In Jade Dynasty: Regenesis there are many daily quests available to you to earn a great amount of experience. In this highlight I took on The Shura Emperor. This daily quest is only available for those players level 135 and up. Usually done as a group quest because it takes some time to kill, those strong enough can solo it, as you can see in my highlight.

This is just one of the vast array of daily quests that are available in Jade Dynasty, a Free to Play MMO with 3 types of races and many character classes in each. Whether you chose the mighty Minotaur or the Skysong (Which is what my character is) Jade Dynasty offers an enormous array of skills and classes to become the strongest warrior in the land. Not only are there plenty of daily quests to do, but you can also run through the many solo instances offered or fight to the death in several PvP-oriented instances.

This particular daily quest is easier to do on some characters and not so easy on others. As you can see from my highlight, using a Skysong takes quite some time, but if you use another class, such as the Balo, a hard-hitting Axe class with powerful skills, the boss goes down much faster.

Whether you are in a group or running solo, every daily quest in Jade Dynasty gives a good amount of experience points to help you reach your maximum potential. There are enough daily quests to keep you occupied for some time, but still giving you plenty of time to enjoy all the other aspects the game has to offer.


I hope you enjoyed this clip, be on the lookout for more coming soon to Stratics TV!