Stratics is 17! What a milestone! A longstanding community that has seen ups, downs, joys and sorrows since 1997 when first formed. We’ve had a lot of adventures since then – the ownership of the Stratics brand having changed hands a few times being the primary. As it is, we are still here – and we plan to be here for many years to come!

Our most recent owner, Ryan “Ron Bron”, decided to let the community know what’s going on. Rather than bore everyone with words, here is a video of the entire Hangout:

In closing, and for better transparency, there is a new item added to the streaming schedule – every 6 months the Staff of Stratics will hold an official “State of Stratics Address” for the community. There is also the new and public TeamSpeak server ( It is recommended that you download and use TSv3 to access.

As we grow and add more services, this biennial event will help the entire Stratics community (players, developers and game producers) learn what is going on with the eldest of gaming communities on the interwebs. Thanks to everyone who watches, and don’t hesitate to share! Wanna talk about it? Visit our community forums at this thread.