Another diary up today walking through the various Crafting Changes coming with Echoes of the Dead.

This diary walks through the 4 main areas of the update:

  1. New Crafting Tutorials
  2. Revamping the Crafting Quests
  3. Updates for Tailor and Metalsmith
  4. New Recipes

For the tutorials, I really appreciate this for the newer folks as crafting isn’t always obvious if you’re just starting out.  This looks pretty slick and they’ve done a great job with the new areas overall.

The new crafting quests essentially have been revamped for all professions such that they are not level gated, so you can have high tiers of whatever profession you want even at level 5.  Notice the Level 1 requirement of the quest below:

As for the Tailor and Metalsmith, perhaps one of the best things included is all the racial variants that used to be different recipes are now implemented as part of the multi-output option that’s been used for the Jeweler.  So instead of a HUGE panel with all the variants, they’ll just be options available for each item type!  Not only are these included but many of the recipes and items have been changed quite a bit.  LOTS of good stuff here, so if you have a Tailor or Metalsmith you will notice some changes.  Now one thing they mentioned was that existing recipes and items will not change, but going forward things will change.  Also, old recipes will be removed so if there’s something you really like you might want to make it before this goes live.

As for recipes:

  • New Scholar recipes for Hunter Consumables
  • New Cooked Food recipes
  • Level 65 1st Age Legendary Items

And finally, there’s a surprise in the midst but they’re not sharing – what’s your thought on it?