LOTRO Store Sales for the End of January

There’s a number of things going on this week in the LOTRO store, so I just wanted to combine them all into one post.

First up, the Angmar quest pack won the player vote and is now 75% off!  Many may knock Angmar, but for me it is one of my favorite zones as the re-vamp really helped this zone become more structured and fluid.  If you’re looking to pick up more content, this is certainly one to look for as you can progress through your 40s in Angmar.

Other sale items ending Thursday January 27th at Midnight:

  • 20% off Shared Storage – 796-1036 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Trollshaws Quest Pack – 476 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Bree-land Starter Steed – 396 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Deed Accelerators – 40-360 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Inventory Bags – 396 Turbine Points
  • 20% off Shirts, Tunics, and Pants – 120-200 Turbine Points

Nothing here really jumps out at me, but certainly the shared storage is tempting as I’m always running low on space.

New to the store and available until February 3rd is the Algraig Steed, which is essentially the same look as the reputation mount but with less morale.  Like all the mounts, they are a bit on the pricy side at 1295 Turbine Points but if you like the look of the mount and don’t want to grind for it it is an option for you as well.

And finally, a new feature of the store are the Staff Picks by the Turbine Staff, basically items that rank amongst their favorite items:

  • Steed of Night
  • Tome of Greater Deed Acceleration
  • Tome of Revival
  • Tome of Continuing Item Experience
  • Artisan Ingredient Pack

Overall I’m still quite happy with the items in the store as I think they’re doing a good job of providing things people want and mixing in items to help grow your character as well as deck them out in cool looking stuff.  All of this without providing too much in the store that isn’t available in game.

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