Sorry for the captain focus of late, but I just had a pretty good run last night and also stumbled upon that section for the watcher.  Lately for me I think my warden and captain are my two mains – I just haven’t been into my Minstrel as much.  I still run content on him, but mainly only when I’m needed to fill a slot.

There’s info out regarding SoM for the Codemaster folks:

Isy’s post on MMeOw

LOTRO named #1 MMO since WoW:

MMORPG’s article…

I will be putting out a legendary item legacy post later today as well as talking about relics – so essentially a legendary item post.  I’m just trying to pull together all the info.

And finally, I’m playing around with Feedburner a bit – so there’s a new RSS feed up on my front page.  If you guys want to switch that would be great, but no worries if you don’t.  New feed is:

New Feed Link