CCP Diagoras has compiled a list for your enjoyment. This time around – there were no less than 72 applicants and out of those, only 1 of the accepted nominations included a female.

Look! Look at the female! *points*

More and other interesting facts about the CSM is included in the blog so be sure to take a peak.


The candidacy application period finished last week, and after reviewing and contacting all candidates, we are now ready to release the official candidate listing for the sixth Council of Stellar Management elections.

  • We received 72 applications.
  • We accepted 57 applications.
  • We rejected 15 applications as they did not meet the criteria for eligibility or chose to withdraw their application.

Of the accepted applications:

  • 56 candidates are male and one is female.
  • The oldest candidate will be 54 and 5 months old as of April 6th, 2011. The youngest will be 22 years and 3 months. The average candidate age will be 32 years and 6 months.
  • Candidates from 12 different countries are running.
  • Four candidates are former full CSM members. Two are former alternates.
  • There are candidates from 35 different alliances.
  • 12 candidates are not in an alliance.

So, here is the part we know many of you have been waiting for, the full candidate list! Please note that the alliances listed are correct as of Tuesday, March 1st and the alliance membership of characters is of course subject to change:

Real Name Character Alliance Country
William Lee Berryhill Agondray VOID Intergalactic Forces United States
Adrien Sicart Alsyth None France
Jef Keunen Arden Elenduil Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service Belgium
H R Karnes Aureleos Wildly Inappropriate. United States
Brian Haines Avalloc None United States
Jeff Milius Bean Achilles None United States
Matthias Lanuschny Bruce Blacky None Netherlands
Vincent Pendleton Butch Leupold None United States
Jordy Wille Cyerus Eternal Strife Netherlands
Joseph Ward Morris Darius III BricK sQuAD. United States
David Norell davidnorell Saints Amongst Sinners United States
Royce Neely Domania K162 United States
Robert Weatherly Draco Llasa RAZOR Alliance United States
Per Stengård Dreipniir The Kadeshi Sweden
Peter Farrell Elise Randolph Pandemic Legion United States
Christopher Pearson Eve Truth None United Kingdom
Pierre “Silver” Quettier Gehen Sealbreaker None France
C. Edward Wallard General Windypops En Garde United Kingdom
Iain Compton Helen Highwater Goonswarm Federation Germany
Tim Elder Imigo Montoya Wildly Inappropriate. New Zealand
Michele Boland Issler Dainze The Honda Accord United States
Shay McAulay Jonathon Silence None New Zealand
Michael Dillon Kalrand Goonswarm Federation United States
Tim Pluples Killer2 Morsus Mihi Australia
Mikhail Andreevich Margulev Krutoj Legion of xXDEATHXx New Zealand
Stephen Edwards K’Smith’Y Blazing Angels Alliance New Zealand
Jarno Moleveld Kumi Katana None Netherlands
Brian Charles McKinley lokiish Test Alliance Please Ignore United States
Christian Reutter LuciferPhil Ewoks Germany
Orlando Javier Morales Madcat144 None United States
Robert Stettler Manalapan General Tso’s Alliance United States
Stephan Pirson Meissa Anunthiel Rooks and Kings Belgium
Matthew Taylor MezriDax OWN Alliance United States
Mike Dawe Mike Azariah None Canada
Lars Lund Thomsen Miogarsormr The Babylon Consortium Denmark
Javier Garcon MJJackson Fire Ice and Steel United States
Rene de Vrind Ms PacMan Deadly Insidious Experts Netherlands
Peter Petermann Peter Powers Raiden. Germany
Adrian Mugnieco Prometheus Exenthal Pandemic Legion Canada
Stephen Burchill RaptorXL Joint Alliance Blue Canada
Ross Glenn Ripard Teg Get Off My Lawn United States
Marcus Dickinson Roc Wieler Ushra’Khan Canada
Mark Heard Seleene Cascade Imminent United States
Paul Oosterman Serious Internet Politician None New Zealand
Joe Phillips Sir HappyPants En Garde United States
Tim Heusschen Sokratesz Northern Coalition. Netherlands
Matthew McEachern Straight Hustlin Against ALL Authorities United States
Wilberto Flores Strikercity 31st Reliables Division United States
Robbie Strauch Tallus Meridius Wildly Inappropriate. United States
Elliot Schultz Tarannus Sodalitas XX United States
Alexander Gianturco The Mittani Goonswarm Federation United States
Aaron M Pollyea Tinak Genry R.A.G.E United States
Robert Woodhead Trebor Daehdoow Initiative Mercenaries United States
Joshua Goldshlag Two step K162 United States
Mikhail Romanchenko UAxDEATH Legion of xXDEATHXx United States
Sean Smith Vile rat Goonswarm Federation Canada
Ross Andrew McDermott White Tree Test Alliance Please Ignore Ireland