thaurlach144x144TGN Episode 9 of the podcast is a special episode as I get the chance to talk with Rowan about the Echoes of the Dead update coming next week.  It certainly was a good chat as I was able to get a feel for why Turbine did some of the things they did and there were a number of things that they’re going to check into.

Main topics include:

  • Class revamps
    • Goals and how they impact the DPS to Tank relationship
  • Legendary Items
    • Relic changes
      • New bonuses available
    • New store options including the Scroll of Removal
  • New Instances
    • Switch to quest based
      • Expectation of how long to get the armor sets
    • Rare drops in instances
      • Here’s the link for the items I’m talking about (Under the “new proc heal armor)
    • Difficulty of the instances
    • What people liked from the Rift raid and how that carries forward
  • News on the Anniversary update
  • Server Transfers (question from @wickedpt)