Sally Forth in LOTRO

I’ve hinted at this for a while now, but I’ve finally finished my first episode.   I described this in the show, but I really wanted to do a shorter podcast really aimed at not just the end-game but how to get there and strive there.

I’m working through the whole iTunes/Zune process and how these fit within RSS feeds, so it may take me a bit to get this all worked out.  I’ll let folks know when that happens, but for now you can either play the show here or add the feed manually to your player of choice by adding the following feed –

Episode 1:

  • Introduction of me, the show, and why I’m doing it.
  • My Week in LOTRO (audio for the video is coming shortly)

[youtube eB2l8_aMgC4]

  • Comments on the Interview with Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky
  • LOTRO Leveling Guide
    • Here’s the general guideline I mentioned for what zones are what levels.  These are the levels of the quests in that zone:
      • Bree until 20ish
      • Lone Lands – 15-30+
      • North Downs 20-35
      • Evendim 27-39
      • Trollshaws – 33-45
      • Misty Mountains 39-48
      • Angmar 40-49
      • Forochel 43-50
      • Eregion 48-53
      • Moria 50-60
      • Lorien – 60+
      • Mirkwood 60-65
      • Enedwaith 65+