A few pieces of news first:

  • There’s a new trailer up (released on launch day) that’s pretty amazing
  • The developer toolset has been released
  • A patch is out
    • This patch has caused some issues for folks but a few of us on twitter haven’t had any issues
    • There are quite a few threads on the forums, some linking issues to not having the latest version of C++ on your machine.
    • Grab the patch here

As for me, I’ve re-rolled both my warrior and rogue as I wasn’t happy with the choices I made early on.  This time though I did roll a city elf, so I’ve seen 3 of the Origins so far.  I finished off a couple other quests that I missed my first go-arounds.  2 other things that were of a huge help for me:

  • Turning off “Frame-buffer effects” was a HUGE performance boost for me
    • I have no clue what it does, so anyone feel free to help me out with a definition
  • The tab key highlights objects such that you can find them – VERY handy for quest items and loot

Hopefully both of my new toons are now in Lothering and after that I’ll probably do the warden’s keep and then get Wynne.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Bioware’s social site – my ID there is Docholidayj7.