In just 2 days, CCP Games will release the next Summer Expansion on Tranquility Server, which adress the Industry aspect of EVE Online (effectively reducing the ‘spreadsheets-in-space’).

The changes will effect Industry, Research, Manufacturing and a slew of other tweaks and fixes, like opt-out of fleet warp, station sounds for busy and not-so-busy stations and are also expected to change a little bit how the Rorqual ship is used in fleets.

A lot of changes will come, as you can hear about in the video, and more on EVE Stratics.



Go on to read more about the expansion, on EVE Stratics!

We’ve taken a look at the vidoes from the Industry Panel during their latest Fan Fest event, held in Iceland – and cherry picked some of the interesting responses. If you don’t want to view a 40 minute video, you’re welcome to read the extract!

Also upcoming to EVE Online will be the next version of the Alliance Tournament, an E-sport tournament for players wanting to cash out some dough. Last time the event was held, a cash out bonus of 10,000 USD to the wining team was announced, so there is a lot of interest in “winning EVE”.

Other news in EVE Online contains lots of explosions, clandestine betrayal, knife-stabbing and more!

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