In case you’ve missed it, I just wanted to remind folks about this week’s Turbine Tuesday sale in the store.  Today’s sale is on the Valour Virtue with each rank only costing 148 Turbine Points.

Personally, I think this is a great deal not only for its utility but for the pain in grinding it.  Valour is the single biggest virtue you can slot for increased Morale and every character and every build can always benefit from extra morale.  Now its utility has been knocked down a bit with the Mirkwood combat revamp as mitigations became more valuable.  So while not the best virtue it used to be, I’d still keep it in the top 5 for most situations.

And for those looking to go out and grind it, the issue I’ve always had with Valour is with it being a kill deed the lower levels aren’t too bad but higher up it gets quite painful with 450 kills to level up.

I’ve grinded it on many of my characters to rank 10, but I did buy a few ranks for my Champion this morning to make the process just a little bit easier.