First thing’s first, since I know its what you all came here for:

Click Here to download Skada for 18566

Now, stick around because we have much more to discuss. Obviously, skada allows you to view and track everything the combat logging discussed last week does but in game. This is probably pretty important for a lot of people, but hopefully it allows you to see the long term goal and realize that the things I have been talking about for 2 prediction posts now are actually coming true.

With the allowance of addons, those who develop them are already hard at work making stable usable versions of our favorites. Skada was the first to happen, but I assume I type others are following suite.

This couldn’t have come at a better time either, as alongside Addons, we have 3 heroic five mans to test! If you hadn’t read previously, I predicted Heroics testable this week, using the Flasks/Enchants + teleport guy as a precursor. I assumed it was to access dungeons we haven’t had access to, but its for an even more important reason.

Ion recently confirmed their usage by explaining that we can NOT queue for the heroics, likely because of the proving grounds requirement. In order to test them, we need to form a group, then use the NPC to take us there immediately. This further elaborates to what I was hypothesizing on with Challenge Mode testing, and allows us to throw speculation to the wind on what this man’s usefulness is.

Honestly, I understand why people may still doubt, but everything that I have logically presented has happened along a reasonable timeline. I think this proves we are really close to raid testing. All the beta keys + addons + Heroic dungeon testing and portals there + enchants and gems.

Its huge, frankly. Hard to ignore. The one piece of the puzzle still missing is actual PVE gear for the level 100s. This will likely be something that comes in quite late, and maybe even after raid testing begins. Regardless of its timeframe for introduction, I believe it is clear we are well on our way. The beta is in full force now, there are hundreds of thousands of people invited and testing, and real change is coming.

There has been so much improved on since this time last month that its hard to even qualitatively estimate, but at first glance it certainly would appear they are pressing for that release.

Even Bashiok agrees!