Morning amusement – WoW too hard

So I was reading through all my morning news and noticed this story, “WoW not easy enough” from the Ancient Gaming Noob and I couldn’t help reading it.  Essentially this individual is suing Blizzard for their game being too hard and causing unnecessary pain and frustration to our poor plaintiff.  I really wish there was some way to punish people who not only file such frivolous lawsuits but the lawyers who support them!

I had some longer rant about forum petitions, gamers demanding things from developers, and the like – but I think it was just a lack of caffeine talking.  So I’m going to get some coffee and maybe post more later.

As an aside, certainly check out the Ancient Gaming Noob if you haven’t as there’s a ton of good stuff there!

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    I would not be surprised if this guy sued Turbine for the same thing. LOTOR is too hard because I cannot find groups to run radiance instances and when I do, I do not always when the coin. So without enough radiance gear I cannot fight the Watcher so there is content I paid for but I cannot access it.

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