We are currently half way through Alliance Tournament 9 and already have some of our finalists. This post will updated at the end of the day with more news on the matches so check back often.

Remember, there are prizes up for grabs for predicting the right results. To see a list of matches which count towards these prizes, please click here.


Now on to a review of today’s matches. Firstly, lets start with the fight between Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED. In a rather alarming turn of events, Pandemic Legion who’ve won Alliance Tournament for the past 3 years, have lost to HYDRA RELOADED. Both teams fielded loadouts that we saw them field last year so it will be very interesting to see what they field tomorrow. It did seem as if HYRDRA had been very dishonourable during the match when they took 120mill from Pandemic Legion in return for HYDRA self-destructing but upon receiving the money, killed off the last Pandemic Legion ship none the less. Word is however, HYDRA returned the money later on, regaining their honour. Maybe a bit of showing off going on before what will undoubtedly be an epic battle tomorrow if these two face each other with different, new and much better setups.

Pandemic Legion, due to their lose to HYDRA will now have to face DarkSide tomorrow who are known to be very competitive so whether Pandemic will win the Alliance Tournament for the forth time in a row is still unclear. They have a tough fight ahead of them.

Another alliance who pulled a little something special was Perihelion Alliance in their match against Sev3rance and are definitely one to watch tomorrow when they go up against The Kadeshi in the opening match.

Anyone else find Shadoo to be absolutely hilarious? It would be great to have him as a permanent commentator for CCP, and I hope others feel the same. Also, what has been your favourite fight today? Leave a comment to let me know.


Voltron who came 3rd place last year easily won their match against Ronin, even if they did spend the last two minutes chasing the last Ronin ship around the boundary. Voltron will be facing BANE tomorrow.

POWER OF TWO destroyed Aggravated Assault in their match, killing one of their Cyclone’s within seconds. It wasn’t long before the rest of Aggravated Assault was finished off, with POWER OF TWO fielding a kite team, featuring Tengus. As Orakkus mentioned in a previous post, Tengus have become popular in the Alliance Tournament recently. POWER OF TWO will be facing Black Legion tomorrow.

In a very tense and close fight, SOLAR FLEET defeated RVB. It went to time with RVB on 66 points, and SOLAR FLEET on 68 points. Had RVB managed to just gain a few more points they would of gone through to tomorrow. Commiserations to RVB, better luck next time. SOLAR FLEET will take on RAZOR Alliance

Razor Alliance and Outbreak both seemed to be working together in their fight to make sure they both get through. After leaving Razor Alliance with just 3 Cyclones alive, Outbreak went ahead and self-destructed, giving the win to Razor Alliance.