Skillpoint Progression and advances

Skill Progression in Dust514 is based on two factors – passive and active skill gain. While passive is slowly accumulated over time, active is generated while in combat.


Passive Skill gain

Just as with EVE – the skill progression in Dust514 is a time based adventure based on attributes. Since we currently cannot change attributes, this is a generic number and can only be boosted by purchasing a passive skill booster in the shop.


Active skill gain

Active skill gain is known from other games, which tend to cause people to adhere to AFK macro mechanics to make sure they maximize skill progression while not playing.

As this is not currently possible with Dust514 being on the PS3, all you need to know is that when you play – you get more skillpoints. As with the passive skill boost, this can also be enhanced through the shop by buying boosters.

In the beginning, you will gain 2-6,000 skill points per battle and roughly 80-150,000 ISK.


Investing skillpoints accrued

Unlike the way things work in EVE Online, you will need to actively invest your accrued (passive+active) skill points into skill advances thus raising each skill on a skill-by-skill basis from rank 1 to 5.

As things are currently, you will usually unlock new items at rank 1, 3 and 5 (being standard, advanced and prototype) unless you are raisin your core skills from 1 to 5.


Core skills relate to bonuses that are applying to your fitting abilities and dropsuit or vehicle stats:

  • Armor amount
  • Shield Amount
  • Shield Recharge Rate
  • CPU
  • Powergrid

Secondly, it would also apply to your scan abilities, hacking, movement, endurance etc.

In other words, core skills are not specific to only one thing but will apply in most situations you encounter.