For Meet and Greets


[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Mesanna]: we will get started in just a moment
[Bleak]: Hello Everyone!
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Parallax]: Hello!
[William]: A few quick questions please
[William]: First, can you please make mysterious fragments from treasure chests stackable?
[William]: And second question…
[Kyronix]: Unfortunately not, sorry
[William]: Can you please create a bottle that we can use a shield transmog potion on?
[Kyronix]: Like an equippable bottle?
[William]: An equipable bottle that is, like the ones currently in the game like a rum bottle for example
[William]: Yes, so we can use a shield transmog potion on a bottle that we can equip.
[Mesanna]: There might be some issues we will have to look into it though
[William]: Ok, and lastly one more question please.
[William]: Can we please get a portal that will allow us to go to different areas of the underworld and abyss?
[Mesanna]: Not at this time
[William]: Ok, thank you so much. Have a great day.
[Mesanna]: you also
[Mesanna]: Hi Stoner
[stoner]: hi
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[stoner]: thank you for fixing the issue i talked about last time
[stoner]: was a very important fix
[stoner]: who was responsible for fixing the eC invinibility bug?
[stoner]: v good job
[Mesanna]: we work as a team
[stoner]: okay so you get to take the Credit haha
[Mesanna]: no
[Mesanna]: my team
[stoner]: normally i ask about bug fix but today i won’t
[stoner]: before we used to use reagents
[stoner]: now we have 100% lRC whiCh is okay
[stoner]: but i think there is some middle ground
[Mesanna]: good topic to email us
[stoner]: if you have 100% lrC, you still need to have tithing points
[stoner]: even though they are not used
[stoner]: so how about you must Carry 1 reg
[stoner]: and it just not be Consumed
[stoner]: to take the game baCk to its roots
[stoner]: its madrake roots
[stoner]: what you think?
[Kyronix]: Probably not going to go back on the 100% LRC ability at this stage in the game
[stoner]: i think maybe you don’t understand the proposal
[stoner]: you just don’t use the reg, but you should need to Carry 1 reg
[Kyronix]: Thanks for the feedback
[stoner]: same as tithing and lower ammo Cost work for quiver
[stoner]: okay
[stoner]: *shrug*
[stoner]: thanks
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Rommy]: greetings
[Parallax]: Hello
[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Rommy]: messanna
[Rommy]: 8 years ago
[Rommy]: we last spoke
[Rommy]: about a marble and sand stone quary
[Rommy]: to mine and make things with marble and sand stone granite
[Rommy]: just currious when this will happen?
[Mesanna]: rofl well I actually do not remember this but not anytime soon
[Rommy]: you said
[Rommy]: you like liked the idea
[Rommy]: and
[Mesanna]: what you want is to undo what we have to go get just those two materials>?
[Rommy]: you said the marble wall carvings would not work
[Mesanna]: Rammy we are not going to do that at this time
[Rommy]: mine the marble and sand stone
[Rommy]: makes tables and benches out of marble and sand stone
[Mesanna]: email your list
[Mesanna]: to me and we will look at it
[Mesanna]: no promises
[Rommy]: is also marble and sand stone costom homes
[Rommy]: can not make walls for
[Mesanna]: that is not happening but you can use colors now
[Rommy]: vary well…
[Rommy]: how about
[Rommy]: a granite dye tub?
[Mesanna]: no
[Rommy]: !
[Rommy]: just give me a small dog and a 4ft6 salami!
[Mesanna]: lol
[Rommy]: remember me now?
[Rommy]: last time you was drinking
[Mesanna]: from that comment yes
[Rommy]: almost killed you
[Rommy]: ok
[Rommy]: i will e mail you a list
[Mesanna]: ok
[Mesanna]: thanks and have a good evening
[Rommy]: you too
[DONTDELETEME]: hey folks!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[DONTDELETEME]: one easy, one hard….
[Mesanna]: 2 is the limit
[DONTDELETEME]: is there a hotkey or macro to dismount in CC?
[Mesanna]: one sec
[DONTDELETEME]: *waves at Bleak*
[Mesanna]: If it isn’t there it should be
[Mesanna]: how about that
[Mesanna]: I thought it was in
[Mesanna]: that is something we can look into
[DONTDELETEME]: now the hard question
[DONTDELETEME]: is there any plan currently to address the longstanding economic issue, IE the existence of plat?
[Kyronix]: Any unwanted platinums can be transferred to me
[Mesanna]: We put in gold sinks when it fits
[Kyronix]: I will keep them safe.
[Mesanna]: we can just take it all and give everyone 6 plat
[Mesanna]: how does that sound?
[DONTDELETEME]: not what i meant, but i understand its a difficult problem
[Mesanna]: I am kidding
[Mesanna]: it is an ongoing issue we all adopted
[Mesanna]: it did not get this way over night
[DONTDELETEME]: i do understand the history of it.
[Mesanna]: and we can’t fix it that fast either
[Mesanna]: if you have any good suggestion please email us
[DONTDELETEME]: OK thank you very much and have a great night all
[Mesanna]: Greetings
[Skett]: hiya
[Skett]: any updates on pvp
[Kyronix]: Yes, we are going through the feedback
[Kyronix]: The discussion has been very helpful
[Skett]: how much longer do you feel uo will last
[Kyronix]: Our plan is to allow that discussion to continue and come up with a plan for actionable implementations
[Kyronix]: Forever
[Skett]: chicken lizard eggs bug eta
(The Farspeaker didn’t pick up the answer to this question. I asked in Chat but no one answered.)
[Skett]: hmm okay tyvm
[Mesanna]: ok
[Robin]: Deco question, wallpaper. Maybe sold like the carpets are? Please., Ty for posters.
[Mesanna]: greetings
[Robin]: hi to new LSem
[Mesanna]: so we have talked about wall paper lately
[Robin]: and u guys
[Robin]: sell like carpets?
[Mesanna]: still look for the best way to do this
[Robin]: ok ty
[Mesanna]: it is an interesting idea
[Robin]: plz plz
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Robin]: byes
[Mesanna]: bye
[Mesanna]: greetings
[mike]: ふぁ
[mike]: おはようございます
[Mesanna]: I am sorry we do not have a translator
[mike]: どなたか通訳してくれるEMさんは・・
[Mesanna]: sorry email me so I can get it translated
[Mesanna]: if its about EM Mercury
[Mesanna]: I am aware of some issues
[Mesanna]: no sorry
[Mesanna]: email me
[mike]: SPM named Talon Strike
[mike]: Can kill Minax
[mike]: its ok?
[mike]: well how can i say
[Mesanna]: we are not aware of this issue
[Mesanna]: we can look at it
[Mesanna]: and see if there is an issue
[Mesanna]: or not
[mike]: k
[mike]: sure
[Mesanna]: anything else
[mike]: its my only Q
[Mesanna]: ok thank you
[mike]: cya^^
[Larsen]: Hello
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Larsen]: The Artisan Festival is mostly done by very few dedicated
[Larsen]: crafters and you have to invest alot of time over the whole year
[Larsen]: if you want to grow every tree. Is there any chance to get some relief for us?
[Larsen]: How about going back to static resources? Or turn down the points needed a bit?
[Larsen]: I wrote down more ideas to give us a little help at least at the forum.
[Kyronix]: If you’d like to create a thread on the forums we can look at the feedback
[Larsen]: already did at beginning of year
[Larsen]: just brought it back
[Kyronix]: We can circle back to it
[Larsen]: have a look
[Larsen]: ok ty
[Luc]: Hello
[Parallax]: Hello
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Luc]: I am want to discuss and issue we had on legends
[Mesanna]: No we are not going to discuss the EM event
[Mesanna]: if that is where you are going
[Luc]: I am not sure if you are aware about the person that stole the event chest and thus ruining the event on Legends.
[Mesanna]: what event chest
[Luc]: I have an idea, that items that are part of the event store lines have timer.. the stolen chest supposely sold for 375p
[Luc]: Sept 19th
[Mesanna]: do you know this person?
[Mesanna]: that has this chest
[Luc]: No, as i said it supposely sold… they are keep things on the DL
[Mesanna]: ok so do you have anything else to add?
[Luc]: i thinking of ways to prevent this from happening in the future
[Mesanna]: Let us take care of that
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Luc]: ok Thank you
[Yeva]: Hello
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Yeva]: I was wondering if we can get an update to the salvage bag and salvage stations to include tinkered items, carpentry items, and eodon items
[Mesanna]: greetings’
[Yeva]: ie the flowered dresses, kilts, etc
[Kyronix]: Since you can’t recycle tinkered or carpentry items, unfortunately not
[Mesanna]: We will not be putting those in
[Mesanna]: what he said
[Yeva]: bummer.
[Kyronix]: There’d be far too many splinters
[Kyronix]: It’s a liability issue sadly
[Yeva]: what about the clothing items from eodon though?
[Kyronix]: That we can look into
[Yeva]: fabulous! thank you!
[Yeva]: that is all from me this evening!
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Robocop]: hello
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Parallax]: Hello
[Robocop]: good evening
[Robocop]: What improvements are you guys working on to combat the massive amount of botters. The test that GMs ask (1+1, name an animal) is not stopping them. Obvious botters are not being stopped no matter how many times they are reported.
[Mesanna]: We know the frustrations on this issue, but understand
[Mesanna]: we would not talk about what we have planned to you guys
[Robocop]: ok thanks, I wish you the best of luck and hope it works
[Mesanna]: me too
[Mesanna]: Hello
[Donald Trump]: THAT IS ALL.
[Mesanna]: wow
[Kyronix]: Bigly.
[Zeldaq of Zed]: I really enjoy the cooking part of the game, any plans to add any new foods?
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Zeldaq of Zed]: hi
[Zeldaq of Zed]: also we need more house space!
[Kyronix]: We may be cooking something up
[Kyronix]: Seeing what kind of sizzling ideas we have
[Mesanna]: we are not thinking about adding any new land
[Zeldaq of Zed]: coool!!
[Kyronix]: Concepts just searing across our imagination
[Mesanna]: lol
[Mesanna]: ahh cheffie
[Mesanna]: don’t tease them
[Zeldaq of Zed]: I wanna make some cool stuff lol
[Zeldaq of Zed]: stuff i want to keep
[Kyronix]: If you don’t have wheat hand harvested from Britannia’s finest fields by the softest hands in the land, provisioner bought is ok
[Zeldaq of Zed]: and I need more room to do that lol
[Zeldaq of Zed]: ok thanks
[Zeldaq of Zed]: have a good night
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Parallax]: Hello
[Queen’s Guard]: hello
[Queen’s Guard]: Townships – are you still accepting applications and is this program still available?
[Mesanna]: ‘none have been done in a long time
[Mesanna]: but I am not against without reason doing them
[Queen’s Guard]: thanbk you
[Queen’s Guard]: Archlich reward artifacts that have been transmogged can not be repaired, is there a fix?
[Mesanna]: we have not put in a fix for that as of yet
[Queen’s Guard]: ok thank you
[Queen’s Guard]: last one
[Queen’s Guard]: actually that is it
[Queen’s Guard]: thank you!
[Mesanna]: lol night
[Mesanna]: greetings
[Okami]: Hello!
[Okami]: I have like, 3 very different questions.
[Mesanna]: short ones
[Okami]: Will the new legacy beta be expanded or start taking applications from experienced testers?
[Mesanna]: from the sign up stone yes
[Mesanna]: where it randomly picks names
[Mesanna]: what is your question
[Okami]: So names are still being chosen?
[Mesanna]: no
[Mesanna]: not for this stage
[Okami]: Ok, will blackthorn’s dungeon ever be repopulated with content?
[Kyronix]: We would update it completely
[Kyronix]: But have no immediate plans to do so
[Mesanna]: anything else
[Okami]: Ok, last question. Is there any plans to revisit the “Event Creation” concept mentioned during the 20th anniversary meetup?
[Okami]: With D&D popular now adays, it seems a good thing to generate content for other players to do
[Mesanna]: we do remember the conversation
[Mesanna]: we do not have time to do it at this time but we think it is a good idea
[Mesanna]: we just have to find time to do it justice
[Okami]: would you be open to emailed suggestion about implementation?
[Okami]: Done sorry
[Mesanna]: we love reading suggestions
[Mesanna]: email me and I will share with the team
[Okami]: Thanks for your time!
[Mesanna]: night
[Hammersmith]: hello!
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Parallax]: Hello
[Hammersmith]: i would like to ask for a couple items to be added to the UO store
[Hammersmith]: one would be like a token to protect your pets when training
[Hammersmith]: so if we screw up a pet it will revert it back to that point
[Hammersmith]: because it really sucks to screw up a blaz cu or something like that
[Mesanna]: We have been against this in the past
[Hammersmith]: ok
[Mesanna]: we put in a planning mode to assist
[Mesanna]: and of course tc1
[Mesanna]: so no we are not going to be making a free retrain
[Mesanna]: so no we are not going to be making a free retrain
[Hammersmith]: second thing is what about adding in an option to buy one extra vet reward
[Hammersmith]: per year of an account age
[Hammersmith]: there are so many nice things to pick
[Hammersmith]: and it would be nice to be able to get a few more
[Mesanna]: lol that is a no also
[Hammersmith]: aww
[Hammersmith]: and parrot costumes
[Hammersmith]: thats all i got
[Hammersmith]: thank you for your time 🙂
[Mesanna]: that is a can of worms I do not want to open
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mary Jane]: Howdy Team
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Mary Jane]: so remember when spamming the combat mastery was all over the place
[Mary Jane]: and in journals
[Mary Jane]: and then yall fixed that
[Mary Jane]: is there a way to add on cc that we can block like chiv spells and such?
[Mary Jane]: I get why you would want it in pvp
[Mary Jane]: but the spam makes it really hard to follow em events
[Mary Jane]: any way you could give us an option to toggle that on and off?
[Mary Jane]: preferrably on cc
[Mesanna]: we will add that to our list
[Harry Potter]: Can you lower the amount of zoogi you need for bag of sending quest, takes so many and not enough on corpses.
[Mesanna]: umm we can look at the rate
[Harry Potter]: when you kill one you get 3 or 4
[Harry Potter]: you need 200 for the quest
[Mesanna]: I said we would look into it
[Harry Potter]: you must kill 7ants
[Mesanna]: risk vs reward
[Mesanna]: we will look at it
[Harry Potter]: ok thank you
[Mesanna]: greetings
[Elladan Faeryn]: Hiyas
[Elladan Faeryn]: May the Ankh neck item be made Imbuable???
[Mesanna]: I am not sure we want to do that
[Elladan Faeryn]: argh
[Mesanna]: we will look at the item and how special it is
[Mesanna]: before we make any decisions on that
[Elladan Faeryn]: Bless You All
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Jirel of Joiry]: hello
[Jirel of Joiry]: I am disgusted at the state of UO
[Kyronix]: *gasp*
[Jirel of Joiry]: I see cheaters and multboxers running rampant
[Jirel of Joiry]: The last event on my shard was disrupted
[Jirel of Joiry]: Which you said we’re not allow to speak aboput
[Jirel of Joiry]: I have played UO since 2001
[Mesanna]: Do you have a question
[Jirel of Joiry]: This is terrible
[Jirel of Joiry]: Please Do something
[Mesanna]: thank you for your input
[Jirel of Joiry]: Ban these miscreants
[Jirel of Joiry]: go after the Rmters
[Jirel of Joiry]: Clean up the scum
[Mesanna]: thank you have a good evening
[Jirel of Joiry]: Make UO resecptable
[Jirel of Joiry]: again please
[Jirel of Joiry]: Thank you
[Jirel of Joiry]: Do I go now?
[Mesanna]: yes please
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Bereg Strongbow]: Good evening!
[Parallax]: Hello!
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Bereg Strongbow]: I very much enjoy the regular updates to the Huntsmaster Champion. And it looks like another one is coming from the recent
[Bereg Strongbow]: newsletter.
[Kyronix]: indeed!
[Bereg Strongbow]: We would love to see similar updates on the roadmap for community collections. The Library, the Vesper Museum, the Moonglow Zoo.
[Bereg Strongbow]: New rewards could be even as simple as new titles and it would get folks filling out the collections again.
[Mesanna]: would be nice to get them a facelift
[Mesanna]: lol
[Bereg Strongbow]: I agree!
[Bereg Strongbow]: Even if that Silver Steed in the zoo got a companion!
[Bereg Strongbow]: That’s more of a suggestion than a question, but I appreciate your time
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Bereg Strongbow]: Thanks
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Cogniac]: Hello!
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Cogniac]: Most here will probably consider my question extremely inside baseball, but…
[Cogniac]: …I was just curious if you guys are still using Wombat for all the backend scripting?
[Cogniac]: Also how it’s holding up over the years, if so.
[Bleak]: Yes, we still use Wombat
[Mesanna]: Yes we use wombat and may I ask who you are
[Cogniac]: Cogniac, obviously.
[Cogniac]: Say so right over my head.
[Mesanna]: ok thank you any thing else
[Kyronix]: *chuckles*
[Cogniac]: Nope. Happy anniversary!
[Epic Lute Gaming]: howdy team
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Parallax]: Hello
[Epic Lute Gaming]: Any idea how long this phase of NL beta will be?
[Mesanna]: couple of months
[Mesanna]: after that we will probably add more
[Epic Lute Gaming]: after that expanding the tester base?
[Mesanna]: and open it up
[Epic Lute Gaming]: ok cool ty and have an epic night
[Mesanna]: yes sir
[Mesanna]: Good evening
[Rain]: Hi good evening!
[Rain]: I will keep it short and sweet 🙂
[Rain]: I was wondering if there was any chance
[Rain]: that we could make the player made baskets engraveable?
[Rain]: I LOVE to use them for gifts and rewards
[Mesanna]: oh that is a good idea
[Rain]: and it would be GREAT to be able to engrave them 🙂
[Kyronix]: You can never have enough baskets
[Rain]: right?
[Rain]: you should see my Moms house
[Mesanna]: its a good idea
[Mesanna]: I like it
[Rain]: thank you 🙂
[Rain]: very much
[Kyronix]: baskets and droopy blankets
[Rain]: i appreciate your time
[Mesanna]: have a good evening
[Rain]: you too
[Mesanna]: evening also
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Corathan]: Hello
[Corathan]: Few quick questions
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[Corathan]: 1. dungeon chests and tmaps
[Corathan]: Could we get a chance for these, when opened, to spawn as say a Mimic mini boss
[Kyronix]: That would be deliciuos
[Corathan]: 2. The old armor sets, any chance these could be made imbuable
[Corathan]: annnd the trickiest question of them all
[Mesanna]: are you talking about the phoenix armor
[Corathan]: no
[Mesanna]: or the ranger armor
[Corathan]: like the assassin armor set
[Mesanna]: we would look into how detailed it is
[Corathan]: ok
[Corathan]: and back to the tricky question
[Mesanna]: not sure how many have those sets
[Corathan]: has the team considered borrowing ideas from other uh, servers…that are best left unmentioned
[Corathan]: like say an aspect idea from a farout land
[Kyronix]: While others have no problem infringing on intellectual property
[Kyronix]: It’s not something we do
[Mesanna]: no we are not doing what other imitation UO servers are doing
[Corathan]: just wanted to know, they do have pretty solid ideas
[Corathan]: have a good night
[Mesanna]: you also
[Mesanna]: good evening
[erfygh]: hola
[Kyronix]: Greetings!
[erfygh]: before working on new legacy you made the em tool more easy
[erfygh]: some em have try to run the spawn where black gate was
[erfygh]: but each time it was amess
[Mesanna]: then the EM should not do it there
[erfygh]: could you fix that ebcause it s a neat idea when the em cant eb there to run a spawn all day for the em event
[Mesanna]: you should talk to the EM
[erfygh]: so people working morning evening can participate
[erfygh]: each time a em have try it it went not repaswning
[erfygh]: respawning
[erfygh]: second quick wuestion
[Mesanna]: yes there are issues and we are not really concentrating on that at this time
[erfygh]: ok
[erfygh]: i went back to the game 6 years ago
[erfygh]: i amnage to make money and bought some glacial weapons on auction they were there for years
[erfygh]: but now people say they are illegal?
[Mesanna]: yes they are
[Mesanna]: if I see them I will remove the hue
[Mesanna]: due to certain colors being exploited
[erfygh]: ok
[Mesanna]: sorry
[erfygh]: the spawn is a good idea work on it :-p
[erfygh]: cya
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Boss]: heya guys
[Kyronix]: Hello!
[Boss]: two quick issues
[Boss]: Gargoyle mannequins are bugged. you cannot ope their paperdoll by double click
[Boss]: you have to use a context menu
[Boss]: can you please fix?
[Mesanna]: we can add it to our to do list
[Boss]: cool
[Boss]: and 2nd
[Boss]: please ban EJ accounts from stealing Doom rares
[Boss]: they use unattended accounts to get everything
[Boss]: ridiculous
[Boss]: that’s all
[Mesanna]: thank you
[Mesanna]: good evening
[Yoma]: evening
[Yoma]: uh I guess two things
[Yoma]: Can you give the Grizzle Mare the same stats as the Paroxy swampy?
[Yoma]: that would be awesome and make it more desirable
[Mesanna]: we can look at it
[Yoma]: ok
[Yoma]: and
[Yoma]: How about a spellbook strap but for talismans?
[Yoma]: or weapons?
[Yoma]: something to keep it organized after death
[Yoma]: please consider!
[Yoma]: have a good night!
[Mesanna]: you also
[Mesanna]: good evening
[SnowWolf]: hiya
[SnowWolf]: first i wanna thank you all for sticking with UO for so long
[SnowWolf]: and keeping the game alive
[Kyronix]: Thank you for sticking with us!
[Mesanna]: Of course
[SnowWolf]: I think the other NL people took all my good questions
[SnowWolf]: and I know you guys probably cant announce the release date but do you have an estimate date for
[SnowWolf]: open beta?
[Mesanna]: Mid next year
[Mesanna]: and of course adding as we go and get more content in
[SnowWolf]: i’m super excited to play it its a way I’ve always wanted to play UO
[SnowWolf]: (seasonally)
[Mesanna]: nice
[Mesanna]: thank you SnowWolf
[SnowWolf]: I used to play on TC so its similiar to that
[SnowWolf]: thanks for your time
[Mesanna]: Thank you all for coming out tonight
[Kyronix]: Now it’s time for refreshments!
[Mesanna]: make sure you get some snacks
[Kyronix]: Yayyy
[Bleak]: Thanks Eveyone!