Greetings everyone! I am Kirthag, the Editor in Chief and VP of Publishing at Stratics. I simply want to let you all know that will soon be migrating into a new format with the rest of the Stratics Community Sites. Although we’ve been rather silent in recent months, our commitment to the players of EVE Online and CCP has not dwindled.

As with any sort of migration, we will have to stop services for a bit. There may be some articles that will require more attention during the migration than others and re-arranging of information will happen. We hate to have any downtime, but it is a necessary evil we cannot avoid. The plan is to have minimal interruption in short windows prior to February 15, 2014.

I want to assure you all that the team here at Stratics is seriously dedicated to ensuring we provide you with relevant content that you can find easily. Nikolaj Vincent, Managing Editor here at, will be the lead for restructuring the guides and statistics while our editorial team will be concentrating on news related to EVE.

As more information becomes available, and we settle on the migration schedule, we will let everyone know. Please take the time and “like” our Facebook Page, or discuss on our forum.