Possible meanings of the word

Ram, Seamonster, kind of mussel (or clam), kind of ship, part of an irrigation system, volute on the Corinthian capital, twisted like a ram’s horn.

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Crius is in Greek Mythology one of the twelve Titans (2nd generation). He’s said to be, son of Uranus (Father Sky, rain/water) and Gaia (Mother Earth). God of Heavenly Constellations and measurer of Years.

What are they hoping to achieve?

Crius will adress Industry related topics, such as invention, manufacturing, research etc. on a wide level and the changes will ripple through the universe. Everyone will be affected as these changes also will have impact on how much you pay for ships, modules, ammo etc. and even more so for any Industrialists through the UI and mechanic changes.

Many of the improvements adress the time and complexity to set up production jobs, but also there will be UI changes to help new players into the trade.

The part of EVE that effectively is “spreadsheets-in-space” will be a little bit less so, after July 22nd 2014.








Headlines on Crius

Release date: July 22nd 2014.


Add-ons (non-release specific)


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CCP Nullabor

Removal of Slots, transition to a more accessible system (build whatever you like wherever you like) and more intuitive and immersive UI.

Removal or simplification of ‘Bad complexity’ (extra materials, wastage, ability to research blueprints beyond their optimal levels etc).

Essense of industry: very interesting problem solving (ie. what should I be building, where should I build it etc.)

UI to be completely reworked, bringing the immediate feedback up to the surface – such as “which skills affect this” via mouseovers.

Installation of repeat jobs will be less click intensive via cookie-similar mechanics (ie. the system can remember previous settings).

End result should be a system / UI that is more accessible and discoverable for new players, and more efficient for industry veterans.

Everything Industry related will receive balance pass: reprossing, refining, decompression, Starbase Structures used to manufacture, blueprint material requirements, copy/research times and how invention works.

More rebalancing work in the pipeline (as per usual with new changes).


CCP Tuxford

Worker teams which can affect different settings (time, cost, specific types of items etc.) these are purchased via in-game auctions and can have system-wide effects.

Changes to reprocessing with a new UI and a different reprocessing structure (likely removal as a profession, see industry panel video)
[youtube id=”WTTyMhSKY9E” width=”600″ height=”350″]


  • On reprocessing changes: Modules have uses, rather than work as a source of minerals (as they want this to come from Miners).
  • Rorqual to have more of a fleet role.
  • Compression to be left in High-sec for now.
  • Before tweaking cargo capacity of Transport Ships (ie. on low-sec mining roles), they’ll see how it goes.
  • UI to allow for instantanous profit/loss calculation based on market prices.
  • Module rebalance should effect module worth and retain value to allow for a non-change to mission runners income. The intention is not to goad new players into mission running, but to show that it can be a viable alternative to everything else.
  • Blueprint worth likely to decay with the changes and they will try to find a way to compensate.
  • Cargo Capacity on POS manufacturing modules to increase, ongoing CSM discussion.
  • Hoping to (over time) effect the way that standings are calculated to not be combat exclusive, but also industry inclusive.
  • “Anchoring IV” as requirement to “Starbase Defense Management” was acknowledged as a good idea – in the sense that they are aware that POS defense mechanics in general is not great.
  • The team is playing with the idea of a low-sec exclusive  “Component Assembly Array” with a big ME bonus to alleviate some of the low-sec capital construction issues.
  • Starbase charters to remain as is as there are alternatives to mission running as an ISK producing activity (to purchase on market).
  • Suggestion raised to allow free-shooting on POS’es that weren’t being updated via lack of charters.
  • Blueprints not to change in the sense that a perfect BP before Crius, will still be perfect after Crius – just some changes will happen to the items being conceptually removed (for instance wastage will no longer be there as it will be removed as  a concept and so not appear on the Blueprint).
  • Copy times on blueprints to looked into and possibly be adjusted on a case-by-case basis to adress some invention issues.
  • Bonuses to appear negative to make it more apparent that its a reduction (fx. on time).



Credits to Staticnoise on Devinantart.com for the Feature Image.