In addition to the normal on-going LOTRO sales (check out the buttons on the top right of the page) I did want to point out 2 additional sales going on this weekend in LOTRO.

The much debated Steed of Night is once again leaving the store (for who knows how long) and to send it out in style the horse is 20% off, for a bargain price of 1596 Turbine Points.  I know many love this horse (it does have the best horse stats currently available), but personally it is just too expensive for my taste.  This sale ends on Monday the 21st at Midnight eastern (well 11:59 PM to be exact).

And to celebrate President’s Day, Turbine is bringing back the double bonus point sale which is by far the best bundle if you’re interested or planning on buying additional Turbine points.  This sales ends on the 24th (I’m assuming 11:59 PM Eastern as well) and the chart below explains the options: