Please note this is just one section of a much bigger and better guide to helping new and experienced players in EVE online. We’re trying to get all the guides done via video so it takes a while longer to complete the guide.



EVE online is notorious for it’s steep learning curve due to the depth and complexity found in the game. Even the most experienced gamers such as myself find it difficult to get their head round the game to start with. Whilst other MMOs restrict you to certain classes, and have levels, which dictates your game, there’s none of that in EVE online. Whether it be pirating, mining, being a bounty hunter and everything in between, there is always something to do in EVE.

Recently, CCP has been making a real effort to make the game a lot more user friendly and get rid of the steep learning curve, without removing from the complexity of the game. To start with, there are introductory missions which take you through piloting your ship, to making ISK, mining, agent missions, character sheet and more. Nearly everything has a help button too.

This guide aims to help you just a little bit more on top of the introductory tutorials so you can successfully conquer that steep learning curve and get you enjoying the game quicker. Due to EVE being a massive game, there are going to be a lot of things not covered in this guide, but the people of EVE are always happy to help. You can use the forums at or the official forums at You can also use in-game channels.


This part of the guide has been turned in to a video tutorial for your pleasure. To view it, please follow this link.

The video will take you through the different races, and everything there is to the character creation screen.


Upon successful character completion, you are thrown in to the deep end with nothing but you and your rookie ship. Luckily, a chat window will pop up and this is the beginning of the introductory missions. Listen carefully to the guide and you should have no problem at all piloting your way through space and completing agent missions.

Having completed the two missions, The Endless Battle (1 of 2) and Encryption Code Book (2 of 2), you should be in a dock with the career agents. If you aren’t hit F12, click ‘Show Career Agents’, set destination, undock and autopilot to where they are. Remember right-click is your friend and it will list all stations in your area so after coming out a warp-gate, right-click, find your station and click on it to fly there. Now you’re with your Career Agents, you will notice when speaking to them individually that each of them focus on a separate area; military, industry, exploration, advanced military and business are your choices. Depending on what you want to do, follow their missions and you will learn a great deal about your chosen area. I think I personally chose Business. You don’t have to go with military if you don’t want to. You can come back and do more once you’ve finished with your one career agent, however you can just keep going, and going, and going. You can also just get on with it yourself after a few missions. You’re not obliged to carry on.


The introductory missions will take you to an agent and completing their missions is part of it, however I will talk about it in more depth here. Firstly, agents have levels ranging from 1 to 5. 1 is the easiest, whilst 5 is the hardest. The rewards from missions increase as the levels rise. You will also notice a quality scale next to the agent. This is another factor which determines your reward. You will also get a bonus for completing the missions within a certain timeframe. These are very nice indeed for building up your ISK.

You do not by any means have to do just missions from agents. You are free to do what you. Each agent has a different mission and not all missions are killing NPC ships. Depending on what dock you’re at, changes what the agent is likely to give you.


– Right click is your friend. Everything, or almost everything can be right-clicked to have more options shown for it. When in doubt, right-click.

– Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose. The only exception is at the start when you don’t have many ships, and are in high sec. Always consider putting insurance on your ship if you can afford it as it will be helpful when you get blown up – Yes, you will at one time or another, lose your ship.

– If by chance you find an agent mission which is for a suicide run. They will give you a ship so insure that baby to platinum level and make sure to take the right ship! We won’t tell CONCORD about your insurance scam if you don’t 😉

– When buying from the market, ALWAYS check where the item is located as you have to fly there to retrieve it. One too many times have I bought something quickly and then had to fly for half an hour to get it.


– There’s only one server. Yes that’s right, no separate realms, just one big universe with about 20,000 to 40,000 people playing on it at one time, on average.


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