Let’s see, who am I? In EVE, I’m Haddasha Rhindon, capsuleer. In real life I’m the Stratics EVE person – it’s my job to provide content for Stratics’s EVE site and moderate the forum. (I’ve already seen names that I recognize from my UO days!)

I’ve been working on site content for a couple of weeks now and I have several projects in the pipeline (storyline/mission guides, item database, some fiction, etc). I thought I’d start a blog as well because I want to talk about my experiences in the game and share my thoughts and impressions – and I hope that you’ll share yours with me. I’d also like to talk a bit about what I have planned for EVE Stratics, and get your input on that, too.

EVE has a reputation for being a rather hardcore PvP-oriented game, and it is. But I’ve been pleased to see that it’s a lot more than that. When I did the new player tutorials and found that explorer/archeologist is a career option, I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement. I could travel around space, do a bit of salvaging, a little hacking, explore some ruins, and make some money. A space nerd’s dream come true!

I’ve played a lot of MMOs, but I’ve put the most hours into UO and WoW. In both those games I’ve been quite involved in RP, both as a player and as an event planner. I’d love to do some EVE RP, so that’s on my list. Aso on my list is learning not to suck at PvP. *sigh*

Right now I’m doing a lot of missions to build up my skills and bank account, though. It seems like just when I think I’m getting hang of things I find something else in the game that I didn’t know existed. I love knowing that there is a lot to learn.

So those are my thoughts and current goals in EVE. What about this site? I am working on some content with an eye towards helping people overcome EVE’s notorious learning curve. I’ve put up a Rookie Pilot’s Guide, and I’ll be adding to that as well as posting more guides and information. I’ve also been trying to find interesting news items to share with you – without flooding the front page with stuff I think is cool.

I’m very enthusiatic about EVE and Stratics, and I’d love to hear what you all think! If you have any ideas about the site, any locations or screenshots in the game that you’d like to share, speak up. Want to meet up in low-sec and show me how not to die in the first two seconds of battle? Just name the date.