Originally by Speranza
When ever a new pod pilot comes to me curious about how to make his fortune I usually send them in two directions. The first one is the official forums but that tends to be dry boring and patrolled by trolls. The second place I send them is the market. I send them there specifically with a link to one of the best Hi-Slot items to hit New Eden. Salvager I. This might tool can turn the the average missioner, ratter, or miner into an ISK wielding beast.

Andrew Wallace from MMOrpg.com has written a wonderful guide on how to salvage, and then you too can tell your wife, “Lucille, God gave me a gift. I salvage well. I salvage very well.”(Quote mangled from Mystery Men)


“Salvagers are the carrion-eaters of New Eden; they drift through the stellar battlefields, picking at the wreckage of NPCs and players alike. The salvaged components, from smashed trigger units to contaminated nanite compounds, are the key materials for rigs that can be permanently fitted to a ship in order to further increase its capabilities. So, how does one go about it?”

Link : EVE Correspondent – Salvaging Guide