Since the forums are a bit wonky, I figured I’d re-post these from Sapience in case people can’t get on to read them.

<Updated> Also make sure to check out the legendary relic combination issue!


  • Your avatar’s animation can become out of sync with your mount while riding. If you toggle walk mode and then toggle back to run mode while mounted, this should help get things more in sync.
  • Distance shadows are not rendering properly in DX10/DX11 settings.
  • The “glowy” orbs that appear when a Minstrel is in Warspeech fly off the Female Human and Female Elf Minstrel’s hands when performing certain actions/animations.
  • With either DX10 or DX11 options enabled, players may notice a harsh shadow off in the distance that should not be there.


  • Bree-land: Thornley’s Rescue: Quest does not recognize Fellowship status and will update and fail players in the vicinity when the escort is initiated by another player.

User Interface

  • Crafting Panel: Recipes with longer names are not truncating correctly and are getting cut off in the panel.
  • UI Revert Button occasionally causes a full screen 3D image of your current target.
  • Monster Titles are cut off by the character race and class display.
  • New OOC Regen foods are currently using placeholder icons.
  • Instance: Northcotton Farm: Does not display location on the World Map for Evendim.
  • The tooltip for the Hunter skill, “Improved Fleetness” incorrectly claims “-25% Focus Skill Cooldowns”.


  • Defeated Characters retreating from combat with an active ‘over time’ effect will be stuck in combat when they reach the Rally Circle.
  • Long term debuffs and DoTs are being removed from monsters when transitioning between drama and combat modes.
  • The inherent spear bleed from legendary weapons will not take on the damage type of the spear. This will be fixed in the next scheduled update.


  • While a rare issue, sometimes players will not be able to see other fellowship members or monsters after joining an instance. Players will be able to see each other on the radar. If this occurs, please leave the instance, disband the fellowship, log out and then log back in. This will clear things up.

Ost Dunhoth

  • The gate to the Gortheron encounter in Ost Dunhoth may very, very rarely fail to reopen after a wipe. Players encountering this issue should exit the instance, disband their fellowship, reform, and reenter the instance. Doing so will allow the players to proceed to the Gortheron encounter.
  • Due to the large number of items present in the Reward Chests, players may make poor rolling decisions when looting.


  • Rarely spawns the Bubhosh-grat boss at level 1

Halls of Crafting

  • Wiping in Thaguzg’s room can cause some strange graphical artifacts to appear on his door.

Dol Guldur Tower

  • If a player has DX10 enabled Morskor, the Fell beast, may disappear sometimes even though he is always present.


  • Gwaelband � The guards and boss sometimes stop spawning.


  • The D�nedain War-horse and the Horse of Angmar’s Free Folk have the same cosmetic appearance.


  • Reusable recipes purchased from the LOTRO Store will not be filtered out and will remain purchasable. Please do not make multiple purchases of these recipe items as they will still only be usable once per character.
  • The Potion of Fervour is not appearing properly in a search of the LOTRO Store. To more easily find it, players can search for any of these keywords: champion, consumable, fervour, potion, or fervour.
  • Currently players cannot purchase the Moria or Mirkwood quests from Character Select. You must first log into the game with a character to purchase those items.


  • Under specific circumstances it is possible for characters to be reset to a previous state (rolled back) when crossing server boundaries.
  • The Uninstaller may not remove all files.