A couple things announced today from the LOTRO store.  First and probably most controversial is the store exclusive mount that’s as good as the meta deed reputation mounts.  It has 250 Morale and travels at 168% speed, just like the meta deed mounts and slightly faster then the regular reputation mounts.  It will be pretty expensive at 1995 Turbine points, or roughly $20 so it will be interesting to see how the community reacts.  Personally I’m on the fence about it as I’d prefer to have it obtainable in-game as well by some means but since it isn’t any better then other mounts I’m more neutral about it.  This horse is only available until 3am on December 1st, but will be coming back at some point.

The other announcements today are about the store sales coming in December.  There will be a daily item sale which sounds quite intriguing but I’m assuming there will be other sales running as well.  They’ve announced the first week’s worth of sales, so plan your spending appropriately:

  • Wednesday 12/1 – 50% off Shared Storage – 498+ points
  • Thursday 12/2 – 50% off all Standard Steeds – 348 points
  • Friday 12/3 – 50% off Ajokoira cosmetic clothing – 148 points
  • Saturday 12/4 – 50% off Character Slots – 298 points
  • Sunday 12/5 – 50% off black dye – 50+ points

And finally, don’t forget there are still current sales going on ending today (Stat tomes and Virtues) and others expiring the second of December.