’s something we evaluate all the time
Deraj says: Indeed it is, and I certainly don’t mean to oversimplify the problem
Deraj says: My problem is that when I sit down and think “I’d like to play some UO, what should I/my guild do?”
Deraj says: I really don’t know what the answer to that question is anymore.
Deraj says: Please bear in mind, I am among the RP community
Deraj says: My group has been active here since 2014, coming up with all manners of ways to play UO
Deraj says: here on Catskills that is
Deraj says: Because characters are so overwhelmingly overpwoered now, that leaves most monsters weak and pointless
Deraj says: Hunting for gold is pointless, hunting for artifacts is pointless
Deraj says: There isn’t a whole lot of challenge in most PvM content except for a few of the high level encounters
Deraj says: There isn’t a whole lot of challenge in most PvM content except for a few of the high level encounters
Deraj says: I don’t really enjoy the content that muchc anymore, to be perfectly honest
Deraj says: So that leaves me with just sitting on your face in an RP tavern
Deraj says: In any case, I do have an actual question
Deraj says: Regarding this new quest systemp revamp
Deraj says: Which I think sounds like an interesting development
Deraj says: I’m wondering if this quest system will have actual multiplayer functionality
Deraj says: Or will it mainly be a single player system
Deraj says: As an example, I:’d like to look at the trade quests
Deraj says: In a past scenario, it was the 20th anniversary I believe
Mesanna says: the system does both
Mesanna says: multi and single depending on which way we go
Mesanna says: this is with the EM’s and Development
Deraj says: You guys had set up those trade quests to have additional attacks
Deraj says: However when my guild attempted to do them together, we found it wasn’t really feasible
Deraj says: Because you can’t share the quests
Deraj says: Ah, so the quest system is mainly concerning EMs?
Mesanna says: no\
Mesanna says: its going to be used for the devs to produce content easier
Mesanna says: and the EM’s to enhance their events also
Deraj says: Ah, okay
Deraj says: It sounds promising
Mesanna says: I think so
Deraj says: I’m only hoping that it if it’s used for future quests – that it will be possible to share quests
Mesanna says: no
Deraj says: Ideally I’d like to be able to participate in future content with my guild without us getting separated
Mesanna says: the system does not recognize that
Mesanna says: but
Mesanna says: we do understand what you are saying
Deraj says: I understand
Deraj says: Well, perhaps that can be a consideration for future development
Deraj says: Getting people to play together is what keeps them here
Mesanna says: right
Mesanna says: we have to do both though
Mesanna says: because of the various styles of play
Deraj says: I understand
Deraj says: Thanks for answering my questions devs, have a good eve.
Mesanna says: stay safe