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In a recent developer blog, CCP Zulu – the senior producer of CCP games mentions that the team intends to continue with the Incursion Expansion, releasing each portion in smaller chunks of code than the traditional “One Expansion, One package” deal that they have done in previous years.

This procedure is not new or unknown. As it was mentioned earlier 3 parts has allready been released since the first part and the latest introduced even more bugfixes and changes. However, it was beleived that the latest release would be the last as per announced.

It will be interesting to see if the team will from now on focus on smaller updates instead of larger expansions as some other games has also transitioned to. The usual result of this release method of new content is that players tend to complain over the lack of “Expansions”. The benefit is that the team can handle smaller changes more fluently and make adjustments on the fly. What are your thoughts about the change in procedure?

Read the full developer blog and see whats coming on February 15th, right here …

It’s now closing in on two and a half months since we started rolling out the EVE Online: Incursion expansion in various neatly wrapped packages. Since then so much has happened that it’s hard to remember it all. We began by deploying a significant amount of small fixes and changes, many of which were advocated directly by the CSM. We removed the learning skills from the game and reimbursed players the skillpoints they’d invested. The holiday gift ship (Echelon) rolled out of factories and into player hangars, planetary interaction got some love in reducing its potential to induce carpal tunnel syndrome and in adding a depletion mechanic and there were several improvements to the UI and long-awaited balancing changes. We also improved the performance of fleet fights on our path ever upwards!

And then we changed the faces of EVE with the new character creator . And then we killed everyone with Sansha’s Nation. And you reshipped and fought back.

It’s been a wild ride and we believe that it’s been a successful evolution of our deployment model and rollout strategy. At least our new PCU record of 63.170 leads us to believe that you, our players, are happy with the content and delivery of what we’ve been doing.

The best part is that Incursion isn’t over. We’ve still got tons of changes and at least three more planned point releases for Incursion with the possibility of more stuff added in between them. First, on Tuesday, there’s the changes outlined in CCP Soundwave’s recent blog–a potent mix of quality of life changes that should bring something for everyone. Then the long-awaited switch from our old, admittedly dated forums to EVE Gate with all kinds of new functionality. The Incursion voyage means even more “little fixes” from Team BFF in the future, adjustments to the character creator and also some sizeable database steroid injections. Fixes and faces and uberhamsters oh my.

We’re going to continue on this path of more, smaller and more evenly distributed deployments in the future now that we have the ability to do so and it seemed quite well received by you all. Over the coming weeks and months, our dev teams will add meaningful content and fixes to EVE and we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed on all the upcoming face-meltitude that they entail.

But wait there’s more! We’ve been discussing the Incarna project’s rollout plans and integration into EVE with the CSM since mid-last year and we’re happy to say that we’re coming to a place where we can begin dialogue about actual features and gameplay that’s been in development. We’ll kick it off with a blog from the team working on captains quarters next week that should lead quite nicely into several presentations at Fanfest.

Fly safe this weekend.

CCP Zulu

Senior Producer for EVE Online

Incursion 1.2 – Scheduled release, February 15th

  • A new right-click menu item has been added to the route label in space, so it is now possible to clear all waypoints without opening the Starmap.
  • The ‘Autopilot’ tab in the Starmap now has drag and drop functionality for sorting waypoints.
  • To safeguard against accidental removal of needed agents, a new confirmation message has been added which pops up when players attempt to remove one.
  • Priority modification in Overview settings now has drag and drop functionality.
  • Say “Cheese!” It is now again possible to capture portraits of characters in-game.
  • You can now drag and drop items into closed containers without having to open them first.
  • Your assets list can now be sorted by number of jumps so that you can easily view your proximity to locally stored assets.
  • Market orders in player-owned outposts will now display the system name as well as the station name on the order.
  • The state of your sell window (normal/advanced) will persist (remember your last used setting) on a character basis.
  • When moving your active clone to another station, the list of possible destinations will contain the region and security status.
  • When buying a new clone, options with insufficient skillpoints will be grayed out as a warning.
  • Remote authorization has been added, allowing players to dispose of unwanted or unneeded jumpclones directly from the character sheet.

Incursion 1.3

  • An integrated series of inventory optimizations (More Carbon Tech?!)

There is no doubt that the Carbon engine has alot of potential, but in which cases would it be overkill to use it?

Clearing All Waypoints from Space
A new right-click menu item has been added to the route label in space, so it is now possible to clear all waypoints without opening the Starmap.