Last night I went out and took some video inside the various new instances.  I was just running around solo, so I couldn’t get too far – plus many of the areas are gated by killing certain mobs.  So far these are all very distinct areas and not only have different looks to them but certainly will have different strategies needed.  I’m going to try to grab some folks and run these in groups, but wanted to give people some idea of what these areas look like.

North Cotton Farms – 3-person instance (Oatbarton)

[youtube 3LxhXPquatk]

Stoneheight 3-person instance (North Downs)

[youtube xx4fRmaiW0w]

Glacier Fortress full fellowship instance (Forochel)

[youtube 2YsU8To2PXE]

Lost Temple full fellowship instance (Trollshaws)

[youtube 45QqEe9TqY8]

Ost Dunhoth raid instance (Enedwaith)

[youtube tf6jIhAg58g]