I put up a new post over on LOTRO Reporter talking about crafting choices for Wardens.  As you may have noticed, I do craft quite a bit and that’s a big part of how I play.  But that’s also because my gaming style not only focuses on the end game but I do enjoy being able to supply myself with the things I need.  My Warden is an explorer, primarily because I wanted to be able to gather resources as I leveled.  I did end up maxing out Tailor (my second max tailor) such that I could join the Tailor guild as my Armorsmith was already in the Metalsmith’s guild.

As I talk about in the post, I don’t think you need to worry so much about what class fits what profession, but more on what profession fits your playstyle.

Go check it out to get a feel for my thought process in picking professions and where Wardens excel.