On Halloween October 31 from 5:00pm-6:00pm EST, Seekers of the Silmarils will be holding trick-or-treating for anyone that is interested on the Nimrodel server!

Anyone that comes knocking on the door of a house owned by a participating member will be given a free gift!

Send mail or a tell in-game to Aquitas to recieve a list of addresses for houses you can visit. So put on your mask and go get some prizes!

The Minstrel Mash is a concert, costume contest, and spooky fun!

9:30 EST Monday, November 1st (Nibbles and Nobs, Ales and Tales time slot)

Othrogroth, the Great Barrows, Landroval server

Put on by the Lonely Mountain Band as a special Halloween edition of Ales and Tales.

Ales and Tales style music, tales and dance
Spooky Games
Costume Contest

9:30 – Introduction
9:45 – Games
10:30 – Ales and Tales
11:30 – Costume contest, more games
12:00 – Costume contest winners at the stroke of midnight!

* Please don’t wake the dead guy
* Red rover with wights
* Zombie farming

Costume Contest
We’ll be having a costume contest for best costumes. There will be a "parade" before a panel of judges, followed by the top 5 getting a "vote with your feet" vote by the audience. Possibly more than one category for this contest.

AdO Presents another Spooky Arkenstone Event: In Search of The Hairsuit

In Search of The Hairsuit

Event Date: October 30, 2010
Event Start Time: 3:00 PM CST (4 PM EST)
Event End Time: 10:00 PM CST (11 PM EST)
Any Level, Any Class – We will do our best to protect you.

Many years ago, it is said there was an old man and his wife who lived in the North Downs area. It is told that they were always deeply in love and that when they were young the man had carved a small wooden heart and gave it to her to show his eternal love. They had been together many years and through many trials and came to the town of Trestlebridge often to trade their crops.

Eventually, it was noticed that they had not been to town in a very long time and some went to visit and see if the couple were alright. They found the farm empty and abandoned. The local guards at Trestlebridge decided to investigate. Looking around the farm they made a gruesome discovery. They found a bag stuffed up into the chimney of the
fireplace, and after getting it out of that tight spot they discovered it was the old woman and she had been dismembered and stuffed into the bag. They also found an axe in the house that was covered in old, dried blood. It seemed the old man had murdered his wife, so they began a search for the old man.

The trail led them to the Fields of Fornost, not a place they wished to be doing any searching in. So the search was abandoned. Some few bounty hunters and other indidividuals tried to follow the trail further over the years. Most never returned and the few that did spoke of horrid nightmares roaming the fields. Only 3 ever claimed that they had found the old man with tales that he had gone crazy-wild mad, his hair grown down to his feet, his eyes red and murderous. They said he was naked underneath his suit of hair. One of those 3 survivors had an arm missing, claiming that the old man had chopped it off with a huge, bloodied axe.

Thus the tales of "The Hairsuit" spread and to this day are told around campfires and on cold dark nights to spook the listeners. But no more. Now we, Amistad del Otro, plan to put an end to the mystery and prove that the old man no longer lives and that he died many years ago. On October 30th, starting at 3:00 PM CST, we venture into the haunted Fields of Fornost to look for evidence of….The Hairsuit.

We will run at least one Fellowship every hour as needed to insure everyone gets a chance to participate in this grand investigation. For further information contact Arganwulf in game, or post on the forums.

Are you ready for a Fright Night?