The Myrmidex Threat – Pledging Allegiance to the Eodonians

In the south of Sir Geoffrey’s Camp, there is a banner you must click on to declare allegiance to the Eodonians.

MyrmidexIdol.jpg [​IMG]

Once you declare your allegiance, you must help the Eodonians fight back the Myrmidex in the pits to the west of the camp.


Once you enter the pits, there are several waves of Myrimdex you have to fight to gain ground and beat back the invasion.

There are banners at located within the pits that allow you to see your progress by clicking on them.
Once you have fought through all the waves, you will see a message on your screen declaring your victory.

The Eodonians are victorious! If you are allied to the Eodonians, visit Professor Rafkin in Sir Geoffrey’s Camp to continue the quest! Otherwise, continue the fight until your team is victorious!

Return to Sir Geoffrey’s Camp and speak with Professor Rafkin to receive the next part of the quest.


*It is unfortunate it had to come to this. My hope was the knowledge gained from all the peoples and creatures of Eodon would better our understanding of life – alas the Myrmidex are an abomination, creatures born into enslavement by an oppressive alien race, the Kotl. The Kotl came to Eodon to expand their empire and in doing so upset the delicate ecosystem that is the natural wonder of this place. The Valley cannot survive if the Myrmidex are allowed to spread, and there is no guarantee Britannia will be safe – they must be destroyed from within. we must quell their numbers significantly in order to force their Queen into reproduction, we must also obtain a powerful pheromone to gain safe passage within the deepest reaches of their pits, and we must also find an insecticide powerful enough to destroy them. Only then can we confront the Myrmidex Queen and end the Myrmidex threat.

Once you have accepted Rafkins Quest, double-click him again for more information on how to obtain the items you need.

You must obtain the Insecticide from the Gambler at the Modest Damsel in New Magincia, the Pheromone from the Gardener in Delucia, and the Population Report from Lt. Foxx before we can launch an offensive against the Myrmidex Queen!

Off to New Magincia and the Modest Damsel to find the Gambler. You will find The Modest Damsel on the docks of New Magincia, the Gambler is inside.



*SOBS* Whyyyyy couldn’t I just stop, no just had to be one more hand – I knew if I could just get on a hot streak I’d make it all better…but I lost everything, even my shirt! I loved that shirt, was so puffy and soft. How can fortune have cursed me so badly? The only thing left to do is drink this poison here and – *Pauses and looks at you* You want this poison? *eyebrow raises a bit* Well if you want it so bad you’ve got to do me a solid, head to the Fortune’s Fire Casino and make them pay! Bring down the house and I’ll let you have this poison, at least show me SOMEONE can win in that wretched place!*


Head to the Fortune’s Fire Casino, located on Fire Island just west of the entrance to the Underworld.
Once there, play the games Dice Rider, Chuckle’s Luck and and Hi-Middle-Low until you have won 3 games of each. You might have to spend a bit of gold to do this, so head on over to the cashiers to buy some chips before you play.

Once you have won, return to the Gambler and get his poison…then it’s on to Delucia to find the gardener.



*I cannot believe these wretched pests! I can’t even manage to plant a single head of lettuce without these rascals chomping them up! *She pauses for a moment and looks at you quizzically* Oh, hello there! What is it I can do for you? Roses? Watermelon? Lettuces? We’ve got them all…well maybe not lettuces but…Myrimidex Pheromone? Well that is certainly a special request – say, how about this? You take care of my rabbit problem and I’ll give you the pheromone. Sounds fair to me!*

NOTE: You need a green thorn for this part of the quest. Plant the thorn in the fenced-in area next to the gardener and kill the evil vorpal bunny, then return to her for the pheromone.

The last part of the quest sees you returning to Geoffery’s Camp to speak with Lt. Foxx about the Population Report.

You’ve got to kill enough Myrmidex Larvae, Drones and Warriors in the Valley in order to force the queen to show herself, they’ve got to be Myrmidex in the Valley – stay out of the Myrmidex Pits!

Once you’ve completed this stage of the quest, return to Lt. Foxx for the Population report.
Toggle all three quest items, the poison, the pheromone and the report, and return to Rafkin.
*I should be excited but I cannot help but grimace at the destruction of an entire population *She frowns a bit. I must remain pragmatic though, this is for a greater good of the Valley and Britannia. The time to destroy the Myrmidex Queen is now.

At this stage I would suggest going back to town, re-stocking on band-aids/Arrows etc. before confronting the Myrmidex Queen!​