And it isn’t just me saying that 🙂  I’m sure many of you will share this same sentiment but the folks over at LOTRO Weekly were nice enough to point out the following story from lists the top 5 MMO classes (I saw the post but misread the title and never read the article :() and sure enough Wardens topped the list.  Ok, so this is one writers opinion, but it is always nice to see others acknowledge what we already know 🙂  You can also read what other Wardens think of this on the LOTRO boards.

Also, 2 other quick posts I wanted to share before the weekend:

  • Some quick discussions and suggestions for traiting for the 12 man raid BG can be found here.
  • More discussion on trait lines can be found here with a focus on the fist line.  I like fist line for the Moors, but I may have to try out spear just to compare.  But I think I like playing the role of the annoying and AoE agitator more then single target damage.

Anyway, that’s all for now – have a good weekend!