My Volume 3 omission

I knew I forgot something :(  But as stated on Orion’s blog and teased at in his interview with LOTRO Cast Episode 20 it appears that the Volume 1 revamp has been completed and should also be available for Volume 3 release.  Now granted, there’s no confirmation of when it will be released, but Volume 3 seems to make sense.

So, now that I remember that piece of good news I’m much more positive on the next update.  Being able to finish Volume 1 off on all my toons will be a HUGE relief and something that has really bothered me but is SUCH a pain to get done.

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    Quick correction for you. Orion actually spoke about the Volume 1 revamp on LOTROCast, not on LOTRO Reporter. I think that it was episode 20.

    Love the new theme, by the way!

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