So it looks like Dust14 is nearing completion and the joints have been connected at the hips.

DUST514 is now connected to the EVE Online server: Tranquility – which is the only live game server.

How to play?

Download the client in either of two versions from the Playstation Network (shop):

  • Mercenary Edition  is available for the price of ~200DKK/~25EUR/~40USD
  • Free Open Beta Edition is only available for  Playstation Plus subscribers, which cost ~115DKK/~15EUR/~23USD for 3 months or 375DKK/~50EUR/~75USD for a full year.

Since you have to pay either way for acces to the client, I would advise getting the Merc edition. It is at this point unclear whether or not the future will change the price on the client.