Mirkwood release date…

December 1st is the date – seems about right as I saw another blogger with a beta invite…

Full details here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=293697

So being a life-time member I like the option to get 2 extra char slots, the shared storage, and the goat all for $20!  Shared storage is 20 slots, so that’s pretty slick!

While I can see some folks might be upset regarding the $40 for the expansion + explorer pack – I’m pretty happy they continue to give perks to lifetime members.  I expected to pay $20 for the expansion which I think with the content and skirmishes will be well worth it, so the other stuff is just gravy for me.  Now if I had to drop $40 for it – I’d be a little more skeptical.

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      yeah, when you go (if you can get there) to your MyAccount section it makes MUCH more sense. There’s a single customized option that tells you what you can do. Then once you do it, you see in your subscriptions all the things you expect. It just is a really “interesting” way to roll it out.

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