CCP Diagoras publishes the results of the elections. Once again proving that EVE Online takes democracy seriously. Well, other than proving the obvious; that EVE Online still has a playerbase which fosters voluntary workers to sign up to help their fellow gamers.

Best of Luck in this next term to everyone involved!

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The elections for CSM6 have ended, and the results were announced just now at the EVE Fanfest here in Reykjavik. We yet again saw record turnout, smashing the previous results with almost 10,000 more votes cast this election than last and the highest level of campaigning we’ve ever seen. Without further ado; I am very proud to be able to announce that your delegates for CSM6 are:

Votes Character Real Name Country
5,365 The Mittani Alexander Gianturco United States
3,813 Seleene Mark Heard United States
3,320 UAxDEATH Mikhail Romanchenko United States
3,306 Trebor Daehdoow Robert Woodhead United States
2,925 Killer2 Tim Pluples Australia
2,539 White Tree Ross McDermott Ireland
2,240 Vile Rat Sean Smith Canada
2,086 Meissa Anunthiel Stephan Pirson Belgium
1,986 Draco Llasa Rob Weatherly United States


Congratulations to the delegates. The Mittani is the Chairman for CSM6 due to receiving the highest total number of votes, though can choose to put this position up for a vote amongst the CSM if he so chooses. In their first meeting, the delegates will decide upon who will take the positions of vice-chair, secretary and vice-secretary.

The alternate delegates, having gained the positions 10-14 in the election, are:

Votes Character Real Name Country
1,747 Elise Randolph Peter Farrell United States
1,341 Prometheus Exenthal Adrian Mugnieco Canada
1,090 Krutoj Mikhail Margulev New Zealand
956 Two Step Joshua Goldshlag United States
921 Darius III Joseph W Morris United States


The first CSM6-CCP summit at the CCP HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland will take place from May 18th to 20th. If you have any issues you’d like them to bring up, make sure you get your message out by posting about it in the Assembly Hall!

Voter demographics

As with all of the post-election results, these will be identical in format to the previous results demographics.

There were 49,096 votes cast by eligible voters (i.e. older than 30 days and thus able to vote), amassing a turnout of 14.25% – once again a record turnout. Of the total votes cast, 659 voters (1.34%) chose to abstain. This abstain % is far lower than previous elections, indicating that players had a better idea of who they wished to vote for compared to previous elections.

In this election it continued to be the case that female users seemed less likely to vote than males. Male voters were once again 96.9% of the voting total number and female voters 3.1%. This is compared to the 96% male and 4% female ratio of the EVE user base.

The average age of users who voted was 31.3, an increase from 30.8 last election. The average age of accounts voting was 2.66 years, also a significant increase from the last election. This could indicate increased interest in the CSM amongst EVE veterans. 55.44% of voters had accounts older than 2 years, 13.33% older than 5 years and 2.88% older than 7.

Age in days Frequency Cumulative
30.00 7200 14.67%
250.00 7724 30.40%
500.00 7748 46.18%
750.00 5415 57.21%
1000.00 5748 68.92%
1250.00 4186 77.44%
1500.00 3499 84.57%
1750.00 3342 91.38%
2000.00 1388 94.20%
2250.00 1145 96.54%
2500.00 922 98.41%
2750.00 779 100.00%

Information on per-country voting is not yet available, however we will add that information in this spot in the next few days.

You can compare these results with those of the previous elections by reading the following dev blogs:

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Congratulations again to the delegates, and thank you to all who took part in the election process.

-CCP Diagoras