Ok, so this is totally off topic but I just spent a good bit of time checking this blog out and am almost tempted to go download DAOC again 😉  Basically they’ve re-created various parts of DAOC in the Crysis gaming engine and it just looks gorgeous!  The shots of the frontiers bring back lots of goof RvR memories!

I really hope someone else can figure out how to do PvP in a way that is as fun as it was in DAOC.  Not only was it fun, but it actually meant something.  You could get skills and abilities from it that were usable in PvE and bonuses for keeps/relics applied to PvE as well.  I spent many an early morning trying to rally with my fellow Hibernians trying to keep our precious relics 🙂

Anyway, enough rambling – if you played DAOC at all, I highly suggest you check out this blog.