So I realize we Mirkwood is only 2 weeks old, and there’s already been 2 patches – but I figured I’d start my list now 🙂  Granted, Turbine doesn’t have to wait for Volume 3 for these as the holidays are rapidly approaching 😉

One thing I will point out that I’m really happy about (and haven’t mentioned before)  is that the warden skill Critical Strike is now an “Immediate” Skill which means it interrupts any other animation and fires immediately when I hit the button.  So this skill is now actually useable mid-combat and not just after ambush 🙂

Overall, I’m ok with the current radiance system – sure it isn’t perfect, but the new barter methodology is a huge help.  As for legendary items which I’m sure many aren’t happy with – SoM has made them better the still not quite as originally described.  I commented on a post on about this issue that hopefully the “LI wipe” in Mirkwood is setting the stage for the next incarnation of the system.  There’s also things like housing, kinships, etc that I’d like to see overhauled, but my point here was small changes that could be made that would have a HUGE impact on the game or small things that are incredibly annoying 🙂

Without further rambling, onto my gripe/tweak list 🙂

  • Item XP runes are just out of control with SoM.  There are just WAY to many different amounts (I have 10 currently in my bags ranging from 2k to 83,700 and I know there are at least 2 other lower value runes) and I’ve even seen 2 different runes with the same IXP value.  PLEASE help us out here!
  • Skirmish marks are just way too much clutter.  Luckily many do barter down to normal marks, but there’s still quite a few different ones to keep a hold of.
    • Also, could you add a way to barter for the rare cosmetic drops??  Put them on cooldown, or ridiculous costs but please give us a reliable way to get there.
  • Barter items are getting a tad ridiculous too with the armor “coins” and all the  reputation feathers/branches we have now.  I like the idea of getting rewards that we can chose what to do with, but my bags can only handle so much!
  • Legendary scrolls – can we get a scroll book to hold all these?
  • Soldier pathing is horrible, and I’m not talking about combat pathing – I’m just talking about walking around instances.  I have to re-summon my soldier constantly to get her to follow me around corners.  Why doesn’t my soldier path like my herald does?

If you’ll notice a theme – most center around bag-space/item clutter.  I think you’ve put in some really nice ideas (vault sorting, vendor sorting, key-rings, stackable recipes, etc) but these ideas really need to be expanded.  It is REALLY hard to do any reasonable questing as half-way out I have to return to camp to clear out my packs!  With potions, food, marks, itemXP, slotted legendaries, and 2 spare shields I have 1 and 2/3 bags open – that’s 50 slots full of items that I carry with me.  With the changes to incoming damage requiring more repairs, the item drops are now more important then ever.  Now yes, I could go buy more storage chests (I’m actually saving for a mule kin house) to help solve this problem but there’s no reason all this stuff needs to clutter up my bags.

I would love for Turbine to give us an item that takes up one slot per type (scrolls, marks, barter items, etc) that’s a container for all items of that type.  Even make us manage it by moving things from our inventory to that item and then out again to use them would be fine by me.  I’ll even go one step further into crazy talk – I’d even pay for it as part of a collectors edition or micro-transaction.  This isn’t new and I’m sure others have thought of (or implemented like WoW’s wallet) but I felt the need to vent a bit 🙂

What’s on your wish list?