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The title pretty much says it all, for those of you who may not know TGN/Stratics has a wiki in the works for Lord of the Rings Online. With the recent changes to LotRO switching over to F2P and my own personal experience with getting LotRO running on the Linux platform, two new guides have been added. These new guides will hopefully help you make an educated decision between remaining a paying subscriber or downgrading to Premium, or if you are looking to join the LotRO family the right choice on a play plan, be it as a standard Free Player, Premium or VIP. It will also go into some of the Pro’s and Con’s of each path.
You can Read the Free to Play Guide HERE.
For those of you who are running on the Linux Platform, who wish to play LotRO without the need to Dual-boot or run a Virtual Machine, the Running Lord of the Rings Online with Linux guide may help you. With the recent F2P change there have been a few new hurdles to arrive for the Linux Gamer, if you downgraded to premium, or if you are new to LotRO, in this guide we’ll cover how to overcome them. If you are new to Linux or interested about playing LotRO on Linux, but not sure if it’s in violation of the game TOS, we’ll take a few moments to debunk a few myths about Gaming on Linux along the way.
You can Read the Running Lord of the Rings Online With Linux Guide HERE.
If you wish to discuss these Guide and what you would like to see added to the Wiki visit the Lotro Stratics Forums.

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